Odds & Ends: Gaudin, Mets, Cain, Parra

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    From the way he has pitched so far this Spring and especially today, Carlos Carrasco definetly deserves the 5th spot in the Tribe rotation. Luis Valbuena should be the utility player with Mark Grudzeilanek serving as the starting Second Baseman and Mitch Talbot and Hector Ambriz should get the final two Bullpen spots.

    As for Parra, the Brewers shouldn’t give him up. The M’s can’t get every player they set their eyes on.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      You might want to check the box score on Carrasco today. He’s had some problems.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        Interesting you should say that because after I wrote what I wrote I did look at the box score and I was like oh, that’s not good! I wrote this when he had only given up 1 run!

        But his spring hasn’t been terrible and he was the key piece of that Cliff Lee trade so I think he deserves a shot in the rotation. If it’s either him or Mitch Talbot I’d take Carrasco because Talbot is more of a late-inning guy in my opinion.

        • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

          I happen to like Carrasco, and it’s the only bad outing he’s had all spring. He’ll get his shot in the rotation if not at the very beginning, he’ll be one they cycle through when injuries and/or ineffectiveness strikes the one of the chosen 5. He’s still fairly young. I think he’s going to be a solid pitcher for Cleveland.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Yeah I completely agree with you. It seemed as though when Carrasco had his stint in the Majors way back when, he pitched horribly (he did) but it was his first taste of the big leagues and as you said, he’s young. I think he has a chance to really be a successfull pitcher as well but I think he does deserve the chance to be the 5th starter. Theres a good chance that if he does get that spot in the rotation, his first start will be against Jeremy Bonderman, so however you want to take that, it’s not like he’s pitching against Edwin Jackson twice like he did last season. He will pitch well this season.

          • alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

            I honestly don’t agree Edwin Jackson is the pitcher you make him out to be. Turns out Carrasco faced Verlander once last season, not Jackson twice. In that one game, Jackson allowed 9 hits and 4 runs in 5 innings. Not exactly elite.

            In my opinion Edwin Jackson will put up around a 3.50-4.50 ERA next season with Arizona. Solid for a number 3, not elite.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Alright fair is fair but I think he will have a much better season than most people think.

            When did I say he was elite?

          • alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

            Never, but you did previously say he could be a 17 or 18 game winner. Possible, but doubtful in my opinion.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Well the good thing is in about a week he could win his first!

    • Your Valbuena/Grudzielanek point is surely a joke, right?

      • Just_MLB 5 years ago

        it is not a joke..and dont call him Shirley

        • Airplane aside, it’s laughable that Grudzielanek will win the job over Valbuena. Gruds is fighting Anderson Hernandez, not Valbuena (and not for a starting job).

        • diehardmets 5 years ago

          You win the thread for Airplane reference.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        I wasn’t at first but now that I think about it. I think that Valbuena deserves another shot.

        The problem is, this Indians team isn’t really that bad if what they expect to happen happens. But Valbuena really needs to have a better season defensively and he needs to focus on making contact more. I think Grudzeilanek brings a solid veteran presence to the team. Yes, I know that Westbrook and Hafner are veterans but Grudzeilanek has been around for a long time as well.

    • Patattack 5 years ago

      I don’t think Grudzeilanek should be the starter. Valbuena showed he has potential at the end of last year. Grudzeilanek will be there though for his veteran presence, something that team desperately needs. It doesn’t rush Jason Donald either, who was originally supposed to be the utility man.

      As for Carrasco, you’re right. I would much rather have him at the 5th starter than Sowers, who should be a long reliever.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        Well hopefully Valbuena can have a breakout 2010 season.

  2. aap212 5 years ago

    I love that the Blue Jays have gone from a GM who slams the character of players on other teams for no reason to a GM who spins releasing Joey Gathright as a favor to Joey Gathright.

    • Roll Fizzlebeef 5 years ago

      At that point into Spring Training, Joey had fallen so low on the depth chart for the Jays that the only way he’d have been called up is if all of the ML starters and Bench options, as well as a few guys in the minors, were all incapacitated.

      He was signed onto the team because they though that he would fill a speed role off the Blue Jays bench. He didn’t prove that and there was a pretty good chance that he would only toil in the minors for the year. At this point, Joey should be looking for a team that needs spare outfielders at league minimum to fill their bench. He wasn’t going to fill the role he was signed to do with the Jays.

      At least he didn’t get the Fien treatment. I’m still really disturbed at how he was jostled around.

  3. WillWT 5 years ago

    Your Dave Cameron link also goes to the Gathright article as well.

  4. Muggi 5 years ago

    today’s the first time I’ve seen Carrasco pitch since he left the Phillies’ org…stuff looks as good as ever. If he can keep his head (HUGE “if” with that kid) he’s got the talent to succeed in the bigs.

  5. Holy_Roman_Emperor 5 years ago

    Yeah, awesome PR spin about getting released as being a good career move.

  6. jb1996 5 years ago

    I think the M’s can land Parra. I think he would do great there. I’m not sure who will pick up Gathright, i’m not also sure if he will sign before opening day. I think Luis Rodriguez might be the Indians utility man. I think Brian Bixler will start the season in the minors which elimnates him from the utility role.

  7. boseefuss 5 years ago

    With Russ Branyan on the DL and LaPorta to 1st, how does that effect the Indians OF now?

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      They want to manage Brantley’s arbitration clock, so I’m guessing they go ahead and put Kearns on the roster. Not a bad move-he’s had a very good spring, bats right handed, which they need, and plays all three outfield positions.

      Too bad for Brantley, and too bad that the Indians are in a position where they almost have to do this-even if they’d rather not. If Kearns has a bounce back year, they can trade him if they want mid season.

  8. milwmatt 5 years ago

    No way do the Mariners get Parra. Look elsewhere. The Brewers felt they made a mistake letting De La Rosa go too soon and now he has had success in Colorado of all places. Parra has the best “stuff” on the staff and just needs to work on control. He has one of the best pitching coaches in baseball to help him. Brewers brass has hinted they have ZERO plans to give up on him well before this rumor was brought up and they like their current depth. You can have Suppan after he gets his shot and fails, but that’s about it.

  9. Guest 5 years ago

    That doesn’t sound crazy but it depends on Aaron Poreda’s progression and Mat Latos’ current situation. It wouldn’t happen until mid-season most likely.

  10. Roll Fizzlebeef 5 years ago

    My theory? I said that he wasn’t in a good depth situation with the Blue Jays and that he was signed on to do something that another person they brought in has proven he can do better at it. There are other teams out there that could use his speed and outfield range, but he isn’t a solution for the Jays in the long or short term thanks to McCoy and Reed being able to hit.

    He can go and catch on with an organization somewhere because as long as he has his speed, there will always be a demand for him. He’s not at the end of his rope yet.

    And what’s with the Mudhen dissing? Those guys are cool in my book.

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