Blue Jays Could Be Buyers Later This Summer

It's early, but the powerful Blue Jays are playing better than most people expected them to. GM Alex Anthopoulos told's Jordan Bastian that the team could become buyers later in the summer. The 27-22 Blue Jays would have to keep themselves in contention for another two months first.

"If that happens, you always try to evaluate how close are you relative to the other teams," Anthopoulos said. "You're balancing the short term and the long term. That'd be a great problem to have and a great position to be in."

The Blue Jays, who lead the league in home runs, slugging percentage and, most importantly, runs, would presumably look to add pitching or replace Lyle Overbay if they were buying now. But as Anthopoulos points out, we're only "halfway to the trading deadline" and a lot can change in two months. 

After all, the team started 27-14 last year, but the Jays slumped and then-GM J.P. Ricciardi eventually listened to offers for Roy Halladay and traded Scott Rolen. This year's team is different, and Anthopoulos is now running it, but the 2010 Blue Jays face the same reality they did a year ago: win and become buyers, lose and become sellers.

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