Dye Thinks He Could Help White Sox

The White Sox rank 11th in the American League with four runs scored per game.  Their .309 OBP ranks 12th; their .390 SLG places 9th.  Like most teams, the Sox have several players hitting above their ability (Paul Konerko, Andruw Jones), and several players below (Juan Pierre, Gordon Beckham, Alexei Ramirez, Carlos Quentin, A.J. Pierzynski).  The Sox projected to have a below-average offense from the start, but if they just wait it out they'll improve on the current output.

Pierre has been particularly disappointing, as has the team's production from their DH rotation.  Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times believes free agent Jermaine Dye could help, and Dye agrees.  He wants to do more than just DH, potentially helping at outfield and first base.  Dye also clarified recent rumors, saying the Cubs' $3MM offer wasn't formal and he spoke last to the Brewers.  He added, "I'm not going to a bad team, and I'm not playing for $1.5 million."

It doesn't make sense for the Sox to bid much more than that, so money would be one issue.  Manager Ozzie Guillen isn't sure where he'd put Dye, and thinks the player might need a month to be ready (Dye says two weeks).  Whether or not there's a fit with the White Sox, Guillen wants to see Dye come back and play for a big league team.

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  1. RichMahogany 5 years ago

    “I’m not going to a bad team, and I’m not playing for $1.5 million.”

    I guess you’re not going to the White Sox after all.

    • cderry 5 years ago

      We’ll see against the Yankees this weekend. The Sox are going to turn it around.

  2. scottandwtb 5 years ago

    “I’m not going to a bad team, and I’m not playing for $1.5 million.”

    Good grief. Picky, picky.

    • $1529282 5 years ago

      Jermaine Dye and Jarrod Washburn should start a slow-pitch softball team together. Seems like they’re too picky to play anywhere else. And hey, Washburn’s velocity isn’t much faster than slow-pitch anyway…

    • In the case of Beggar v. Chooser, Dye is coming out as the loser, methinks.

  3. Ethanator99 5 years ago

    What a punk.

  4. TwinsVet 5 years ago

    Orlando Hudson says Guillen is obviously racist.

  5. “”I’m not going to a bad team, and I’m not playing for $1.5 million.””

    Since when did Dye turn into Barry Bonds (personality-wise)? Yikes.

    • It’s worse than Bonds. At least Bonds accepted the reality of his situation and had his agent put it straight out there that he was willing to play for league minimum. Not to say that Bonds didn’t be a big pain many other times, but not during his forced-retirement.

  6. rayking 5 years ago

    I like Kenny Williams, but this past offseason was really one of his worst, the Andruw Jones move seems to be the only one that panned out. Wow, what a surprise that Teahan (trade) and Kotsay (re-signing) aren’t getting it done. And who would have thought that Freddy Garcia was washed up! Moving on from Dye was okay if they had players to replace him – and clearly they don’t.

    • Gotta give Teahen credit, he’s been a lot better than expected so far.

      • GDane 5 years ago

        +1 Tim. His OPB has been a nice addition to the team thus far. It was just one game, but he single-handedly won the April 12th game against the Blue Jays when he was a double away from the cycle. With Ozzie threatening to bench/move Pierre down in the order (and his history w/non-traditional leadoff men), I really wouldnt be suprised to see him put Teahen in the leadoff spot.

      • bobbybaseball 5 years ago

        Two words: sample size. What he has done over the course of almost 700 games is a .332 OBP. And his defense is nothing to write home about.

        • GDane 5 years ago

          I wont dispute the fact that it is a small sample size, but theres no denying that Teahen’s bat has been one of the few bright spots in the White Sox lineup in this young season.

          • bobbybaseball 5 years ago

            Very true. But what would worry me if I was a Sox fan is that two of your better early season bats are guys (Teahan & Jones) who don’t provide much reason to believe that it will last.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        and considering both fields and getz are on the DL as of now the sox are the winners from the deal

    • TwinsVet 5 years ago

      I agree. Letting Thome and Dye walk in the interests of becoming “younger, faster, better fundamentals” makes sense.

      Except then you bring in a bunch of washed up old guys to replace them?

      • Good point. They have said they’ve been trying to get younger for years now but how can you justify this mindset by bringing in Omar Vizquel, Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones!??! I think this season should show the sox that they need a complete and udder dismantling this offseason and basically start over. They should keep the young nucleus (pitching, beckham, teahen, quentin) and gut the veterens, make trades, let young guys earn spots and in 2-3 years you’ll have what Ozzie wants. This team was a simply terrible attempt at conceptual baseball that won’t amount to any sort of success on the ball field. My fear is kenny axes guillen, signs evey obtainable power bat this offseason and reverts back to the old sox with terrible D, homers and frustration for sox fans. 2005 will just never be replicated any time soon.

        • TwinsVet 5 years ago

          It’d be a real shame to have OG take the fall for Williams’ poor roster assembly.

          I love Guillen. I love that he gives credit to the opposition where credit is due, I love that he calls his players to task when they have it coming, and I love his candor and humor with the media. He’s one of the very few managers in the game who actually make post-game interviews interesting, and he doesn’t just do it for egotistical headline-grabbing.

          • Why blame Kenny for Ozzie’s fault, ya Kenny should have told Ozzie to “shut up” and let him make the roster moves. It was essentially Ozzie who did make them, It was also Ozzie who decided not to bring back Thome.

        • fisk72
          fisk72 5 years ago

          Ouch, an udder dismantling sounds utterly painful, especially for a heifer ;}

      • pearso66 5 years ago

        Letting Thome and Dye go wasn’t to become younger. It was to become more versatile, which they have, they can now rotate DH with the many OFers they have. The problem is that only 2 of the 5 guys that would be in that rotation are doing anything. Quentin, Pierre and Kotsay are sucking.

        • TwinsVet 5 years ago

          Be as that may, rotating guys between DH and OF doesn’t amount to squat when it means cutting loose a guy like Thome who could be a superior everyday DH.

          • Jerry Mandering 5 years ago

            Don’t let your Twins bias override your common sense. Thome’s days of being a “superior everyday DH” are behind him. Andruw’s line is better in only about 10 more at bats, plus he can actually play solid defense when needed and steal some bases.

          • TwinsVet 5 years ago

            I merely meant to say Thome would be a superior everyday DH option to the
            current platoon; he’s not a superior everyday DH in the general sense.
            Granted, small sample size, but a 1 HR per 10 ABs would certainly seem to
            indicate Thome is still every bit as potent as he’s been the past few years.
            Meanwhile, Jones has shown he’s an erratic player the past several years,
            and is less reliable to maintain his current numbers (his current 2-13
            streak may be the start of his annual march-towards-.200).

            If Chicago inked Thome, used Jones full time in the field, and never
            bothered with Pierre/Kotsay, I’d be much more intimidated by their lineup.

          • pearso66 5 years ago

            They wanted to get away from station to station baseball, and eliminate the need for a full time DH. With the platoon that Ozzie wanted, you wouldn’t need to take guys out of the lineup, also in the interleague play in the NL, you don’t lose one of your best bats. They got Pierre to be a leadoff hitter, not that he has been good this year, but that’s what they needed, so Thome and him aren’t interchangeable, at least in the logic behind it.

            Yes Jones has been erratic, but that’s what they wanted to take a gamble on, and so far it is paying off. Using 13 at bats as a trend doesn’t tell you much either, since that is 3 games.

    • coco1997 5 years ago

      Look at the stats and you’ll notice that Freddy has pitched better than Peavy so far.

    • coco1997 5 years ago

      If you look at the stats you’ll notice that Freddy has been better than Peavy thus far.

    • pearso66 5 years ago

      Teahen has been hitting pretty well lately, add to the fact that Getz and Fields are both on the DL with Fields likely missing the season. It didn’t really hurt. Granted they did give him an extension a little early, but I think it only extends passed 1 of his Arb years. Kotsay is ok as a bench player, but the problem is Ozzie expecting him to platoon. Garcia is the 5th pitcher, and is hardly the problem. The problem has been Floyd, Peavy and Buerhle somewhat after his 1st start. Dye was in line to make 12-13 mil from the Sox, so I don’t blame them for picking up his option, plus I think $4 mil is too much too. The guy replacing Dye, Andruw Jones is one of the bright spots in the lineup.

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        What are the expectations of Jones in Chicago? I seem to recall him having short-lived hot streaks in the past few years as well.

        • pearso66 5 years ago

          I personally don’t have high expectations from Jones. Whatever he does positive is a plus. But how did Dye finish the season last year? After the All-Star break last year Dye hit less than .200. The whole while he was complaining that the Sox got Rios, as it cut into his playing time. Andruw is also making $500,000 this year while Dye has turned down $4 mil offers, and has said that $1.5 mil is too low. I’ll take a cheap gamble over an expensive one.

    • lug 5 years ago

      Freddy Garcia was not a bad move he had a million dollar option so this is very low risk move. Freddy is here to buy some time for some of the youngsters. What is funny is the players that were brought on this offseason are producing outside of Pierre, Vizquel was brought in to play D regardless of how many at bats he gets.. Can you really stand at the end of April and speak of the word “panned” I think you have to give it some more time.

  7. danr23 5 years ago

    Last time I checked, playing in the major leagues was a privilege. We can debate all day how much baseball players should get paid but- “I’m not going to a bad team, and I’m not playing for $1.5 million.” That is an absolute arrogant attitude from a guy who nobody has signed. Last time I checked, Dye wasn’t playing at all and he was making $0 so I would suggest that $1.5 million would suffice! I would be grateful to play major league baseball for a fraction of the league minimum!

  8. rizdak 5 years ago

    I’ll play for $1.5 million.

    • joshuap 5 years ago

      But will you play for a bad team?!

      • 55saveslives 5 years ago

        Whoa Whoa Whoa,…1.5 AND a bad team! No thanks, I’ll stick to my 40 hr a week day job. o.O

    • $2862777 5 years ago

      I am a die hard CWS fan but I’ll go to the Cubs bullpen for half Zambrano’s salary and they can use the money saved to get whatever they need

  9. foxtown 5 years ago

    Why does he need a month to get ready? If Dye hasn’t kept himself in phenomenal shape during his unemployment then he’s only hurting himself.

  10. fisk72
    fisk72 5 years ago

    I think essentially Jones has replaced Dye. What the Sox now need is a replacement for Thome. Kotsay was ordained as such but I agree with earlier posts that MK is a bench player at best. Now let’s see, who might fit the bill as a young LH power hitter with superior OBP and a near gold glove that could probably be had in a trade for the right package???

    • pearso66 5 years ago

      Kotsay wasn’t the only replacement for Thome, Thome’s replacement is Kotsay/Jones/Pierre/ everyone else who can DH and play the field. That was the point of not signing a guy who could only DH.

      Thome wasn’t a gold glove player.

  11. whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

    The sox should have signed Beltre for 3B, signed Damon, then traded Getz, Fields, Link, Ely, ONE of Floyd OR Danks, and another prospect or two for Adrian Gonzalez.

    Damon LF
    Beckham 2B
    Quentin RF
    A-Gon 1B
    Konerko DH
    Rios CF
    AJ C
    Beltre 3B
    Ramirez SS

    That would have been better offensively and defensively than we are now. If we traded one of Floyd or Danks, we could have Hudson pitching in the rotation, Ozzie still has his family (Freddy) in the rotation, and we’d have a young power Lefty for two years. We could have signed Andruw as well to backup Quentin.

    This OBVIOUSLY is a dream situation, so don’t blast me apart for having an imagination.

    • TwinsVet 5 years ago

      No kidding, right? I think they should have signed Beltre instead, and gotten both Bay and Damon. Then traded Getz, Fields, Link, and Ely for ARod, and then ONE of Floyd OR Danks and a prospect for Santana. Then Pierzynski plus high-A prospect for Mauer, future considerations for Papelbon, and our mutual wet dream for Hanley!

      Damon LF
      Hanley 2B
      Quentin RF
      Konerko 1B
      Bay RF
      Rios CF
      ARod 3B
      Beltre SS
      Mauer C

      SP Buehrle
      SP Santana
      SP Floyd OR Danks
      SP A pony with pretty hair
      CL Papelbon

      OMFG THIS IS AWESOME!?!!?!!!one!!!

      • Drew 5 years ago

        I like where you’re going here, but think about this… What if they were able to move Alexi, Omar, and Andruw Jones for Chase Utley? I mean, I know they already have an all star second basemen, but can you imagine that bat coming off of the bench?!?!?

      • whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

        First off, what about signing Damon and Beltre in one off season is that crazy? The Sox could have signed Damon if they had a place to put him, and Beltre wasn’t exactly signed for billions upon billions of dollars.

        Secondly, I mention a 6 or 7 player for 1, Adrian Gonzalez trade. If you think that the players I mentioned are bogus or whatever, that’s your opinion, but any trade for Gonzalez will take 6+ players guarunteed. I personally think that a slightly above average starter in Danks or Floyd (from the AL), a 2B with a lot of potential, 2 power pitching prospects, a throw-in 1B/3B and couple more prospects is not a ridiculous deal.

        Thirdly, i quote “This OBVIOUSLY is a dream situation, so don’t blast me apart for having an imagination.” Try to read the entire post before flying off the handle.

        Nothing I said above is THAT crazy to make you guys post the actually bogus trades you did. Clearly, as a couple of Twins fans, you don’t like the White Sox or their fans. Your opinion, taken.

        • TwinsVet 5 years ago

          1st off, I agree! Why stop at Beltre and Damon though? Bay and Holliday were on the table!

          2ndly, it will also take 6-7 players to move ARod. Let’s make that happen too!

          3rdly, who said we’re flying off the handle? Aren’t we building a dream team? We’re just running with it.

          Can we also trade for Liriano and Halladay?

          • whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

            Well, we don’t have $184 mil to spend like you guys.

            Beltre 1yr $9 mil and option
            Damon 1y $8 mil

            Bay 4yr $60+ mil with option
            Holliday 7yr $120 mil

            How is that even similar? You guys should have signed Bay and Holliday, since money is no object in Minnesota. You could have had two players for the price of Mauer.

            “SP Buehrle
            SP Santana
            SP Floyd OR Danks
            SP A pony with pretty hair
            CL Papelbon

            OMFG THIS IS AWESOME!?!!?!!!one!!!”

            No, no flying off the handle.

          • Drew 5 years ago

            Clearly TwinsVet was simply making fun of the tendency of fans to put together completely ridiculous “wet dream teams.” (By the way, I’m coining that phrase.) By no stretch of the imagination was your scenario even within the realm of possibility, so why even play these games?

            And to top it off, Adrian has been the target of SO many wet dream teams that I believe it ought to be the sworn duty of every reasonable baseball observer to mock any one that includes him.

          • I donno, I’m a Red Sox fan and I think it’s totally reasonable that we could get A-Gon for just a couple of mid level prospects midseason. Like Lars Anderson and somebody else. … Wait a second. I thought we were talking about Alex Gonzalez. My bad.

            Well… if we can’t get him, maybe we can still get Egon. The smart guy from the Ghostbusters. He brings a lot of intangibles, and we might be able to get him straight-up for David Ortiz + cash.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      yeah and they should have signed matt holiday also…are you kidding me just because the bosox and yankees can sign who ever they want does not mean anyone else can…plus beltre is bad right now

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        i do agree though we should have signed damon for sure not traded for pierre and still signed jones, jones in left and damon DH would have made this team a ton better

  12. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    Dye needs to get off his high horse, suck it up and take the best offer like Thome did, if he truly wants to keep playing.

  13. RedbirdRuffian 5 years ago

    Nobody here or around mlb thinks Dye was worth the $12 million he was set to receive in 2010, so KW absolutely did the right thing. It was time for him to move on and the market has changed over the past few years, just ask Thome, Sheffield and Damon. If he wants a job, at his age and defensive prowess he will have to accept something in the $2-4 million range and lose the ego. You are still talking about a pile of money so I’m not feeling sorry for him, and sorry Orlando H, race has nothing to do with it.

    • pearso66 5 years ago

      This was the problem with bringing Dye back. Either they had to pay him $12 mil, or talk him into taking 1-2 mil, which he obviously has no intention on doing. Plus hitting sub .200 for the 2nd half of the season didn’t help.

  14. johnnynewguy 5 years ago

    Ok now you guys have gone off the deep end. First off to TwinsVet don’t talk about Thome being a good DH when your Twins aren’t even starting him at DH most games but instead going with Kubal. The Teahen extension was a head scratcher but he has looked pretty good thus far. Beltre started off slow as well and has just lately come on plus he has 4 errors in only 21 games. Teahen has 0. Some guys just aren’t hitting right now and it is odd, A.J. is a perfect example. Pierre, Beckham, and Carlos are too. If they were to starting hitting the offense would be fine. Realistically the biggest problem with the White Sox right now is our pitching. Peavy, Floyd, and Garcia are all bad. Floyd started out bad last season too but righted the ship and I think will be fine. Garcia needs to be put into the bullpen or released and bring up Hudson. Peavy is the biggest worry simply because he has been so bad and we owe him a lot of money still. If our pitching was a knockdown drag out awesome as we expected it to be in the beginning of the season then we really wouldn’t be worrying that much. Easiest two fixes are bring up Daniel Hudson and Tyler Flowers. Put Flowers into the DH spot and see how he does. He can’t do any worse.

    • pearso66 5 years ago

      Hudson is getting beat up in AAA right now, so don’t expect him to get the call anytime soon. Also if Flowers is being called up it will be to be the full time starter. I could see Flowers being called up later in the season, either when it’s over, or as a September call up, not anytime sooner unless AJ really is tanking.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        or there is a legit trade to get AJ out of the line up for good. I think kenny needs to realize he has a good catcher who is slumping and a good catcher who is raking in AAA. Kenny should do the smart thing and move AJ for a mid level prospect and call up Flowers. He could be the spark this team needs. Also Kenny needs to “say look ozzie this is my team im making the decisions if you dont like it I will be glad to give you your out right release, but im going to DFA Kotsay and sign Dye, And i Want Dye playing soon, and as much as possible with out hurting the guys he is replacing, Give carlos more days off, give konerko more days off, give rios more days off(move juan or jones to CF) give Juan and Jones more days off, to keep them all including Dye fresh. Everyone’s risk of injury goes down, everyone’s risk of slumps hurting the team goes down, and Dye does not perform as bad as he did after the break last year again.”

        its logical…money might suck for a bit but still we are talking an extra 3-4 million(nothing to a big market team) It keeps everyone in teh out field and DH and konerko fresh. If guys are on fire and dye is slumping he is on the bench and there is no mark kotsay there. If jones and dye can play 1st like everyone says they can then we dont worry about konerko getting days off. Dyes bat is much…much…much…much more impactful than kotsays plain and simple. Dont make this harder than it is Ozzie. you can like kotsay all you want he can be your best friend but there is a guy out there that is better then do the right thing as a manager and make your team better. If ozzie likes Kotsay so much and wants him around the team cut him once he clears waiver(he will) make him a coach of some sort

        • pearso66 5 years ago

          Dye was as bad at the end of last year as Kotsay is this year. Why would you want to cut one guy at $1.5 and give Dye $2-3. This makes Dye a $3.5-$4.5 mil player who hasn’t done anything since the All-Star game last year. They say they have more money to spend if they can add a bat, I don’t think Dye is that player.

          • jwsox 5 years ago

            and you think kotsay is? dye sucked at the end of last year becuase he is older and needs more days off which is why back up dh/of/1st is ideal

          • pearso66 5 years ago

            No I don’t think Kotsay is a bat, but neither is Dye which is my point. Dye was unwilling to accept a backup role or to play 1st or be solely a DH. He wanted to play the OF. Also at the end of last year he whined that the Sox picked up Rios because it would take away from his playing time. If you’re going to spend the money, Dye isn’t worth it from what he showed last season.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      dont forget last season peavy was 3-0 with the whitesox…pitchers dont win every single game they go out there for anymore….considering it is early im not too worried about peavy, he could not get a single win the entire season but if we stay in games we are fine…so lets not worry about peavy he is a gamer and a pro he will be fine if anything we should be able to trade him right back to the NL and get a pretty good return….freddy looked great his last start, maybe he just needs more time between starts which is why we should send randy williams down and bring up hudson and just go to a 6 man rotation…..

      My real point is this I know exactly where we can play JD…cut kotsay(just because ozzie likes him does not mean he is good for the team) ask any whitesox fan kotsay has not been good this year and was not good at all last year, he had a few good games but more often than not he is grounding into double plays or striking out or hitting right at guys, not doing anything yet ozzie, because he has a crush on him, keeps throwing him out there and most of the time costing us the game…cut kotsay lose, (i know he is making like 1.5 but the fact that jones is only making 500K makes up for it) and sign JD to a 2-3 mill deal with a bunch of incentives

      Play Jones as a primary out fielder and JD can be the back up DH/corner out fielder/1stbasemen…swapping around with jones, carlos, juan, and konerko…giving all of them a day off every few days If he is swaping with 4 guys he is going to play at minimum ever 2 days,if there is an injury he steps in full time, that way jones and konerko can stay rested and healthy all year, it minimizes carlos’ injury risk and allows juan the time to come back(he seemed to play his best as a 4th out fielder)

      considering the sox have teahan who based on obp can lead off(only leads off once) jones could lead off he has a decent amount of speed, gordon could lead off, rios can lead off, alexi can lead off there is no need to be worried about that…but if JD were signed he would get more play time if he can acutally play 1st and again he could pinch hit, and pinch start and get a lot of at bats is swapping between DH, LF, RF, and first

    • TwinsVet 5 years ago

      Once again, I was referring to Thome as being a good DH when compared to the platoon in Chicago. I’m not saying “Thome is a great DH who should start everyday!” I’m saying that for under $2m, the guy is proving to be valuable. The guy fact he has 4 HR in his limited time at DH simply speaks to the fact he’s still an asset at the plate.

      What about an OPS flirting with 1.000 isn’t respectable?

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        you do realize the guy that has spent most time at that rotating Dh for the white sox has been jones who has 6 home runs and what 4 steals while flirting with a .300 avg

  15. jwsox 5 years ago

    when carlos eventually gets hurt, I’m kidding and hope it does not happen, if we sign Dye now and give him spot starts every few days(much like the cubs are doing with culvin, but we have a DH and he can play 1st so there is one more position) he will be fine untill he needs to fill in full time for either juan being bad and cut, and carlos getting hurt

  16. lefty58 5 years ago

    Kenny Williams is the only GM in baseball dumb enough to sign Jermaine Dye.

    If Kenny has a job by the end of this year it will be a miracle.

  17. johnnynewguy 5 years ago

    pearso66 yeah I just looked at Hudson’s stats just before you posted that and he isn’t very good. But you say Flowers won’t come up unless A.J. is really tanking. I love A.J. but he is hitting .179 average and a .232 OBP. That is REALLY TANKING. As for jwsox after posting earlier I looked at the stats in every start for Floyd, Garcia, and Peavy. Floyd if you lose one start (the one against cleavland where he lasted 1 inning) his ERA goes from 6.49 to 4.30 even which is quite a bit better. If you do the same for Peavy (I took away the start where he lasted 4 innings and gave up 7 runs) his ERA is still a 6.72. That isn’t good. Doing the same with Garcia his goes down to a 2.57. Peavy isn’t good right now. He is IMO our #5 starter. You won’t get any return for Peavy if he keeps this up. Realistically we cut Kotsay and maybe Omar too and bring up Flowers. Flowers has a line of .281/.406/.544 in Triple-A. That would work for our team right now. Dye is awful in the field. We don’t need to spend the 2-3mil on him when we can bring up Flowers. As far as leadoff goes Gordon shouldn’t leadoff he is to young. Rios could leadoff. Jones is a power hitter so thus shouldn’t be leading off. As for Alexi leading off (as he is tonight against the Yankees) we should just stick a fork in the season. Alexi has never hit .300, he is hitting .222 right now, along with a .233 OBP. He swings at the first pitch almost all the time. When your OBP and batting average are almost the same then that is really bad. His career OBP is only a .320. No one in the leadoff spot can get on base. That is something to worry about.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      the only reason i say cut kotsay and sign dye is because any day of the week dye is 100% better than kotsay and why cut kotsay to bring up flowers would you really want 3 catchers? lets not forget about lucy who has been a pleasant surprise as a back up, castro is as good as done with lucy playing like he is…but i say call up flowers and trade AJ because his ego wont stand of backing up a stud rookie, which is why he ran him self out of the twins

      • johnnynewguy 5 years ago

        You cut Kotsay, and Castro and send Lucy down. Bring up Flowers. Kotsay is better in the field than Dye so 100% better is questionable at best. Lastly A.J. didn’t run himself out of the Twins. The Twins traded him because they had the best catcher prospect in baseball waiting in the wings. Turned out pretty well for them all things considered.

    • pearso66 5 years ago

      It also is the first month of the season. Alexei has started off poorly both years he’s been in the league, Konerko is generally a slow starter although he’s hot now, AJ usually starts slow. You don’t lead off Rios, you put him at 2-3, I would lead off Teahen. In a perfect world you would have Konerko, Rios, Jones as 3-4-5 in no particular order, but you need someone to get on base before them, which is why you don’t lead Rios off.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        alexi has decent lead off experience when it was him and getz 1-2 last year we were not that bad but yea teahan will lead off and be pretty good at it..the whole lead off thing is over rated anyway due to the fact that the lead off guy only leads off once

        • johnnynewguy 5 years ago

          Alexi had a total (before tonights game) of 12 career lead-off at bats.

  18. johnnynewguy 5 years ago

    Kenny also has a WS ring, 2 division titles, and what should have been another playoff appearence in ’06. (a 90-win 3rd place season). I’d take Kenny Williams any day of the week. He is better than Brian Cashman, and Jim Hendry.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      better than hendry for sure..heck any of us with no real baseball know all would be a better GM but cashman isnt that bad he got swisher for nothing, he got tex, cc, and AJ when other teams were offering the same money if not more

    • The fact that you put Brian Cashman in the same sentence as Jim Hendry makes me want to seriously question your baseball accumen.

      I’ll let it go just this once though. :)

  19. johnnynewguy 5 years ago

    Swisher isn’t that good. And the Yankees couldn’t win unless they signed Tex, CC, and AJ. Kenny drafts better and thus shows better GM prowess than Cashman.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      swisher is actually pretty good, decent defender yeah he only hits for right around .260 but he hit i believe 29 hrs last year in like the 7 spot he is solid, he and ozzie just didnt get along so he was painted as a bad guy in chicago media…..cashman is also very new to the GM role

      • Swisher is also an excellent OBP guy and sees A LOT of pitches, a strength of the Yankee lineup. Plus, his teammates and the fans love him.

        Also, Ca$hman has been the GM since the late 90s. I could give you an exact date, but I don’t care enough. However, I do care enough to tell you that I don’t understand where all of this “Cashman is a bad GM” talk has come from aside from generic anti-Yankee bias. I’m aware he’s not the best, but since The Boss stopped breathing down his neck and has been given full team control in ’07/08 (?), he has done a remarkable job in turning a team from an old, overpaid regular season juggernaut/playoff failure to a kind of oldish, overpaid regular season juggernaut/playoff success as evidenced by a somewhat recent World Series win.

        Seriously though, aside from A-Rod’s contract and Jeter’s soon to be contract, the Yankee’s have excellent flexibility for the future, have a winning team now and will soon get younger here and there. What more could you ask for? And don’t get me started on our farm system’s turn around. You wouldn’t like me when I get started on the farm system’s turn around…

        • jwsox 5 years ago

          sorry i thought cashmen was newer but i never said he was bad…anytime you can put a team together that looks like the yankees you are doign a good job

        • johnnynewguy 5 years ago

          Cashman is blessed with an unlimited payroll. He can have anyone he wants, and he showed it with signing of CC, Burnett, and Texieria. The Yankees can’t develop their own players at all. If you look at their lineup they have what 4-5 guys that are producing that they developed? 4 of them have been around since the mid 90’s. Cano is the only one of revelance that is been developed lately.

      • johnnynewguy 5 years ago

        Cashman has been a GM since between the 1997-1998 offseason. Before that he was the asst. GM. What are you talking about? Swisher is a below-average defender and he didn’t hit in Chicago. Anyone would have traded him.

  20. durrrr 5 years ago

    Why haven’t the yankees signed him yet? Drop Thames, sign Dye..c’mon, you’re the Yankees..this should have been done a long time ago..

    • Although it’s unsustainable, Thames is hitting over .500 with sloppy defense. I’d take that as opposed to Dye’s current .000 and sloppy defense for a couple million.

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