Highest Paid Players In 2010

Let's round up what each of the 30 teams are paying their highest paid player this season. This includes any known signing bonus payments, but not money being paid to a player by another team.

  • Yankees: Alex Rodriguez, $33MM. That includes a portion of his signing bonus. A-Rod's contract is front-loaded, so his salary goes down as he gets older.
  • Blue Jays: Vernon Wells, $21MM. That includes an $8.5MM signing bonus payment he received on March 1st.
  • Mets: Johan Santana, $21MM. He could pocket another $1.4MM with award based bonuses.
  • Dodgers: Manny Ramirez, $20MM. Hiroki Kuroda is the team's second highest paid player, but he's still $7MM behind Manny.
  • Tigers: Miguel Cabrera, $20MM. Magglio Ordonez is only $2MM behind him.
  • Astros: Carlos Lee, $19MM. Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman are both making $15MM as well.
  • Phillies: Ryan Howard, $19MM. Roy Halladay will join him in the $20MM club next year.
  • Giants: Barry Zito, $18.5MM. He could earn another $1.25MM in award bonuses.
  • Angels: Torii Hunter, $18.5MM. $500K of that is part of his signing bonus, and he could pocket as much as another $1MM with award based bonuses.
  • Cubs: Alfonso Soriano, $18MM. Carlos Zambrano is a mere $125K behind him.
  • Red Sox: John Lackey, $18MM. Overtook J.D. Drew ($14MM) as the team's highest paid.
  • Rockies: Todd Helton, $16.6MM. I suspect he's been their highest paid player for the last half-decade or so.
  • Cardinals: Albert Pujols, $16MM. Matt Holliday's contract calls for a $17MM salary this season, but $2MM of that is deferred, so technically Pujols will make more this season.
  • Rangers: Michael Young, $16MM. The second highest paid player on the club is nearly $10MM behind him.
  • Braves: Derek Lowe, $15MM. Chipper Jones will earn $13MM, but could push past Lowe if he reaches some games played incentives.
  • White Sox: Jake Peavy, $15MM. Mark Buehrle is $1MM behind him.
  • Twins: Justin Morneau, $14MM. This only lasts until Joe Mauer's extension kicks in next year.
  • Brewers: Jeff Suppan, $12.75MM. Believe it or not, there's another $1.3MM available to him this year in award based bonuses, plus $300K for each time he's traded.
  • Reds: Aaron Harang, $12.5MM. Francisco Cordero is just half-a-million behind him.
  • Athletics: Eric Chavez, $12MM. Award based bonuses could bump this up another $550K.
  • Mariners: Ichiro Suzuki, $12MM. It should be $17MM, but $5MM is being deferred. He's still ahead of everyone else.
  • Royals: Jose Guillen & Gil Meche, $12MM. Meche could earn $450K in award bonuses, $50K more than Guillen.
  • Nationals: Adam Dunn, $12MM. No one else on the team is in eight-figure territory.
  • Indians: Travis Hafner, $11.5MM. Hafner, Jake Westbrook ($11MM), and Kerry Wood ($10.5MM) account for approximately 54% of the team's payroll.
  • Rays: Carlos Pena, $10.125MM. Carl Crawford is right behind him at $10MM.
  • Orioles: Brian Roberts, $10MM. Kevin Millwood ($12MM) is making more, but the Rangers are on the hook for $3MM of that.
  • Diamondbacks: Brandon Webb, $8.5MM. Dan Haren is just $250K behind him.
  • Marlins: Dan Uggla, $7.8MM. Nate Robertson is technically the highest paid player on the team at $10MM, but the Tigers are paying all but $400K of that.
  • Padres: Chris Young, $6.25MM. No one else on the team is over $5MM.
  • Pirates: Paul Maholm, $4.5MM. He'll also receive a portion of his $1.5MM signing bonus.

Thanks to Cot's Baseball Contracts for the info.

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