Mets Shopping Gary Matthews Jr.

The Mets are shopping outfielder Gary Matthews Jr., reports Joel Sherman of the New York Post.  Sherman suggests the Mets might not have much of a role for Matthews, and the Reds are a trade possibility.

Matthews has two years remaining on his contract, and when the Mets acquired him from the Angels in January the Halos agreed to include $21.5MM.  Even on a two-year, $2MM commitment, the Mets will likely find that Matthews has little trade value.  Who wants a 35-year-old malcontent who doesn't hit or play strong defense?  Free agent Alex Romero, for example, is much younger, won't be a distraction, and can be acquired for a smaller commitment.  The Reds, by the way, still have six outfielders in camp (seven if you count Juan Francisco) and no clear need for Matthews.

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