Cardinals Acquire Pedro Feliz

The Cardinals acquired Pedro Feliz and cash from the Astros for pitcher David Carpenter, according to Astros director of social media Alyson Footer (on Twitter). Feliz, 35, has a .221/.243/.311 line this season with four homers in 304 plate appearances. He hasn't hit much in recent years, but has a reputation as a strong defender. UZR suggests that Feliz's defense has been excellent throughout his career (though he has a -7.9 rating in 530 innings so far in 2010).

The Cardinals acquired Feliz to help out at third base, since an injury to David Freese and a Felipe Lopez slump have left St. Louis thin at the hot corner. The Cardinals intensified their search for infielders this week, showing interest in multiple third basemen. Feliz makes a total of $4.5MM in 2010 (he has yet to receive about $1.1MM of that) before becoming a free agent this winter. 

Carpenter, 25, was the closer for the Cards' Florida State League (High A) affiliate. He has 20 saves this year with a 2.36 ERA, 8.4 K/9 and 2.5 BB/9. The Cards drafted Carpenter in the 12th round of the 2006 draft as a catcher. Astros GM Ed Wade describes the right-hander as a "power arm" who could become a major league contributor. 

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  1. Those 64 hits on the season are really going to help the cards pull even with the reds. Oh yea and the .243 OBP.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      And Kevin Goldstein really likes David Carpenter. Really good arm and decent stuff.

      Whatever anybody says, Ed Wade has done a tremendous job over the past 2 years turning this organization around. Any time you can turn Pedro Feliz in to David Carpenter, you obviously did something right.

      • $1529282 5 years ago

        He deserves small praise for this move, and praise for acquiring Brett Wallace, but saying Wade’s done a “tremendous job?”

        He gave Brandon Lyon a ludicrous 3-year, $15MM contract… he’s the one who signed Feliz in the first place, and he continually (this year excluded) has the delusion that his team is a contender and actually ADDS talent at the deadline only to finish considerably out of the race.

        Ed Wade may have gotten lucky with the Myers signing, and maybe with the extension (time will tell), but you can certainly make the argument that he should’ve traded him as well. He did a nice job acquiring Wallace, too, and he can receive some minor praise for this move, but to call him “tremendous” would be like calling Pedro Feliz “a big improvement” for the Cardinals.

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          First of all, every GM makes a mistake, but not every one can turn Feliz in to David Carpenter.

          From where this organization was when he came from Philly, he has done a fantastic job turning it around.

          New players, prospects, management, and style of play are all things that Ed Wade has changed and implemented since his arrival and talk about their great drafting!

          • $1529282 5 years ago

            “Not everyone can turn Feliz into David Carpenter”

            You say that as if Carpenter is a legit prospect. He’s a 25-year-old who hasn’t pitched above High-A.

            You’re right about one thing though — most GMs couldn’t turn Feliz into Carpenter, because most GMs wouldn’t have signed Feliz for $4.5MM in the first place.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            No, I’m just saying turning a disappointment who you only paid 1.1 MM in to any prospects is worth it so kudos

          • brstreet9 5 years ago

            You would think the ‘Stros picked up Chris Carpenter the way it is being talked about.

        • I cracked on Wade on the time for Lyon like everybody else, but it has actually turned out to be not as bad as I originally imagined. He is certainly overcompensated and a luxury, but he has been just about the only consistent thing in that bullpen all year. Heck, he’s third on the team in wins. He has come close to providing a reasonable cost to value ratio thus far.

          Feliz and Matsui were much more egregious errors.

    • If I would have known you were there, I would have waited!

  2. Yoni Pollak 5 years ago

    great deal for houston…get rid of his but for something

  3. $1529282 5 years ago

    Ed Wade actually got someone to take Feliz? He’s literally the worst player in baseball this season. He’s been a -1.5 WAR player, his OPS is at .555, OPS+ at 49, and his defense has fallen off a cliff.

    Carpenter may be a 24-year-old that’s still at High-A, but hell, getting a warm body for this guy and saving a couple bucks is a feat in its own right. Did Mozeliak lose a bet or something?

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      “He’s literally the worst player in baseball this season.”

      If in fact that’s true, I’m not saying it is, but if it’s true, The worst Player in Baseball is playing with the best player in Baseball. Isn’t that cool?

      • $1529282 5 years ago

        -1.5 WAR
        .241 wOBA
        .555 OPS
        49 OPS+
        .243 OBP

        Pick your metric and Feliz is likely the bottom player.

  4. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Whoa. Houston won this trade. Pedro Feliz doesn’t have much bat speed left but I suppose he is an upgrade over Allen Craig. But not an upgrade over Felipe Lopez.

    • $1529282 5 years ago

      Feliz wouldn’t be an upgrade over Allen Craig, Allen Iverson, Tim Allen, or even Alan Greenspan the way he’s played in 2010.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Let me reiterate, defensively I meant. But that’s just being generous.

        I bet he’s an upgrade over Woody Allen at 3B.

        • $1529282 5 years ago

          Woody Allen, maybe.

          But Feliz’s defense is even terrible this year. They were better off giving Craig a tryout, I’d say. Looking at Pedro’s numbers, he’s seriously having a historically bad season… one of the worst since the turn of the century.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            No question about it.

          • Triteon 5 years ago

            Craig couldn’t handle 3B in the minors, that’s why they’ve been trying him at other positions. Feliz may be a minus defender this year, but he’s still an upgrade over anyone else we have.

    • Cardinals06 5 years ago

      Did you watch Lopez play 3B? He’s been costing the Cardinals games, because of his defense. Like on Tuesday night against the Brewers, when he made 2 erros. Lopez is bad at 3B, last I checked. And he’s better playing 2B. So, Feliz is an upgrade over Lopez at 3B for defense. Allen Craig really isn’t a 3B anymore. He only got a few chances to play 3B, to give Lopez time off ….. because the Cardinals didn’t have anyone else to play 3B. Craig once was a 3B a few years back though, but the Cardinals changed him into a left and right fielder. And Craig can also play 1B, which is maybe his best postion. But, Craig seems like he can’t hit MLB pitching.

  5. Why? The player the Cards just traded could probably outproduce Feliz’s WAR numbers! I wonder what the book is on Carpenter; he’s old for the league, but he was converted from being a catcher, and he’s pitched pretty well.

    Horrible deal for the Cards, they just traded away a potential useful reliever down the line for a waste of a roster spot.

    • Cardinals06 5 years ago

      The Cardinals are pretty loaded on bullpen depth anyway. It’s not like Carpenter is their future closer. That is Eduardo Sanchez, even though Fernando Salas can close also (if need be). And the Cardinals needed to find a real 3B, they couldn’t keep using Lopez there. Because, he was costing them games with his defense.

  6. Ethanator99 5 years ago

    Thank you Cards for making the NLC a little easier.

  7. Yeah, not sure I like this at all. Not that I care much about David Carpenter, but how is Feliz an upgrade over Lopez, Greene, Craig, …I could go on and on.

    • Cardinals06 5 years ago

      Lopez can’t play 3B, he was costing the Cardinals games with his defense. Craig isn’t a 3B, he was for awhile in the minors but had horrible defense. That’s why he was moved to 1B and the outfield. Greene is at Memphis learning how to play 3B as of now. At least Feliz has better defense than Lopez.

  8. bigpat 5 years ago

    Wow, am I reading this right? His numbers really are that bad? And a contender is picking this guy up? Hmm…

    He used to be an average player but he just fell off a cliff this season.

  9. redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

    He is the worst option out there why would Mo trade for him? but i do have to say as a reds fan and i speak on the whole entire fan base and front office when i say to the Cardinals . Thank you very much for giving us a automatic out in your line up we really appreciate this . have fun with second place.

    • How old were you the last time the Reds did ANYTHING in the playoffs? When was the last time the Reds even contended for 2nd place? Win something before you talk.

      • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

        Someone is getting pretty uptight here about my comment,Well ill be sure to talk to you when we WIN first place and were in october settle down

        • And we will be sure to talk to you when you guys come to town and get SWEPT again to get us back in 1st :)

          • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

            lol you guys did sweep us and got first but look at the standing now? exactly but you cant be sure of that, but just tell your boy Molina not to start anymore crap and ill be sure to relay to Phillips to just his big mouth and play. Its gonna be a interesting series when we play again i just pray we don’t face carp and wainwright again.

          • So apparently its running wild in Cinci… Molina didn’t start anything… He finished what had already been started. I was at 2 of those games in Cinci and heard that Molina started it muliple times… I am lost on this one? Can someone from somewhere explain this other than a Reds fan?

          • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

            Phillips tappes the ump and catcher on his first at bat every game. Well this wasnt the time to do it after what he said well he did it anyway to Molina , Yadier kicked the bat away from him and Phillips tried again and Molina got up took his mask off phillips took his helmet off and yadier started jawing at him. here is a video watch it the analyst talk about it and what was said

            link to

          • Cardinals06 5 years ago

            No, Phillips did start it. He tapped tapped Molina’s shin guards, and Molina didn’t like it. And Phillips had even made comments about the Cardinals team before the series even started. Which, Molina didn’t like his comments when he heard them. And I don’t blame him for not liking what Phillips said about the team. Molina was only standing up for his team. This is even what Molina said after the game. “When Phillips stepped in the box he gently tapped Molina on his pads and said hi and Molina told him not to talk to him because he disrespected his team.” But, it looked like it was going to settle down until Chris Carpenter got into it and then Cueto started kicking people for no reason. I use to have respect for Cueto, but I lost it for him. He shouldn’t have been kicking people with his cleats, and he even injured Jason LaRue who he kicked him in the head. LaRue now was place on the 60 DL today, and looks like he’s done for the season. If Cueto pitches in the series in September at Busch, I have a feeling another brawl might happen …. if a Cards pitcher drills him for injuring LaRue.

          • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

            Oh cry about it, he does this to everyone and Molina was looking for a way to start something after phillips said to hal mccoy which he shouldn’t have.And you right it slow down till Crap started jawing at baker and rolen and im glad Scotty didn’t take it,And i want you to understand this part mostly cause im not taking up for Cueto he was pinned against the backstop he shoulda pushed but kicking is really uncalled for and honestly it shoulda been a 10 game suspension its uncalled for and unfortunate. But there will more than likely be another brawl

          • Ferrariman 5 years ago

            why would i watch the addition of the analysts that are REDS commentators. its not like they would have a bias or anything….oh wait.

          • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

            okay the analysts arent reds commentators, way to only read the site i got it from. anything else you wanna say about reading before looking?

          • Yeah Molina started it alright, I mean, it couldn’t have been Phillips who tapped him not once, but twice right?

            If someone tapped me on the shins and I kicked it away followed by “I’m not your bitch,” and they tapped me a second time I’d kick the crap out of them. I’m surprised Molina had as much restraint as he did.

            Brandon Phillips is an average player (though he claims to be better than Chase Utley) who is upset he’s not getting any attention this year, so he stirs the pot. Yadi should have punched that uppity SOB as soon as he tapped him the second time.

          • I know I mean last time I checked its in the MLB Rule book… “Player must talk crap about other team then go tap their catcher twice before they step in the box” you read that too right Alex?

          • Triteon 5 years ago

            I think you meant to say that we’ll KICK the crap out of them. And on the field — not in their playground-sissy way.

        • Didn’t want to answer my questions? You do know the Cards are 10-5 against the Reds this year, right? The Reds are just taking their turn at challenging the Cards for tops in the division. First it was the Astros, then the Cubs, then the Brewers…..each team was good for a couple years, and occasionally they’d get into the playoffs, but it was always between them and the Cardinals. So for your sake, the Reds better take it this year, because in a couple years your turn is over and the Pirates will be the team that’s second best to the Cardinals in the NL Central.

          • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

            Actually no i had things to do is why i had to go. Im pretty sure those teams doesnt have the team as good as the reds have right now and a pretty damn good minor league team and they was in the cliff lee sweepstakes and Danny Haren, they have Harang and Bronson coming of the books so who say they cant go at another run of Cliff lee, even though he is destined to be a yankee. The Cardinals will have so much payroll tied up in albert/holliday/wainwright and carp for now that they cant really fill any wholes and there farm system outside of miller blows sorry. The cubs SUCK and will with hendry as GM, Brewers have a good offense with no pitching, Astros are in total rebuild mode and wont do anything for a while and Pittsburgh will be good but there going to be a time when the cards fall of of the pedastool everybody puts them on

  10. Sage 5 years ago

    So, they were willing to trade for Feliz, but NOT Craig Counsell? Gimme a break. Counsell is making less and is producing better than Feliz… Doesn’t make much sense to me.

    Anywho, good trade for the ‘Stros. They turned crap into something. Good for them

  11. Yoni Pollak 5 years ago

    Any got a scouting report on David Carpenter?

    • good prospect! 50 k’s in 53 Inn, only 15 bb’s 5-3 and 20 saves! 24 and in a ball but was a converted c ala motte. Dont know if he throws as hard as motte, but way better updise than feliz even if we need a 3b!!!

  12. Guest 5 years ago

    wow hes been worth -2.1 WAR this year? SERIOUSLY?! why didn’t they just take encarnacion for basically the same price and probably the same prospect?

    • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

      And EE has more offensive value with potential, unlike Pedro Feliz i agree with you

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      I was thinking the same thing, EE is average on his best day defensively. but his bat is actually pretty good, he’s been one of the jays best hitters since the all star break

      • AA wasn’t handing E5 away for free like HOU did with Feliz. As of this moment we have to assume he’s going to offered arbitration and brought back for 2011, considering the org’s other options at the hot corner. That means he has considerably more value to the Jays than Feliz did to the Astros, and that AA wouldn’t have picked up his tab to go watch him play elsewhere for a 25 year old RP in A+.

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          I actually couldnt disagree with you more. The only circumstance in which EE could play is if we had a DH lead off hitter.. Since our everyday outfield would be Snider-wells-jbau, and snider will play everyday, and definitely not lead off.

          Too many low obp decent pop type players in the lineup, escobar was a good pick up. but the team needs a temporary solution in the lead off position moving forward, EE is the weakest player now defensively which makes him expendable. Brad Emaus has put up good numbers, isn’t a base stealing threat but could get on base and play average to slightly above average defense and lead off for the team for a season or two until hechavarria or another solution is brought in

          • That was a whole lot of jumbo and I have no clue what you were trying to say. The team doesn’t have a 3B for 2011, so if you are putting Bautista in RF it stands to reason E5 is going to be offered arbitration. You don’t let a guy walk because he doesn’t fit as a leadoff hitter. First of all Escobar would be a more than capable lead off hitter (and perhaps should be leading off even when Lewis is playing), and secondly as of right now I’d assume Overbay isn’t brought back which means Lind everyday at 1B and that the DH spot is still open for your leadoff hitter, Lewis. The idea that you don’t think Encarnacion can be brought be back because the team doesn’t have a leadoff hitter (not true) and that he somehow has less value to the Jays because of that is ridiculous.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            ‘You don’t let a guy walk because he doesn’t fit as a leadoff hitter’ .. if you don’t have a lead off batter yes you do. They’ve already exposed him to the waiver wire so obviously they are comfortable with losing him for absolutely nothing. Escobar is a legitimate and perfect #2 batter, you havent given me one reason to bring back EE yet you that was your 2ndpost on the subject. He doesn’t fit the lineup, his defense makes him easily replaceable and they didnt suddenly move emaus to 3rd base for no reason… me > you

  13. roswalt44 5 years ago

    Why didn’t the Cards just trade for Blum, who is actually serviceable?

    • brstreet9 5 years ago

      I heard on sports talk radio yesterday that Blum was actually playing some 2B because Jeff Keppinger (starter) was hurt, that is the reason Feliz was traded and not Blum.

  14. rayking 5 years ago

    Yikes. I would have preferred Encarnacion. Feliz might just be a defensive replacement for Felipe and get occasional starts, not sure how LaRussa will use him, but we needed to get someone who could contribute more than that. Minimal upgrade to the roster.

    Good trade for the Astros.

    • Cardinals06 5 years ago

      I’ve heard Edwin Encarnacion is a clubhouse cancer. And maybe the Tigers and Jays were wanting too much in trades. I know the Jays had even asked the Yankees for one of their top prospects for Scott Downs. So, why would we wanna try to deal with the Jays …. if they ask for top prospects? When, Encarnacion isn’t even worth a top prospect. Yes, he has the potential to be a good player. But, he seems like he hasn’t put it all together yet.

      • rayking 5 years ago

        Good points. I guess if the Jays were asking for too much for EE, I would have preferred giving T. Greene or Gotay a shot over acquiring Feliz. Oh well, there is an off chance that being in a pennant race will motivate Feliz to transcend his “worst player in MLB” status with which many are labeling him. Regardless, giving a good prospect for EE would have been a mistake as you pointed out.

      • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

        EE is a clubhouse cancer? Never heard that. Post your sources on that one. Admittedly, he has a I couldn’t care less look to him when he plays, but that doesn’t really mean much.

        Encarnacion could’ve been had for little, maybe it was more of an issue with The Jays wanting teams to pick up his salary. Scott Downs’ trade value was and is much higher, so they’re hardly comparable.

        • Cardinals06 5 years ago

          He didn’t run out a fly ball in a game in 07 and was benched for that. So, it’s now good when a player doesn’t try?

          “-Encarnacion is a headcase, and doesn’t have the best reputation around his teammates.

          -He has never fullfilled his potential and many feel like he doesn’t have the drive, or the work ethic,.”

          link to

          • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

            Those are hardly credible sources, just someone’s opinion. I mean, I’m not defending the guy, I’m a Jays fan and watch him every game and can’t wait until he’s gone, but you can’t say things like that without backing them up. As for 2007, that’s three years ago. You can mature a lot in that time.

            He’s been with The Jays for nearly a year and a half, and I’ve yet to hear anything that backs up any of those points.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        I actually got stupider for reading your post. #1 you make up that EE is a club house cancer #2 you somehow compare scott downs value to EE and claim teams shouldnt try to deal with the jays because we asked for a top prospect for a type a free agent. #3 you say ee isn’t even worth a top prospect? who said he was? the same guy who said he was a clubhouse cancer i bet

        • Cardinals06 5 years ago

          And in 010, he even hurt himself with a rocket firecracker …. yeah, sure does sound like a player anyone would want.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            hahhah thats your defense? He hurt himself with a firecracker?? lol what year did you graduate harvard law?

  15. Kehi7 5 years ago

    Mozeliak is the worst GM in Cards history! Ugh!

    • Cardinals06 5 years ago

      Mozeliak is a good GM, they needed an upgrade at 3B. Even if he doesn’t have much offense left in him. At least his defense is better than Lopez and Lopez can go play 2B (which he’s better at playing). Yes, Mo has made a few bad signings (Kyle Lohse ….. as in giving him that big contract) and Brad Penny (even though at first he was doing fine, until his freak injury). Mo also got lots of the Cardinals draft picks signed to help re-stock the farm. The only top one who he didn’t get signed was Austin Wilson. Mo knows what he’s doing. DeWitt and him were stupid though for letting La Russa bring in McGwire as hitting coach. I think McGwire is one of the teams problems, wish he would get fired ….. and promote Mitchell Paige back to hitting coach. At least the teams from 01-04, hit for Paige. And doesn’t every GM/owner make mistakes at times in any sports? At least give it time to play out before jumping a bridge, maybe playing for a team that’s in a playoff race will get Feliz hitting better.

      • $1639238 5 years ago

        Reasons by Mo is NOT a good GM:
        Jeff Suppan
        Kyle Lohse
        Aaron Miles
        Randy Winn
        Mark DeRosa
        The Ludwick trade

        • $1639238 5 years ago

          Oh yeah, and Feliz is terrible! Yes, Lopez was bad…but the goal is to IMPROVE a situation, not bring a player who is, literally, the worst hitter in baseball and not fielding so great this year either.

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          why are these bad trades? suppan was free. miles was free. winn was free. he must have forgot his magic crystal ball at home because he couldnt see into the future realizing that DeRosa would get injured. Otherwise, it was a very balanced trade at the time. Ludwick trade has been working out thus far, Westbrook has been money with Duncan and playing in the NL.

          the only bad move you listed was Kyle Lohse who also hit a wall with injury. i didn’t know that you had to have a crystal ball to be a good GM..

          • Lanidrac 5 years ago

            Also, Suppan was decent (or at least better than our other options) as a replacement starter, Miles is doing very well (if only he could play 3B), and Winn has been OK. Lohse is overpaid and has now had two lost seasons due to injury, but he’s finally healthy and is likely to show improved performance for the rest of this year and the next two years.

        • Cardinals06 5 years ago

          Miles has been fine since he cameback to the Cardinals, he’s hitting 300 something last I checked. And is maybe one of the Cards best 2B’s on the roster. Skip Schumaker isn’t a 2B, he’s a better OF. Suppan was only picked up, because he Cardinals didn’t have any other starting pitching depth. If they did we would have seen it by now. Adam Ottavino wasn’t that great when he got chances, maybe that’s because he was hurt though. Mark DeRosa? What’s he doing this season? Mo was smart for not re-signing him. DeRosa signed with the Giants, and re-injured his wrist and is on the DL for the rest of the season. Yes, I agree Winn was a bad pick up …. but, at first he was doing fine. Ludwick was going to be traded at some point anyway, like in the offseason if he wasn’t traded this season. Because, he’ll ask for lots of money in arbatraion (7-10). Jake Westbrook has done fine so far, which the Cardinals needed another starting pitcher. Westbrook should be 2-0 as a Cardinal, but the bullpen had to blow the game against the Astros in his 1st start.

          • Cardinals06 5 years ago

            And at the time of the DeRosa trade last season, the Indians asked for either one of Perez or Motte. So, the Cardinals asked Dave Duncan who he thinks has a better future; and he said Motte does.

          • Cardinals06 5 years ago

            Another reason for the Ludwick trade, it saves some money to try to get Albert Pujols re-signed. So, who would you rather keep around long term …. Ludwick or Pujols? I’d do with Pujols.

          • Lanidrac 5 years ago

            Actually, Ludwick will be free agent after 2011, and Pujols will still be relatively cheap next year with his option year. Still, it’s a trade that needed to be made in order to get Westbrook, just as we needed to get someone who can actually field at 3B while Feliz’s hitting will likely improve due to his track record and the change of scenery.

          • melonis_rex 5 years ago

            There’s better ways to save money to get Pujols resigned. Not bidding against yourself for the Holliday contract being a significant one. Ludwick’s salary next year (he’s a FA after that year) won’t have any bearing on a Pujols extension.

          • brstreet9 5 years ago

            “Not bidding against yourself for the Holliday contract being a significant one. ”

            You know, everyone keeps talking about Mo outbidding himself for Holliday, but everyone also forgets who his agent is. I will remind everyone, it is Scott Boras, who has a way of extracting money out of teams even in a bad market. He always brings the “mystery team” into his negotiations, and as badly as the fans would backlash for not getting a deal done (as well as maybe upsetting Pujols, which would open up another can of worms), Mo didn’t want to take a chance on the “mystery team” swooping in and signing Holliday.

            So, yes, Mo could have sat back and let Holliday come to him. Or he could have watched the “mystery team” have their press conference with Holliday holding up that teams jersey and STL going away losers. Which would not inspire Albert Baseball to re-sign with the Cardinals…

  16. Flharfh 5 years ago

    Wow, way to acquire the worst player available. Counsell, Blum, Scissorhands, and Brandon Inge all are better and the first three of those could probably have been had for the same prospect. Ed Wade, miracle worker?

  17. I’m guessing Blum didn’t pass through waivers but Feliz did.

    • roswalt44 5 years ago

      Nope, Blum cleared waivers.

      • If you were Ed Wade and you could trade Pedro Feliz instead of Geoff Blum, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

  18. Kehi7 5 years ago

    I wish I was the Cardinals GM, this trade would have never happened, unless Houston wanted a bag of marbles for him.

    • rayking 5 years ago

      The bag of marbles has more value than Feliz. Reading the comments here and in the St. Louis Post Dispatch online, this trade is getting panned HARD. And deservedly so.

  19. Pedro Feliz huh?

  20. UtleyPhan 5 years ago

    Cards fans have fun watching him flail away aimlessly in every AB. He is absolutely brutal at the plate and isn’t even near what he used to be defensively to make up for it.

  21. UtleyPhan 5 years ago

    LaRussa is gonna have trouble deciding who to bat 8th, the pitcher or Pete Happy.

  22. StLsMrBaseball 5 years ago

    This move was made for defensive purposes..feliz wont be in stl past this year and defense has killed them this year..carpenter was expendable due to shelby miller…and reds fans shut ur trash talk already u havent even made it to the postseason yet..your starting to become to the cubs fans level..

  23. BruhoftheYear2k13 5 years ago

    Everything about this deal just makes me happy.

  24. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    Agree with Rayking, minimal upgrade at best. Cards GM’s thinking may be that Happy Felix has championship experience and may benefit from playing in a better line up and being in a pennant race again. If it doesn’t work out, Larussa can give him to Duncan and turn him into a pitcher and come up with another miracle.

  25. Vossome93 5 years ago

    He has a lower BA than Lopez, less HRs than Lopez, only 1 more RBI, and his FLD% is only a little bit better…Its better to leave Lopez to play 3rd. Hopefully after 25 games of Feliz hitting .125, TLR will realize that

  26. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    I apologize to Mr. Feliz. I meant Happy Pedro.

  27. There is a one little difference between St Louis and Houston, St Louis is in the playoff hunt and that always juice up a player that gets traded. The only thing Cardinals have plenty of in the minors is relief pitching. Feliz will only stay 2 months and that will give way to Matt Carpenter.

    • Triteon 5 years ago

      Matt Carpenter is at least two years from making the bigs. David Freese will be back at third next year.

      • Matt Carpenter is 2 yesrs from making it to the majors, but when he does, they can move Freese back to his natural position, at shortstop, have Matt Carpenter at 3rd base and have Zack Cox at 2nd base which they had plan. Meaning in 2 years, we will be either butterfingers Shumarker or Hole in the Bat Ryan off. With the emergence of Tyler Greene, and with Delcasio coming up fast, both probably expendable.

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          Freese’s natural position has never been shortstop….maybe your thinking of tyler greene?

          • If you look at Freese playing for San Diego and playing in College, then he does play shortstop.

  28. Ferrariman 5 years ago


    oh well, lopez is in a horrible slump right now and sucks with defense. at least feliz can play defense….sort of UGH gonna be a long season with this group

  29. tmengd 5 years ago

    First off Blum wasn’t traded (but was on the verge to be) because Keppinger is hurt and they needed insurance at 2nd base in case he it out a while, this was already stated on the Astros website.

    Second of all the person not watching baseball since the all star break. Houston has one of the highest batting average, lowest ERA, is playing over .500(since may) is starting 4 rookies since the all star break who should get better. Has the only pitcher in baseball who has thrown over 6 innings every game this year. How do you say they are declining since they got rid of Berkman and Oswalt.

    I also like how the trades were pointed out but the Oswalt trade where the Astros got Wallace and Happ wasn’t mentioned. I think Wade has done a remarkable job considering where they were. They were not going to get much for Berkman, and they got a ton for Oswalt considering his contract, no trade clause . They have had great drafts the last couple of years. They might sign Loux Sept 1, which would give them 4 more first rounders from this years draft, when some team couldnt sign even 1 first rounder. So how is that not improving?

    • txftw 5 years ago

      Why would the Astros care about “insurance” for any player on their roster this year when they don’t have anything left to play for but pride and the place of their picks? Most teams would try to recoup value for anything and play minor leaguers if they were in the Astros position.

      • tmengd 5 years ago

        Because the Astros don’t have even a mild prospect in the minors that can play 2nd base yet. I am not sure if Sanchez can, since they brought Manzella back up. Besides if they can trade Feliz instead of Blum, why not do it in a Heartbeat. Blum could still get traded, he did clear waivers, whereas Keppinger didn’t so he will not be traded.

        • txftw 5 years ago

          I’m not saying trade Blum instead of Feliz, but I would hope the Astros deal Blum at some point. I guess if you don’t have anything in the farm that’s close then you have to deal with it, I’m just surprised someone else isn’t even sort of ready…. Their system can’t be that bad.

  30. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    The Astros have been playing much better lately. They started their season at something like 3-24; they have improved their record a great deal.

    The Cardinals traded for Pedro Feliz? On purpose? Of course I’m not surprised to read Cardinal fans think this is a good move, and even praise their GM. The GM that overpays for player he brings in, whether by trade or free agent, that has built zero depth into the system, and talks like a politician. He is truly awful. And they just extended him for THREE more years!

  31. Stl_Great 5 years ago

    Its not even that bad of a trade. Would you rather have felipe taking over SS or 2B and having a suburb upgrade over B-Ryan or Skip, And having feliz man 3rd? Taking out B-ryan or skip makes are team better by quite a bit.

  32. rovert22044 5 years ago

    THANKS CARDS! TAKE HIM! Good to see the Astros taking out the trash. 😉

  33. airohpue13 5 years ago

    Cardinals could have just signed Adam Everett and had him play 3rd if they were looking for this kind of production.

  34. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Yeah. And people who really know the Astros would agree, wade has done a great job.

  35. Astrosfan9145 5 years ago

    As an Astros fan for life I can agree with SPANdemonium_is_back_again. Wade has done a tremendous job with the Astros. We Astros have a lot to look forward to next year and beyond.

  36. How do figure when the Cubs and Brewers are still in the division. Fielder will be gone next season for the Brewers and the Cubs are well the Cubs.

  37. Yea Wade gets a bad rap and idk why, I mean didnt he draft Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino? And how can you trash any of Wade’s midseason aquisitions?(sp?) All the players he as gotten have been successful or in the case of Feliz turned into potential future success. Yes the Lyon contract was bad but its not like Lyon hasnt been successful. Wade turned a disgruntled aging pitcher into the Astros future 1st baseman, a young SS and a young middle of the rotation lefty. Then he turned a beat up aging 1st baseman into a solid middle reliever and an impressive 2B player. Id say he has done a pretty good job so far

  38. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I suppose.

  39. You say Chase Utley Jr like its a bad thing….Paredes is hitting .329 his OBP is .350 OPS is .819 yes those things impress me not to mention all the steals, he is only 21 years old so tell me how he is a bad pick up? And Melancon has pitched well with the Astros so far, his stuff looks good.

  40. melonis_rex 5 years ago

    Willy Taveras also got his DFA papers.

  41. Actually he has only pitched 3 innings and given up 1 run but nice try, His stuff though looks good in his outings. And Paredes is hitting the numbers I put in since he got to the Astros organization, sometimes people just need a change of scenery. And just because he has been in A ball for 3 years doesnt mean anything because he is only 21 which means he is basically just a kid coming out of college every kid needs time to mature mentally and physically. So yes turning a Lance Berkman who was having a bad year and would not have had his option picked up at the end of the season into what Wade did was a very good move, I didnt think anyone would want Berkman.

  42. airohpue13 5 years ago

    The Astros are well the Astros

  43. and rollins and madson and ruiz (ameteur free agent) and brett myers and kyle kendrick and traded for blanton and lidge and im pretty sure he was a part of hirin charlie manuel, and im pretty sure all of those guys have a lil bling on they finga so im pretty sure wade wasnt horrible………………..for the phillies

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