Rosenthal’s Full Count Video: Griffey, Pena, Dye

In his latest Full Count video for FOX Sports, Ken Rosenthal says that retirement could become a more realistic option for Ken Griffey Jr. if the 40-year-old continues to see less playing time. Rosenthal adds that, during their past two contract negotiations, Griffey and agent Brian Goldberg have discussed with the Mariners "how a phase-out might occur," since Griffey hopes to continue his relationship with the team after his retirement. Here are Rosenthal's other hot stove notes:

  • Although Carl Crawford likely won't be a Ray past this season, the club has a chance to retain Carlos Pena. With Adam Dunn, Derrek Lee, and Paul Konerko eligible for free agency after this year, and Albert Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez, and Prince Fielder potentially hitting the open market in 2011, there are a slew of alternatives to Pena. A power-starved club like the Mariners and Orioles could make a run at Pena, but it's still possible he ends up back in Tampa Bay, assuming there's mutual interest.
  • If the White Sox decide to blow up their roster, it may happen sooner rather than later, given the ten and five rights that will kick in for A.J. Pierzynski and Mark Buehrle this summer. Pierzynski, Konerko, J.J. Putz, and Andruw Jones would be the most likely trade candidates.
  • Although the Padres spoke to Jermaine Dye in the offseason, they'd prefer to stick to their current, younger players. If they decide to add a bat, it's more likely to be an active outfielder than the inactive Dye.

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6 Comments on "Rosenthal’s Full Count Video: Griffey, Pena, Dye"

5 years 4 months ago

I see pena getting stuck right in the middle of the Boras hype machine. Boras thinking his soon to be 33YO slugger, with fast declining Avg, always high k totals and never high run producing totals will get that huge bounty is kind of far fetched. a 2 year deal along the line of Dunn’s 2/20 is probably more that Pena will ever get and that is only because he is a much better fielder, since pena is a full 3 YO that dunn was at the time, not the same power hitter, not OBP weapon that Dunn was.

Stay tuned for the next Boras victim here have a bad feeling.

Curious though what absurd amount Boras will try smoking buy some GM initially? 3/48? More even before Pena ends up the victim?

5 years 4 months ago

Look at Pena’s most comparable hitters through 31 on Baseball Reference. All of them fell off around 32. Like the Phillies with Werth, the Rays should pat themselves on the back for getting his best years and move along.

5 years 4 months ago

I think the Rays will trade for a 1B this offseason, they can trade for anyone with their farm system and I’m not sure if they have anyone ready to take over if they let Pena walk.

5 years 4 months ago

Who do you guys think the Rays will target to be their DH next season?

5 years 4 months ago

Boras also has Prince, so he can victimize two of the available first basemen. If the Bosox wrap up AGon there aren’t enough suckers out there, which won’t stop Boras from dragging out the “marketing” of both players to their detriment.

5 years 4 months ago

If the Rays are able to afford Pena, it will be because he has continued to hit (or rather, not hit) like he has so far this season … in which case they might not want him no matter how cheap he is. Maybe he can turn it around, though. But he’s been just awful lately.