Rangers Thinking About Ramirez, Not Keen On Hawpe

If Manny Ramirez doesn't end up with the White Sox, at least one other AL contender may have their eye on the veteran slugger.  T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com reports that Texas is "mulling the possibility" of approaching the Dodgers about Ramirez, though Sullivan quotes a Rangers official who said "it's unlikely" that Ramirez would end up in Arlington.

The Rangers' interest in Ramirez stems from their need for a big right-handed bat to complement the left-handed pop in their lineup.  Whereas Ramirez has been projected as a DH in the American League to keep him healthy for September, he would see a lot of field time in Texas given Vladimir Guerrero's lock on the DH role.  As Sullivan points out, Ramirez would hamper what has been a solid defensive outfield in Texas.

Tampa Bay is another AL team that has been rumored to have interest in Ramirez, but if Texas did want to make a move for the outfielder, the Rangers would have priority over the Rays since Tampa Bay is ahead in the standings.

Sullivan also reports that, since Texas' primary interest is in right-handed hitters, the club isn't looking at Brad HawpeWe had heard that Texas, Tampa Bay and Boston all had some degree of interest in the former Rockie, and Hawpe should be free to be signed by any team today.



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8 Comments on "Rangers Thinking About Ramirez, Not Keen On Hawpe"

5 years 8 days ago

You know something? at least brad hawpe is a natural player who tries it his best. he was playing through injuries that should have landed him on the 15-day DL. like what that one commenter said, manny is just a lazy player who does nothing who goes on the DL, and still expects a monstorous contract

5 years 8 days ago

That may be true but Manny has piled up some ridiculous statistics in his career aided by performance enhancers or otherwise and we have seen what he has done in October. Then again he is 38 and off more than likely clean so who knows what you can expect out of him.

That said, the name is definitely worth more than the production at this point.

5 years 8 days ago

He has shown he can still hit. The power might be gone but the ability to hit is still there.

5 years 7 days ago

While he may look lazy in the outfield, his work ethic and preparation for the game are anything but. Offensively, he’s a better gamble than Hawpe or anyone else out there, even without the power numbers, he hits well, especially in clutch situations, and he also helps players around him get better pitches to hit.

Then again, in Texas, having Hamilton and Vlad around him might help Manny get better pitches to hit. I’d love to see him here, but just don’t think it’s going to happen.

5 years 8 days ago

Hawpe still wouldn’t be a bad bench bat in September. Unlike Manny, who would start and probably start in left field with Vlad at DH. Just don’t see the value in two DHs.

5 years 8 days ago

Yes he’s lazy –in OF– and is DL’d lots. But he’s very committed to workouts and you’re forgetting he’s got no contract for ’11.
Presuming he still wants to play it would behoove him to rake for a final month and remind teams he’s a HOF hitter.

5 years 8 days ago

Not a fan of Texas getting Manny. Costs too much relative to return, but just think…Who needs defense when you’ve got Hamilton, Manny and Vlad all hitting 3-4-5 in that ballpark

5 years 8 days ago

What happens if The Yankees travel to Rangers Ballpark in the post-season and the 3-4-5 is Tex, A, and Robbie? We’ve seen the Padres win on pitching on defense, defense is still a big part of the Rangers game. Elvis Andrus, Hambino, and a healthy Kinsler up the middle is pretty darn good.