Offseason Questions For The AL Central

All the offseason reviews are in the books, and today the AL Central takes the stand.

  • Do White Sox acquisitions Juan Pierre and Mark Teahen deserve starting jobs and multiyear commitments?  Will the Sox suffer subpar production at traditionally offensive spots in left field, third base, and designated hitter?
  • With a respectable offense in place, should the Indians have signed a couple of veteran free agent starters and attempted a run?
  • Will the Tigers moving Curtis Granderson hurt the 2010 club?  Could the Edwin JacksonMax Scherzer component have been facilitated without the Yankees being involved?  Should the Tigers have added a free agent starter, and did they make the right choice in shipping out Nate Robertson instead of Dontrelle Willis?
  • Could the Royals have acquired a similar veteran backstop for significantly less than the $6MM committed to Jason Kendall?  Did they screw up in letting pitching prospect Juan Abreu hit the open market and sign with the Braves?
  • Can the Twins' bullpen get by without a Joe Nathan replacement?  Should they have upgraded at third base?  Though he took less money to sign with the Twins, was Joe Mauer's eight-year, $184MM extension too risky?