Upcoming Ten And Five Rights

Players who have accumulated ten years of major league service time can't be traded without their permission if they have spent the last five years with their current club. Ten and five rights can make it much more difficult for a GM to pull off a deal. Here's a list of players whose five and ten rights kick in in the near future:

  • A.J. Pierzynski – June 14th
  • Mark Buehrle – July 6th
  • Jimmy Rollins – Rollins' rights kick in September 7th, long after the trade deadline. The Phillies have not shown any interest in dealing Rollins, but it's worth noting that they won't be able to trade their star shortstop next winter or next season without his permission.
  • Mike Lowell – Lowell would have ten and five rights after the season, but only if he stays in Boston. If Lowell, a free agent after 2010, signs elsewhere, he will have no such rights.
  • Ichiro – Ichiro will gain ten and five rights after the season. He has a limited no-trade clause now, and isn't going anywhere regardless of his contract status.
  • Albert Pujols – Pujols isn't going anywhere either, and his limited no-trade clause becomes a full no-trade clause after the season.
  • Rafael Furcal – Like Ichiro and Pujols, Furcal will see his limited no-trade clause become complete after the season. Furcal is under contract through 2011 and the Dodgers have an option for 2012.

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