Braves Call Up Chris Resop

The Braves called up Chris Resop instead of exposing him to the other major league teams, according to Carroll Rogers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Resop had a clause in his contract that would have forced the Braves to make him available to other clubs if he wasn't in the majors by today. But Resop was pitching so well that the Braves chose to promote him, likely at the expense of Craig Kimbrel or Jesse Chavez. Agent B.B. Abbott told O'Brien that it wasn't for lack of interest in Resop.

"I know they got offers,” Abbott said. “But they thought he could help the club at least initially."

Resop's Triple A numbers certainly suggest he can help a big league team. The 27-year-old right-hander has a 1.84 ERA in 73.1 innings with 9.9 K/9 and 3.3 BB/9 this year. It's a complete turnaround for Resop, whose big league numbers in parts of four seasons as a reliever are not nearly as impressive. Resop, who pitched in Japan in 2009 and last appeared in the majors in 2008, is out of options, so the Braves can't send him to the minors without exposing him to other teams.

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  1. scottandwtb 5 years ago

    Anyone’s better than Chavez.

  2. Brandon Woodworth 5 years ago

    I really hope Chavez gets demoted…but in my stomach, it’s gonna be Kimbrel, so he can get regular work…

  3. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    They want a pitcher with more major league experience but he sucks ass.

  4. drumzalicious 5 years ago

    Kimbrel needs to and will get sent down simply because Bobby pitches him every 10 days

    • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

      Because hes a closer acting as a set up man right now. I do think Gwinnett needs him mroe than the braves need him.

  5. jcrabtree7 5 years ago

    What about Christian Martinez being sent down? Or is he out of options?

  6. Bravos1 5 years ago

    Don’t expect to see Mike Dunn in an Atlanta Uniform. Apparently he and his agent had a little meeting with Bobby Cox and Frank Wren that didn’t go so well. It ended with Wren telling Dunn and his agent that he will “rot” in Triple A as long he is in an Atlanta Uniform.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      Wow! Nice folks you’ve got there in Atlanta. Will Atlanta actually give a 40 man spot to player so they can “rot” in AAA? That’s not smart business. It is a nice, petty, vindictive touch though. It’s good to be King!

    • migueljablonski 5 years ago

      what?! if this isn’t a joke I’d like a source

      • Bravos1 5 years ago

        I heard from a good friend of Dunn. Apparently it happened pretty recently. Right after a trade to KC fell through.

        • migueljablonski 5 years ago

          that just seems wholly absurd, unprofessional, and unlikely. it makes no sense. I don’t doubt that you heard that, but it seems unbelievably preposterous.

          • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

            There was that very vocal “disagreement” about whether Furcal’s agent lied (yes, Wren used the word lied) about signing with Atlanta. He said he’d never deal with that agent again.

            So yeah, I can see Frank Wren saying something like that. If he’s smart, he won’t follow through. I guess Dunn can always request his contract be sold to Japan. Atlanta can drag this out until he becomes a six year minor league free agent if they really want to stick it to him.

          • migueljablonski 5 years ago

            fair enough

          • unclemo 5 years ago

            You sound like you have inside info as well. Can you expound?

        • unclemo 5 years ago

          What trade? What players were involved? Did the agent botch the meeting? Were they demanding more playing time? Does Dunn have a 40 man roster spot now?

  7. BravesRed 5 years ago

    Chavez is GONE!

  8. Confirmed, Chavez sent to Gwinnett.

  9. his name backwards is Poser.

  10. gobraves16 5 years ago

    I think i have said this before, but the braves should go after Alex Rios from the White Sox they are like 10 games back and he is having a great season he has a .317 avg, 13 hrs and 19 sb. he would greatly improve our club in many areas he is RH can replace nate in center and gives us more speed and more power, i dont know a whole lot about our farm system but what would it take to get him?

  11. mikeleake 5 years ago

    haha the great Resop

    2 ip , 5 hits , 5 runs , 5 er , 3 walks , 2 k’s

    braves homers are so funny

    • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

      and he got hurt. they brought chavez back up :(

  12. why would you doubt someone made it up? it sounds completely made up. I think pretty much anyone would assume it’s made up.

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