Marlins To Offer Valentine Four-Year Deal

The Marlins are expected to offer Bobby Valentine a four-year contract to become their next manager, a source close to the negotiations told Tim Kurkjian of ESPN.  Valentine will fly to Florida on Friday night to meet with Marlins executives, including owner Jeffrey Loria.

All signs point to the former Rangers and Mets skipper taking the Marlins job by the end of the weekend, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  However, the club will interview two other candidates tomorrow.  Major league sources tell Rosenthal that the Marlins will interview their interim manager, Edwin Rodriguez, as well as Diamondbacks' third base coach Bo Porter.

Rosenthal reports that Valentine could be sporting teal and silver as soon as Sunday, though no such timetable is assured.  Sentiment exists in the organization to leave Rodriguez, the league's first Puerto Rican manager, in command through the team's series against the Mets in Puerto Rico.  The series runs from Monday to Wednesday.

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9 Comments on "Marlins To Offer Valentine Four-Year Deal"

5 years 2 months ago

Yeah, but Loria will fire him before four years run out. Firing managers proves that he’s a man!

Devern Hansack
5 years 2 months ago

I fired a manager…LIKE A BOSS.

5 years 2 months ago

Good,maybe the Marlins can keep a damn manager 5 years or more instead of firing them all the time.Haha doubt it though.

5 years 2 months ago

my favorite quote of loria on firing Gonzalez, “we felt we could make the team better, and YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT WINNING”priceless. we know exactly how you feel loria, but some of the stuff i shouldn’t post on a public site.

5 years 2 months ago

Exactly. He does everything he can to satisfy his burning desire to win, including handing out quality contracts and spending money to lure players there. Oh wait…

5 years 2 months ago

i can’t see Bobby V kissing Hanley Ramirez’s arse and that had to get brought up between Bobby V and loria. is Bobby v being brought in to whip Ramirez into shape or something? to get the Manny Ramirez crybaby out of him??

5 years 2 months ago

Bobby V. is perfect for the cash-strapped Marlins. He got the 2000 Mets to the World Series with a team that had no business in the World Series. He will be the perfect manager to manage this team that can not afford to hold superstars. He will get the most out of his players, thats for sure.

5 years 2 months ago

I completely agree, he is one of, if not the best manager in the game in the last 15-20 years. The only World Series caliber players on that 2000 squad were really Mike Piazza, Al Leiter, and Rey Ordonez. Don’t get me wrong, I still am a fan of Mike Hampton, Jay Payton, Edgardo Alfonso, etc., but Valentine took an average team there and got them to a WS.

5 years 2 months ago

Bobby v is awesome im surprised it took him this long to get a job. But now when he benches Han-Ram for not hustling Hanley simply cannot say anything. This is a good move, smart manager with a good young team, now they need new ownership(hopefully the mlb forces the issue) so that they can spend and not get forced to pay one of the few 30 home run threats on their team like this past season with ugla