Oliver Perez Trade Ideas

After a look at our Bad Contract Swap Meet post, let's put on our speculating cap and try to find a trade that would work for the Mets and Oliver Perez.

Perez is owed $20.2MM through 2011.  He refused the Mets' minor league assignment and isn't helping the big league team.  Not only is he a project, he's one that must be tinkered with in the Majors.

Gary Matthews Jr.'s contract qualifies as equally bad, but he's already on the Mets.  A couple of Perez trade ideas:

  • Perez and $8.8MM to the Brewers for Jeff Suppan.  Suppan has $10.6MM left on his contract.  The Mets save $800K here, about $500K beyond what they'd get back if they released Perez and he signed elsewhere.  From the Brewers' point of view Perez at least has more upside than Suppan.  The lefty would be reunited with pitching coach Rick Peterson, who was Perez's guide during the pitcher's initial Mets resurgence.  The Brewers might require assurance that Perez would accept a minor league assignment in 2011 if necessary.
  • Perez and $10.5MM to the Royals for Jose Guillen and Kyle Farnsworth.  Guillen is owed $8.2MM, Farnsworth $3.6MM.  This scenario has the Mets taking on $2.1MM to acquire Guillen and Farnsworth, about $550K of which covers what the Royals might get after releasing the two players. 

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