Reactions To The Cliff Lee Trade

Now that we know for sure that Cliff Lee is headed to the Rangers, the pundits are already chiming in about the big swap — both about what it means for Texas and Seattle, and about what it means for the teams that fell short in the Lee sweepstakes.

  • Since the Rangers didn't have to give up any of their blue-chip pitching prospects, the trade is "a huge, huge 'win' for" Texas, tweets Evan P. Grant of the Dallas Morning News.
  • Grant also tweets that he was told that one of those young pitchers, Martin Perez, "was deemed untouchable" by the team.
  • Jim Bowden of Sirius XM Radio thinks "both teams win on this deal," though the Rangers are the "biggest winner" since it helps their chances in October.  Bowden also compliments the Mariners for getting more talent back for Lee than they dealt to acquire him in the winter.  (Twitter link).
  • USA Today's Bob Nightengale writes that last night, the Rangers thought that Lee was going to the Yankees.  (Twitter link)  Nightengale also thinks this trade makes Texas GM Jon Daniels the executive of the year.
  • The Phillies are taking some heat for not getting as much minor league talent for Lee when they dealt him over the winter.  ESPN's Jayson Stark tweets that one scouting director rated Philadelphia's haul for Lee as "last by a long shot" compared to what Seattle and Cleveland both got for the pitcher within the last year.
  • John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Reds "made what they thought was a serious offer" for Lee today, though Fay thinks both "the Rangers and Yankees offered a better package than the Reds could have put together."
  • Ed Price of comments that the Rays didn't want to give up any significant prospects for Lee (via Twitter), while the Mets simply didn't have the caliber of prospects that Seattle was looking for.  Price notes, however, that Jeremy Guthrie could be on the Mets' radar screen.
  • The Mets could use this Lee deal as a guideline, however, tweets ESPN's Buster Olney.  The Mets could follow the Rangers' example and try to get a trading partner to add money into a deal, since Olney reports that New York won't be able to add to their payroll before the deadline.
  • Rays manager Joe Maddon is unsurprisingly happy that Lee isn't in Yankee pinstripes, reports Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times.
  • Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski says his team "had interest [in Lee], but we didn’t come close to a deal," reports John Lowe of the Detroit Free Press.
  • Alyson Footer of tweets that the Lee trade may help Houston move Roy Oswalt, since the "more attractive pitcher is off the table & Roy is the next best option."

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  1. ajf718 5 years ago

    Jack Z i cant believe you pull one over the yankees.

  2. Wainwrights_Curveball 5 years ago

    How about how Jack Z swindled both the Phillies and the Rangers? Huge win for the Ms. Huge huge huge win.

  3. bringbackericthered 5 years ago

    Judging by Twitter, Fay wasn’t paying attention all day lol

  4. JD 5 years ago

    I honestly can’t believe almost no one mentions how Jack Z just traded for a guy who was charged with rape and pleaded to false imprisonment with violence, doing some jail time. I guess I’m the only person irked by the fact that MLB helped fund a trade involving a guy of Lueke’s character.

    • Milton Bradley approves of this transaction

      • JD 5 years ago

        That’s really unfair to Milton.

        For all of Milton’s on the field issues, he’s never had forced sex with an unconscious woman, get charged for Rape and plead guilty doing some jail time in the process.

  5. Yankees420 5 years ago

    Uh oh, Jim Bowden likes the deal for the Rangers, that must mean it’s actually horrible.

    • Watch out buddy. You finally have some competition.

      • Yankees420 5 years ago

        I was in no way, shape, or form, trying to dog the Rangers, just being sarcastic is all. And I’ve never thought that the Yankees didn’t have competition, so I don’t really understand why you felt it necessary to tell me that.

    • hensleymuelens 5 years ago

      Really? Rangers are competition for Yanks? Really? I’ll be surprised if they make the playoffs. That’s right, even with big bad Cliff Lee.

      • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

        Don’t be too surprised. According to BP, the Rangers have and 81% chance of making the playoffs, the highest in the MLB. And that was before they added Cliff Lee. I think that the Rangers are the team that will be able to take down the Yankees in the postseason. They have an incredible offense, to go along with what is now an above average rotation. I’ll have mad respect for the Rangers if they do; amongst the financial problems and ownership changes they didn’t give up on the season and put together a great team. Now Cliff Lee may have put them over the top.

        • hensleymuelens 5 years ago

          Oh, well if BP said so then never mind. I’m sure that the 81% was attributed more to their super scary lineup and above average pitching than with the fact that they play in the weakest division in baseball. Even if they do make the playoffs, they’ll be easy fodder for whoever comes out of the East or Central. How’d Cliff Lee work out for the Phils in the W.S. last year?

          • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

            Cliff Lee did pretty good for the Phillies in the W.S. last year. He was the only pitcher to beat them.

            They may play in the weakest division in baseball, but they would be at the top in just about every other division. And they would only be 4 games back from your Yankees; if they would have had Cliff Lee the whole season then they would probably be on par with them. Anyways, I was responding to your statement in which you said you would be surprised if they make the playoffs, and they have a better chance than the Yankees. And I’m not saying that just because BP said so. And yes, it does have something to do with the fact that they play in the weakest division in baseball, but that’s not a knock and their abilities. It’s an increased chance that they make the playoffs, which you say will not happen.

          • hensleymuelens 5 years ago

            Yeh, too bad Lee couldn’t pitch every game, which was my point…They would only be 4 games back of the yanks, barely good enough for 3rd place (by 1 game). As for them making the playoffs, it is a long long season. KC made a nice run for half a season too a few years ago. Check back with me in September.

          • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

            It doesn’t matter if they would be in 4th place or 6th place. All that matters is that they would only be 4 games back.

            The difference between KC and Texas: the Rangers actually have a good team. Comparing that team to this one is pointless and illogical. A team comparable to the best teams in the league. And they just got better.

            At the end of the day, most people would agree that the Rangers have a better chance at the playoffs than the Yankees; so be it because they play in a weaker division. So, yes, I’ll check back with you in September, while your nibbling at your fingernails hoping that the Yankees can fight them off in the playoffs.

            Just for the record, I am not a Rangers fan.

          • hensleymuelens 5 years ago

            What? You’re not a Rangers fan? I never would’ve guessed that you are a disgruntled braves fan by your handle. How exactly do you figure that Texas has a better chance of making the playoffs than the team with only the best record in the majors? That makes a lot of sense. Even if TB or BOS catches fire and somehow overtakes NYY (not bloody likely), yanks will win the wild card. I’d think you would be more concerned about the entire NL East breathing down the neck of your precious bravos. How embarrassing is it gonna be if the Mets win the division? I’ll be embarrassed for you!

          • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

            Actually, right now I’m embarrased for you because you just proved to the rest of the baseball nation that Yankee fans are ignorant fools.

            As far as being a disgruntled Braves fan goes.. What exactly do I have to be disgruntled about? We’ve got a great team, first place in the standings. And Melky Cabrera and Omar Infante just hit back-to-back homeruns to put us a step closer.

            I figure that Texas has a better chance at making the playoffs than the Bankees because they play in a much weaker division, and the Rays and Red Sox could easily catch the Yankees. And the WC is much tougher to win because you have to compete with the rest of the American League. If this does happen, and the Yankees do miss the playoffs, they’ll just spend another $200 million and make sure that they get in the next year.

            “I’d think you would be more concerned about the entire NL East breathing down the neck of your precious bravos.”

            Well, they have a larger lead for first place than your precious Yankees do, so if I were you I would be more concerned about trying to hold on to that 2.0 game lead. By the way, the Rays wouldn’t exactly have to catch fire to catch up to the Yankees. They would have to be two (2) games better.

            And it would be just as embarrasing if the Mets win the division as if the Rays do. Maybe moreso, because the Rays work with a pretty small payroll and the Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball, therefore allowing them to buy any player they want to. At least the Braves would be losing to a big market team.

          • hensleymuelens 5 years ago

            Ha! Nah, you don’t sound disgruntled at all about getting schooled in 96 and 99! And yes, it would be the biggest embarrassment of all to lose the division to the mets, universally known around the league (not just here in NY) as a joke. Even when the Rays were the worst team in baseball for 10 years straight, they were less of a joke than the mets. But by all means, be embarrassed for me. Be embarrassed all the way to September when the “Bankees” (clever!) have had the division locked up for a month and the braves and rangers are on the outside lookin in! Boy will I look ignorant then! Keep it up!

          • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

            Nah, I’m not too disgruntled about getting ‘schooled’ in ’96 and ’99. Probably because it was over a decade ago, and I was 4 years old, not really old enough to care.

            It wouldn’t be too embarrasing to lose the division to the Mets. They’re a very good team with a lot of talent. It would be upsetting, but not embarassing, just because they are known as a ‘joke’. Most people I know consider the Yankees a joke due to how they do business. That doesn’t take anything away from their talent.

            If the Yankees have the division locked up in September and the Braves and Rangers don’t stand a chance, I will fly to New York and shake your hand.

            By the way, I consider you ignorant because your basis for your entire argument is: “THEY’RE THE YANKEES! THEY CAN’T LOSE!” You fail to look at things in a logical manner. For example, this comment: “Really? Rangers are competition for Yanks? Really? I’ll be surprised if they make the playoffs. That’s right, even with big bad Cliff Lee.” Sound to me like you’re intimidated by the Rangers.

          • For the record, not all Yankees fans are ignorant trolls. Then again, I’m not a New York-based Yankees fan, so maybe I’m a bit too removed to be affected by what other people think when it comes to “Yankees fan”.

      • Soxman17 5 years ago

        The Yankees are a sure thing? Damn! Why am I even watching baseball, then?!

        • hensleymuelens 5 years ago

          Yes actually. Damn near a sure thing in just about every year of their existence. Check it out.

  6. Joshua Ryan 5 years ago

    Jeremy Guthrie??? How about no…..Oswalt or Lilly please.

  7. SoCalAngelsFan75 5 years ago

    Rangers = biggest winners and Angels = biggest losers in this. The AL West is not as “winable” anymore as the Rangers are now the clear favorite (baring any major injuries). They’ve also put themselves in a position to take on the Yankees in the postseason. Congrats to TX for making a smart move from a jealous Halos fan.

  8. Belandsexo 5 years ago

    The notion that the Rangers didnt give up any top prospects is kinda misleading, given that Smoak has been in the bigs for only two months.

    • gotcha2 5 years ago

      Looks like you read it wrong at first too like I did, says “Bluechip PITCHING Prospects”

  9. icedrake523 5 years ago

    “The Mets could follow the Rangers’ example and try to get a trading partner to add money into a deal”

    What team would send money to a NY team in a deal?

  10. j6takish 5 years ago

    “while the Mets simply didn’t have the caliber of prospects Seattle was looking for”


    • kelvin84 5 years ago

      Sure the Mets Dont have the caliber players LOL these people are hallarious, they wanted Ike davis not happening too much and would be the best hitter ever traded for the 3 times lee has been traded, they wanted niese who is the better pitcher of any pitcher traded for Lee, then they wanted mejia again the better pitcher than any one traded for lee, and lets not forget Mark Coohon who was 9-2 last year with a 2.53 era and is 9-1 1.53 era this year he pitched 3 consecutive complete game shutouts this year not to mention two complete game shutouts last season, than we have Brandon Moore who pitched the first no hitter for the mets organization last year finished 6-2 2.06era this year he has a 2.43 era and 115 strikouts, we have familia who is 7-2 , we HAVE THE CHIPS THEY WANTED but too much to pay for a 3 month rental, oh yeah wilmer flores 19 years old 8 hrs in the minors, reese havens our 2nd base prospect before getting hurt he hit 7 hrs in 9 games, we have our prospects that we will gladly keep.
      All this SMoak love is horrible the kid is overhyped he has never hit over 8 hrs in his minor league career and people wanna talk about Fmart, lol

      • j6takish 5 years ago

        When did Red Sox fans and Mets fans switch places? Your prospects are all future superstars, and they would be in first place if it weren’t for all the injuries

      • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

        Smoak > Davis

        Whenever you make a trade, you actually have to give the other team players. Thats just how it works buddy.

  11. Bowing down to JD’s greatness right now:

    He got a solid bullpen arm in RHP Mark Lowe (93-98 MPH, adequate slider, 3.48 ERA and 1.48 BB9=good command) and THE BEST LHP in baseball for:

    Justin Smoak-A (1B: former 1st round pick;Still an Elite prospect despite struggles, Plus power from Left Side, developing on the Right hand side)

    Blake Beaven-B (RHP, starter, 6’7 250; former 1st round pick; velocity is not equal to his size, sits at 89-92, plus slider, developing change; Compares to a young Adam Eaton.)

    Josh Lueke-C (RHP, reliever, 6’5 220; BIG arm, limited arsenal, 93-96, average slider, developing split-change)

    Matt Lawton-D+C- (2BOF, only hitting .277 at AA;doesn’t project well; good glove, average speed)

    So it only took an A,B,C, and D to get a solid Bullpen arm and the BEST LHP in baseball.

    If Cliff stays awesome, if he leaves we will either get 1 or 2 compensation picks since Lee will be a Type A free agent. (He is going to get Sabbathia money 7-8$160-180, by the way.)
    If he is the highest ranked Type A for the team he signs with, we will get 2 compensation picks.

    Those 2 picks will be in the 1st round, or supplemental round after that, and (hopefully) used to adequately replace Smoak and Beavan.

    Bottomline, this was a STEAL by Daniel’sThad Levine.

    Davis will hopefully replacesurpass Smoak’s production.

    Hat’s Off to the best GM (and Asst. GM) in baseball. You made your fans (casual and hardcore) extremely happy.

    PS:I’ll be camping out at Holtz Lake for playoff tickets!

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      Mark Lowe is out the rest of the season due to back surgery, so the Rangers have no clue what they got there.

      Also, as long as Lee remains a Type A (which he will) then the Rangers are guaranteed 2 comp. picks no matter what. They’ll get a pick in the comp. round and the 1st rounder of whoever signs Lee, unless said team signs a higher ranked Type A, in which case the Rangers will receive that team’s 2nd rounder.

      Overall, I like the trade for the Rangers. Smoak hurts, but they held onto all of their blue-chip pitching, and got a true ace to make a WS run.

      • Mark Lowe is just a plus for next year….we get him plus the comp. picks.
        It It breaks down to Smoak for Lee, Beaven for Lowe, and 2.5 mil for Lueke and Lawson.
        Or Smoak for two Comp picks and a Playoff run!

    • hensleymuelens 5 years ago

      If he stays? He’ll be in pinstripes by Christmas. Enjoy those compensation picks though.

  12. Jack Z is a helluva GM. At least, he has been so far.

    If the players all just played how they were expected, the Mariners would be doing quiet a bit better.

  13. jarg8 5 years ago

    how about how the phillies could of had lee for half the year and then traded him and got a much better package then what we got when we traded him to Seattle. I have as much confidence as amaro as a gm as I do with lidge closing a game.

    • ejr 5 years ago

      to be fair, Lee is only out of Seattle now because the Mariners couldn’t stay in contention. The Phillies wouldn’t be trading Lee right now — even with their mediocre record (and that record would certainly be better if Lee pitched instead of, oh, blanton — though Kendrick would not be on the roster if Lee were still here).

      Still, Amaro’s choice to trade Lee so quickly continues to irk me. he didn’t give any teams a chance to fight for Lee and drive up the price. it was a strange, strange move.

  14. bustercherrie 5 years ago

    This trade just makes me sit here and laugh at all the Mets fans that thought a deal of Thole and Evans or Fernando Martinez would have gotten them Cliff Lee. It is actually really amusing to me how some people were so convinced that a couple single A players would have done that job.

    • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

      Yeah. For the Mets to get Lee it would have cost them Ike Davis, and I actually applaud Omar Minaya for not trading him. Trading Davis would leave the Mets with a hole at 1st; not something a contending team would like to have. I think Minaya might be my least favorite GM, but I think he made the right decision. I won’t be giving him any more praise if he doesn’t acquire a SP at the deadline though.

    • kelvin84 5 years ago

      buster we wouldnt of minded given up mejia thole fmart and a low level prospect, come on smoak? the guy has never hit above 8 hrs! talk about over hyping, Ike Davis in his first full Minor League year (09) hit 20hrs 70 something RBIS, he is our future power hitting 1b with great defense, diving for outs flipping over the dug out railings three times, waaay better than smoak, and niese our future 6-2 this season pitched shutout innings against the phillies, shut out innings against the braves last year in september, 1 hit shut out complete game shutout against the pads this year

  15. Guest 5 years ago

    Count me in as one of the people that doesn’t like this trade one bit for the Mariners. They unfortunately solved nothing. Montero would have been a better claim than Smoak. Add in they sent $2.5mm, traded within the division and still have no catcher and I’ll be scratching my head for a bit. The big winner is Ryan and the Rangers. The M’s would have been better off keeping Lee, paying the additional $1.4mm or there about (difference from the $2.5) and taken the two picks. Initially many people were all over this as being a steal for the M’s, but the more I think about it and read some other articles, it is clear, they took the wrong deal.

  16. I guess from what I am hearing, The Reds could not make an offer as good as the Yanks or Rangers. Well maybe they should just stay put with what they have. Man I wish dusty would have pulled Leake after the 8th tonight. Reds probably would have won then. woulda shoulda coulda…. blah blah….. Wonder if they will make any moves with Volquez finishing his rehab with a nice 7 inning no runs and only 1 hit outing. Many have said that Volquez was the Reds ace of the future before he got hurt and in 7 AAA starts he had some good numbers. He even looked poised while pitching. I still think the Reds just need to address the bullpen. Though with Harrang going down maybe they do need another starting pitcher… Would love Oswalt but doubt that will happen. Any ideas who they might go for now that they lost out on Lee. Or do most of your think they will stay put.

  17. hensleymuelens 5 years ago

    Nice. Point was adding Lee to a far better team than the Rangers didn’t help them beat the Yanks. But that’s ok- I like you :-)

  18. ejr 5 years ago

    J.C. “look at what i can do” Romero?

    i think you mean Ramirez.

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