Odds & Ends: Tracy, Braves, Brewers, Phillies

Links for Friday, as the international signing period begins…

  • Chad Tracy's agent told MLB.com's Bill Ladson that his client has interest in playing for Mike Rizzo's Nationals, since Rizzo, Arizona's former scouting director, drafted Tracy in 2001 (Twitter link).
  • You can listen to MLBTR's Tim Dierkes talking trades on the YES Network's Off the Wall podcast right here.
  • Earlier in the week we heard that the Braves weren't crazy about David DeJesus and that remains true, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (Twitter link). Morosi says the Braves are not pursuing DeJesus or Jose Guillen.
  • The Brewers would listen to offers for Todd Coffey and Carlos Villanueva, according to Ed Price of AOL FanHouse (via Twitter).
  • Assistant GM Scott Proefrock told Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the current edition of the Phillies has to perform. Chase Utley will miss eight weeks or more and Placido Polanco will miss three to four weeks, so the Phillies’ depth will be tested if they don’t make a trade.
  • As expected, the Yankees promoted Dustin Moseley, according to Conor Orr of the Star Ledger. Some teams called the Yankees to inquire about the righty's availability as his opt-out date drew nearer.
  • One GM who just did an overview of the Royals' farm system told ESPN.com's Buster Olney that he's impressed by the team's prospects.
  • D'Backs president Derrick Hall says the team won't likely start searching for a permanent GM until the offseason, according to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times (via Twitter).
  • Not surprisingly, the D'Backs have yet to ask the Dodgers for permission to interview assistant GM Logan White, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter).
  • Red Sox supplemental rounder Anthony Ranaudo is looking to be paid like a top-ten pick, according to Amanda Comak of the Cape Cod Times. Check out the complete list of first rounders to sign right here.
  • The Brewers released Triple A outfielder Trent Oeltjen, according to Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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15 Comments on "Odds & Ends: Tracy, Braves, Brewers, Phillies"

5 years 1 month ago

Of course Anthony Ranaudo is wanting to be paid like a “top ten pick” many considered him the top college pitcher before the season. As usual the Red Sox can afford to pay him as he wants, and later on people will talk about how great a late pick he was (because he fell due to injury). I hate hearing people dog other teams drafts because they have to go with “sign-ability” rather than talent alone… Teams with money can take risks, pay high signing bonuses and teams without the funds are left drafting players that just want to sign/play. I don’t mean to knock the Red Sox, because all large market teams do this!

5 years 1 month ago

Small market teams should do it too. When the Royals were nowhere near contention, they signed Gil Meche to a contract that pays him $11 million a year. Recently, they have become one of the biggest spending teams in the draft, right up there with the Red Sox. That means spending in the ballpark of $10 million a year. Guess which one of those things will propel them back into regular contention if either will.

Joshua Pimental
5 years 1 month ago

I don’t buy it. The Pirates and Nationals should both spend a ton of money on this draft, and they aren’t “large market teams”. Royals have done it in the past, Toronto will probably do it this year. Every team should be able to set aside $7-8 million for a productive draft. That’s not going to cripple their operations and will pay off dividends years later when (if) those players finally ripen.

5 years 1 month ago

Yes, those teams should set aside money to sign draft picks. But, the point I was trying to make is that teams like the Red Sox (other larger market teams) can take the risk of drafting a high priced player that had an injury in the past and worry much if he doesn’t pan out because they are a larger market team. If the pick doesn’t work out for the larger market team they can just sign a free agent. Teams like the Nationals or Pirates that were mentioned by you guys really have to draft sure things. If they screw up a draft it will set them back about 3 years. I agree that teams should be active in the draft, I hate seeing teams go for sign ability rather than playing ability.


Why do you think the Royals paid so much for Gil Meche? I bet it was because the 56 win Royals were at the top of every free agent pitcher’s list that winter!!! Also, of course they have to spend that kind of money drafting in the top 5 every year. Hate to keep picking on them, but the Red Sox pick towards the end of the draft. So, if they spend as much as you say, sounds like they go for “high priced” “high potential” high school players others would have to pass on…

5 years 1 month ago

I think the phillies should be looking at Ryan Theriot as there fill in man…He can cover either ss or 2b while they await the injuries, and afterwords he would be a great guy to have on the bench just in case or to give days off..what do you guys think it would take to make it happen?

5 years 1 month ago

Its not impossible, but the Phillies are looking for someone who can play 3B more so because Polanco will be back and he can play 2B. Plus I think Ty Wigginton makes the most sense because he can replace some of the power that theyre losing in Utley.

5 years 1 month ago

This is a pretty good idea as long as Baltimore isn’t annoying about it.

5 years 1 month ago

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Red Sox or M’s pick up Trent. I would just like to see him get another shot in the majors.

5 years 1 month ago

Isn’t Wigginton a FA at the end of the year anyway? Doubt the cost would be more then a B Prospect.

5 years 1 month ago

Thank God the Braves aren’t in on DeJesus. They already have a LH pull hitter that they bought high on, and he’s currently on the bench because of “concussion symptoms” which I feel (and hope) is just Baseballese for “being awful.”

5 years 1 month ago

that and we don’t need another Melky. We need a home run hitting outfielder

5 years 1 month ago

well they didnt give up anything for him. I wouldnt say that they bought high

5 years 1 month ago

I think the Braves would benefit most from a speed/defense leadoff Rickey Henderson type outfielder. There aren’t too many around anymore, and the good ones probably aren’t available. Prado is a decent leadoff hitter, but if he was batting behind a speedster creating havoc on the basepaths the Braves would score a lot more runs. Plus out outfield defense leaves a lot to be desired.

Denard Span is owed only $16 million over the next 4 years and the Twins consider him a part of their long term plans but I would feel confident parting with some pretty good pitching prospects to get him.

Carl Crawford is awesome. And a free agent at the end of the season. But the Rays are in the middle of a playoff chase and don’t really need anything the Braves can provide. Maybe we can sign him in the offseason?

Franklin Gutierrez might not be a huge base stealer but he plays stellar defense in center field. The Mariners don’t want to trade him, he is only owed $16 million over the next 3 years but they kinda suck and this pitching/defense experiment they’re trying doesn’t really work without any power. McLouth for Gutierrez, anyone?

Juan Pierre is getting kind of old but he can steal a base. He leads the AL with 29. They are practically negated by a mind bogglingly low .279 slugging percentage. Seriously. .279. Think about that. Your mind is boggled right now, isn’t it. He isn’t a great outfielder either.

Scott Podsednik is batting a hollow .293 and leads the AL in caught stealings. He has some speed though and is the kind of veteran you want on your team when you’re in a pennant chase. Also, we should be able to get him for peanuts.

Did you see that triple Gregor Blanco hit tonight off of Josh Johnson? Maybe we don’t need to acquire another outfielder after all….

5 years 1 month ago

Mlcouth for Gutierrez would never happen. Mclouth has contributed to one win for the Braves this year, and it was a walk off homer against the phillies, where Jose Contreras hung a breakingball so much that even Kenshin Kawakami could have pounded.

I honestly think the braves should go for michael bourn. He has a sub-par average, but it is higher than half of the braves starting lineup, including all outfielders except for erik and blanco(who has limited ab’s) but has 25 stolen bases, and is great in center field!! IF i were bobby, i would still have prado leading off, and have bourne hit behind him. I don’t know what the stros would be willing to take for their CF, but im sure they would want Jordan Schafer somewhere in return.

5 years 1 month ago

I really dont believe that they need a top flight starter. at least not as bad as they need a 2B. Wigginton is a rental, he is in the last year of his 2 year deal, and well, Baltimore isnt exactly going anywhere, so its not like they have all of the leverage.