Nationals Have Not Discussed Jermaine Dye

1:35pm: Nationals GM Mike Rizzo told Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post that "the Nationals will consider looking outside the organization for a replacement, although the team has not discussed free agent Jermaine Dye."  Those are Kilgore's words, to be clear.

12:58pm: The Nationals strangely released Elijah Dukes for baseball reasons earlier today, opening up their right field job.  According to's Bill Ladson, they have interest in free agent Jermaine Dye as a potential replacement.  The Nats are also mulling platoons involving Justin Maxwell, Willie Harris, and Mike Morse.

Dukes is an injury-prone 25-year-old with a .262/.364/.446 CHONE projection; it's still unclear why the Nationals are giving up on him now.  As recently as February 20th, GM Mike Rizzo spoke of hope for "the re-emergence of a productive Dukes."  Regardless, it's good news for Dye, who's still out of a job after turning down $3MM and $2MM offers during the winter.

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  1. j6takish 5 years ago

    I don’t see Dye signing with the Nats, he turned down offers from clubs with a shot (albeit a long shot) of contending. However, opening day is just 19 days away…I hope he realizes that he grossly misread the market and signs with the Nats, they could use him!

  2. susasskuash 5 years ago

    1) Ladson makes this stuff up all the time. Nats officials have already denied having any discussions about Dye to 2 reporters (Mark Zuckerman @ and Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post @

    2) I hope the Nats don’t want Dye. The outfield defense with any 2 of Dunn Willingham and Dye, no matter what position you place them in, would be ATROCIOUS. I really hope they learned their lesson last year.

  3. osfan3000 5 years ago

    meh, since him as pinch hitter lol jk we dont really need him we have a surplus of OFers

  4. natsintexas 5 years ago

    From Nats Insider (Zuckerman): “(Rizzo) added that while he’ll always look at outside options, he’s content to move forward with his in-house options in right field. Said Jermaine Dye’s name has not come up in any substantive discussions.”

    • Alldaybaseball 5 years ago

      Braves, that would be awesome. Would be a righty who could have a bounce back year and can platoon with Melky or Diaz or whoever.

  5. smokeyjoewoodjr 5 years ago

    Is there truth to the rumor that Dukes will be moving in with Carl Everett to be around someone level-headed while he awaits his next offer (Japan)?

  6. lefty58 5 years ago

    Why would any National League team even consider Dye?

  7. jwsox 5 years ago

    at least dye would offer some protection for dunn-zo…and his defence is really not that bad plus his are is +++++++awesome…

  8. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    who are you to be saying whose defense is bad or not?
    Manny’s defense being bad is overrated.

  9. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    did you watch every dodger game to know how manny did?

  10. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    alright man, you know everything.

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