Mets Intend To Exercise Reyes’ Option

The Mets plan to exercise Jose Reyes' $11MM club option for 2011, reports Mark Hale of the New York Post.  Hale also echoes Andy Martino's report for the New York Daily News from eleven days ago, saying the Mets will explore a multiyear deal.

Reyes, 27, made his season debut on April 10th after missing most of 2009 due to a hamstring injury.  He's hitting .279/.316/.419 on the season; his 4.9% walk rate is his lowest in several years.  The $11MM option is worth exercising for the Mets, as the shortstop market is perenially weak and Reyes is decent value even at a reduced level of performance.  I'm guessing that to sign Reyes to a multiyear deal when his stock is still pretty low, the Mets would require a discount.

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  1. 5 year 45 million seems fair

    • minaya see’s your 5/45 and raises you 6/90.

      • sad but likely.

      • Just_MLB 5 years ago

        i think 5/60 with a team option for a 6th year at 18 mil is fair. the other side of the coin, is reyes goes onto the free-agent market….o by the way, the yankees, red-sox, cardinals, cubs and a bunch of teams would salivate over the chance to get reyes in their lineup, and the fact that he will be 28 in his free-agent year…meaning he can get a nice 4-5 year deal.

        • AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

          $12MM a year guaranteed for 5 years for a guy with Reyes’ physical history? Dude…That’s a heck of a lot of team budget to lock up to Reyes every year for half a decade.

          • Just_MLB 5 years ago

            ok…what would you suggest?

            Mind you Reyes is going to make 11 mil next year on the option.

            the 3 top paying clubs…the phillies will have rollins at 34 coming off
            their books…and may be in play….the yankees have no successor to Jeter
            in sight…and may entertain the thought of moving Jeter to DH and having
            Reyes play SS…( imagine Reyes in pinstripes )…you have the red-sox who
            have no solid SS in sight ( unless u count iglesias as sure money )…and to
            top it off, the mets have no real solid alternative to Reyes either…you
            also have the orioles who love to throw money out there…and the giants
            would love to have some offense…

            so again i ask..what would you suggest as a fair offer for a 28 year SS in
            his prime that may have half of MLB making offers at a premium position ( by
            the way, this same logic will apply in one more year to David Wright as well

  2. on a serious note… wilpon needs to be stopped, omar needs to be fired and the roster needs to be overhauled. you can’t keep extending players that are underachieving because you think their talent will eventually win out. the mets way is the wrong way.

    • the mets problem isnt reyes, or wright, it’s the players around them.

      • diehardmets 5 years ago


      • Infield Fly 5 years ago

        “the mets problem isnt reyes, or wright, it’s the players around them.”

        …yes…PLUS the TWO guys who acquire those supporting players. General Manager is not a two-person job – and the only place Jeff Wilpon has expertise to “guide” Omar is in his DREAMS.

      • did you even read my post? and when did i single out wright?

      • Mets789 5 years ago

        I Agree

  3. diehardmets 5 years ago

    He’s having a down year, yes. But remember that he didn’t play all of last year. Even at his current level of performance, he’s an above average SS. I’m sure most Met fans agree with me in wanting to see Wright and Reyes finish their careers as Mets.

    • Just_MLB 5 years ago

      I def agree.
      i think the mets really need to keep both guys plus develop more guys and use free-agents to simply supplement where needed….it appears we are headed in that direction. C, 1B, 2B,SS,3B, OF, 2 SP, 2 RP, are already home-grown. with kirk/f-mart,mejia coming up, we should have a nice base to grow from. Now for a crazy notion, if Pujols becomes available, do you move Ike to RF and make a play for Phat Albert ?

      • Yes…in OOTP11 I am moving Dan Murphy who is a batting champ at 1B (Ike is hitting decent in double A) to slot in Albert/Fielder/AGONZ.

        • Just_MLB 5 years ago

          ummm…albert is a free-agent after next season.

  4. jza1218 5 years ago

    Mets need a true clean-up hitter who’s preferably a lefty bat or a switch hitter. Ike Davis is a great guy to develop but he’s still too young and they’re rushing him to that #4 role. As it stands now, he’s subpar for that job with an OPS under .750.

    I’d really like to see the team try to move Pagan when his value is at his peak for a power-hitting RF and slot Beltran over to the #2 spot. Finding a big bat at 2B or C is too difficult and most of the other positions have guys that are entrenched in their spots due to either talent (Wright, Reyes, Davis) and/or salary (Beltran, Bay). Maybe Luke Scott or something along those lines. The Orioles could use someone at the top of the order with Brian Roberts aging and Pagan can really play any OF position and easily supplant that Corey Patterson/Felix Pie carousel at LF.

    Then it’d be something like

    SS Reyes#
    CF Beltran#
    3B Wright
    RF Scott*
    LF Bay
    1B Davis*
    C Barajas/Thole
    2B Tejada

    • diehardmets 5 years ago

      How ’bout no. Pagan is the best hitter in that lineup and Scott would suck (offensively and defensively) at Citi. I say wait it out, develop some younger guys, and contend once all the big contracts are up.

      • jza1218 5 years ago

        I agree that Pagan is a great player but he is honestly wasted in that line-up. I would like to keep him but Bay and Beltran’s contracts really prevent them from finding room in that line-up for him if they have to find a power bat. The only positions they really have to add in a bat are C, 2B or in the OF. The only options to me are to trade Pagan, keep him and bench Beltran and his $12M salary or trade Beltran with his full no-trade clause. I think the former is just more likely personally. I don’t think benching Bay only one season into his contract or moving him and his own no-trade clause are possibilities at all.

        Scott is probably 2-3 WAR and is adequate defensively while providing power from the left side of the plate (three straight 20+ HR seasons while playing against strong pitching teams in the AL East).

        Waiting out all the big contracts is just a mistake because Bay just started his and you’re wasting the prime years of guys like Johan Santana.

        There needs to be a hard press to actually improve the team rather than treading water like the past couple of years have been. Santana was a nice start, but they really have been moving sideways and back since then because they’re either scared of bidding on true talent and opt to re-sign players they already know (Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo, Fernando Tatis, Jose Valentin, etc.) or scared in trading away prospects (I think F-Mart is just going to be Lastings Milledge part two where they fail to trade him at the peak of his value and he becomes worthless).

        This is a team that needs to make some bold, forward-thinking risks because they have a strong current core with Wright, Reyes, Santana, Bay, K-Rod, etc. but they fill out the rest of the roster with crap that’s affordable (Alex Cora, Jeff Francoeur, Kelvim Escobar) rather than going out and getting actual difference-makers.

        • oleosmirf 5 years ago

          most players wont be able to translate their power to citi field. guys with fringe power, wont hit the HR here like they did last season.

          the Mets should forget about getting “power bats” and get more guys like Reyes and Pagan where speed, defense and high avg are their best attributes.

          someone like Crawford would be perfect here but unfortunately that spot and money is spent on Bay…

          • Sign Crawford/CLEE. Move Bay to 1B. Pagan in RF. One of Evans/Murphy/Fmart/whoever as 4th OF.

          • jimboslice9 5 years ago

            I’m guessing you are suggesting sending Davis down, but what would you do after a couple years, when Davis is ready and Bay’s contract isn’t up yet?

          • Mets789 5 years ago

            The Mets For the pitching Rotation it should go like this:
            Johan Santana
            Cliff Lee
            R.A Dickey
            Mike Pelfrey
            Roy Halladay or Josh Jonson

        • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

          Bold moves!? What are you talking about!? They got Francoeur! That’s as bold as it comes my friend.

    • Mets789 5 years ago

      It should be something like this:
      Jose Reyes SS
      Angel Pagan RF
      David Wright 3B
      Ike Davis 1B
      Carlos Beltran CF
      Jason Bay LF
      Ruben Tejada 2B
      Josh Thole C

  5. oleosmirf 5 years ago

    is the sun coming up tomorrow?

  6. AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

    Dude, $15MM a year for Reyes? I wouldn’t go past 3 years/$25MM with a vesting option for $15MM for a 4th year. A total possible contract of 4 years/$40MM seems VERY generous given Reyes history and how his tools could deteriorate any season.

    • jimboslice9 5 years ago

      Why do you say his tools an deteriorate any season? Yes, his speed could drop if he suffers the wrong injury, but how likely is it that that injury, or just a talent drop off, makes him lose his fielding ability, ability to hit just under .300, and power to hit about 10-15 HRs a year? I just don’t see how his tools could drop off that quickly that you could say it will happen any season. I say give him a 5/45 contract,with an option for $12-$15 million.

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