Xavier Nady’s Contract Bonuses

Cubs outfielder/first baseman Xavier Nady has $1.36MM remaining in base salary on the contract he signed in January.  Additionally, it's important to look at the $2.05MM worth of bonuses Nady can potentially earn.  MLBTR has obtained the breakdown:

Plate Appearances

  • 300: $125K
  • 350: $250K
  • 400: $250K
  • 450: $275K
  • 500: $300K
  • 525: $175K

Games Started

  • 70: $100K
  • 85: $125K
  • 100: $200K
  • 110: $250K

Nady has tallied 158 plate appearances and 33 starts for the Cubs so far, with a .221/.291/.343 line.  If installed as a regular, it's possible he hits the 300 and 350 benchmarks, and 400 isn't out of the question.  The 70 and 85 games started marks are also within reach.  A maximum of $850K in bonuses must be considered in trade discussions, though I think Nady is likely to end up with $475K or less.

Talking to CSNChicago's Patrick Mooney, Nady said he thinks he could tolerate playing every day, though there might be setbacks depending on how many hard throws are required of his surgically-repaired elbow.  The Rangers, Angels, Yankees, and Padres might make sense, assuming the Cubs send cash to cover most of the contract.

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8 Comments on "Xavier Nady’s Contract Bonuses"

5 years 2 months ago

Even if the Cubs sent cash, they are looking at a B grade prospect in return.

5 years 2 months ago

My above statement could be said for a few (not all) Cub players, if delt.

5 years 2 months ago

Hendry really is the king of “Buy low” and “Sell low”. He never moves a player at close to their max value…ever. It’s annoying.

5 years 2 months ago

Right now he doesn’t have anyone at their max value. If your thinking of Carlos Silva- 9-4 and 3 something ERA is great, but hes 1-4 with a 6 something ERA last 5 starts and they think he’s hurt. And has a large contractDerrek Lee- .244 11 HR 41 RBI- large contractAramis Ramirez- .212 12 HR 40 RBI- large contractAlfonso Soriano- .272. 17 HR 50 RBI- Large contractXavier Nady- .221 4 HR 19 RBIKosuke Fukudome- .251 8 HR 26 RBI- Big contractWhat are you expecting out of that? 2-3 years ago they were one of the best teams in the MLB so they weren’t going to move nobody. So you have to sell low to get somethings in return.

5 years 2 months ago

Mark DeRosa?

5 years 2 months ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets put on waivers and traded to another team.

5 years 2 months ago

The Yankees have a sudden need for a RH hitter off the bench…

5 years 2 months ago

Here is what the Cubs need to do. They need to trade Fukodome to a team that needs a defensive minded left handed hitting outfielder. Not sure possibly Tampa Bay. They won’t get much even if, which they probably would have to, pay most of his salary. Trade Soriano and three quarters of his contract to Boston for Jacoby Ellsbury. I hate the Red Sox but from what I read he isnt in their long term plans anyways. That would provide Boston with a LF/RH hitting power hitter this year and a back up plan for if David Ortiz doesnt pan out. Imagine the bombs Soriano could hit over the Green Monster. That would also give the Cubs a LH hitting lead off CF that they could re sign at least short term. It really works for them both. The Red Sox plan of “Pitching and Defense over Offense” isn’t working out very well. Then the Cubs should work out a deal with the White Sox for Zambrano. Not sure because the White Sox dont have a strong farm system and their is a lot of money involved. Then if they were smart, which most of the time they are not, trade Ted Lilly to Minnesota for Wilson Ramos. I’m sure Twins fans will probably scream that Lilly isn’t enough for Ramos, remember everyone knows you have Joe Mauer so its no secret that he won’t see the light of day on the major league roster. The Twins really could use a starting pitcher and there isn’t a whole lot to choose from. If they have the chance to possibly get into the post season with Lilly then you part with your prospect catcher that you wont get a chance to play. Then that lets you trade Soto to a team that needs a hitting catcher. I think Boston would be interested. Maybe trade an outfield prospect for him. At this rate in the season I could see them trading Ryan Theriot for prospects to a team that needs MI depth like the Padres or Phillies. They can just run out Fontenot and Baker at 2B the rest of the season. Basically the Cubs need to realize the season is over and just concede it.