Twitter Rumors: Lowell, Ross, Dotel, Heilman

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  1. Glad to hear the Fish don’t want to move Cody

  2. mauerfan 5 years ago

    I kinda want MN to look at Westbrook but then not really.

  3. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    I feel bad for any team that acquires Heilman.

  4. Guest 5 years ago

    Smart not to activate Lowell today. He’d be back on the DL by Sunday, so for once, I agree with this move by Epstein :)

  5. turdfurg420 5 years ago

    Thankfully the Cubs held onto Marshall. One of the few bright spots on the team this year.

  6. Uh.. Ohman is with the Marlins now, the Giants might want to stop talking to the O’s

    • Ahaha. Yeah. Also pretty confusing why the Yankees are checking in on the Indians for a guy on the Cardinals, huh?

      Seriously, why was this post just posted on Facebook?

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