Webb Will Try To Return As Reliever

Brandon Webb tells MLB.com's Steve Gilbert that if the Arizona ace is able to pitch at all in 2010, it will be out of the Diamondbacks' bullpen.  Webb threw a bullpen session last weekend and plans to stick to long-toss sessions for the next two weeks, with an eye towards a very tentative September 1 return date.

"I feel like if I get my velocity, if I throw a couple of 'pens and a couple of simulated games, it'll be right around Sept. 1 and no Minor Leagues are going to be playing, they'll be done. I'll have to throw out of the 'pen here," Webb said.

Perhaps the most important factor in Webb's decision lies in the last line of Gilbert's piece, where he notes that Webb wants to get some major league innings under his belt this season as he goes into free agency.  Whereas another pitcher might want to save his arm rather than risk further injury in a meaningless September game for the last-place D'Backs, Webb would prefer to prove his health now rather than take part in offseason throwing sessions a la Ben Sheets.  (Then again, Sheets was still able to sign a one-year, $10MM deal with Oakland despite having a more checkered injury history than Webb currently does.)

Webb hasn't pitched in a major league game since April 6, 2009 due to shoulder surgery.  The Diamondbacks took the risk and picked up his 2010 club option worth $8.5MM last November, but a number of setbacks have kept Webb off the mound.  Even with these injury problems, Webb will surely attract lots of interest from teams looking to sign the 2006 NL Cy Young Award winner to a short-term and/or incentives-laden contract.

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  1. hes missed so much time it makes me wonder if he will even be anything for the rest of his career

    • drew6 5 years ago

      Me too, he is like Mike Prior a couple of seasons ago

  2. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    It’s going to be a real interesting off-season for Brandon Webb. Hopefully it isn’t too Erik Bedard like…But I bet some team will take a 1 year 8 Mil deal flyer on Webb.

    • AZDbacks24 5 years ago

      Yea right. Someone will sign him for like 1 year, 1-2 mil guaranteed. The rest will all be incentive driven.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        after seeing what Ben Sheets got and the fact that Brandon Webb was better last time healthy. Although Sheets missed less time. I think it equals out. I say the Reds offer what I said. 1yr/$8MM with club option worth $10MM.

    • AZDbacks24 5 years ago

      Yea right. Someone will offer like 1 year, 1-2 mil guaranteed, then the rest will be incentives.

    • myname_989 5 years ago

      I think 8MM is a lot of money to commit to Ben Sheets. Don’t forget, Brandon Webb hasn’t proven that he is even completely healthy yet, and his delivery has always worried scouts that he could stress his arm out. I think 1 year, 4.5MM and 3-4MM in incentives is a very fair deal for Webb. If he’s healthy and pitches to what he’s capable of, he makes close to 10MM for a year. If not, a team isn’t burdened too heavily with his contract. Not all GM’s are gonna be as bold as Billy Beane, but once Cliff Lee is off the market, the market for Webb will be interesting, to say the least.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Yeah, I agree with some of that. Whether he gets paid for 5 dollars or 5 trillion dollars, he isn’t signing until Lee, De La Rosa, Lilly, Vazquez, and Westbrook are off the market. I stil say Reds though. Probably do what Sheets did if healthy, showcase his arm for scouts.

        • myname_989 5 years ago

          I can’t even begin to imagine where he’ll sign. Honestly, the A’s were one of the last teams I would have picked to sign Ben Sheets last year. Lol. But yeah, like you said, once some of the other names fall, he’ll be a really interesting option. I’m not really familiar with the Reds, but I know that Arroyo and Harang both have pretty hefty options for next season. Are they likely to buy out both of those guys? If that were the case, I’d imagine they’d be in the market for a starter, but otherwise, I’d say they’re pretty stacked, especially with Aroldis Chapman lurking. I know they’re making quite the stink about him switching to relief, but you’d have to imagine that they’ll use him as a starter in the future with the commitment that they’ve made to him, and I suppose he’s unlikely to take Cordero’s job.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Well good point about Arroyo and Harang. To answer your question, if they let Harang and arroyo go and sign Webb, that wouldn’t make any sense right? So I am crazy yes or no? That would be like releasing Jose guillen and signing Jermaine Dye right?

          • Not really considering Webb is actually (or was actually) good.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Yeah. But if Webb is even 50% healthy I’d take him.

          • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

            Well there’s been talk about the reds wanting to bring back Bronson, I honestly think we need to trade Homer Bailey he needs a change of scenery bad and as far as Harang i don’t think he will be back at all and the reds and Webb makes a good match. For a couple reasons. 1) Brandon Webb stated he wanted to play close to home and Cinnci is the closest,2) if he can pitch this year and show he is healthy for now he would make the veteran presence in the rotation but i wouldn’t count on him for a full year after missing so much time, But i wonder if Reds make a free agent run at Cliff Lee if though its destined for him to be a NYY , and im also thinking out loud if we could have Bronson back and Webb in the rotation next year

          • Matt, maybe I’m confused, but other than 2009, when has Webb not been good? 2006: CY voting – 1, 2007: CY voting – 2, 2008: CY voting – 2. 2006 WAR: 5.8, 2007 WAR: 6.1, 2008 WAR: 5.1. And on top of that, an inexpensive contract. This is not Ben Sheets hype we are discussing, this is an actual proven guy. Again, when was Webb ever considered not good?

          • I correct my comment, Sheets is not a good reference in this case. Delete that line, it’s stupid.

          • myname_989 5 years ago

            Hahaha. Excellent reference, and the reason Jermaine Dye is watching from his couch at home and Jose Guillen is bound for free agency. Lmao. But in all seriousness, if I was Walt Jockety, I’d have to consider bringing Arroyo back. The guy has thrown over 200 innings for 5 straight years, and is already 11 – 6, with a 4.01 ERA this year. Those are pretty decent numbers, and if you’re going to pick up one of the two expensive options, I think you go with the consistency of Arroyo, as opposed to the aging, injured Harang. So if the Reds were to take a chance on Webb, and pick up Arroyo’s option, they’d have a very formidable rotation.


            That’s a really nice rotation. Add in a decent SS, and that’s a successful offseason for the Reds.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Yeah you are right. I think they pick up Arroyo also and take a flyer on Webb. But what if they keep Arroyo, and not sign Webb but maybe keep Wood in the rotation maybe? Or trade Yonder Alonso Mark Serrano for Matt Garza? I’m just saying…

          • myname_989 5 years ago

            Yeah, the definitely have options, and any way you spin it, the Reds are going to have a really nice rotation in 2011. I think I take a chance on Webb though. This guy, when he’s healthy, is one of the best pitchers in baseball.

  3. AZDbacks24 5 years ago

    Damn, posted it twice. My bad.

    I don’t think that’ll happen. Maybe a little more on the guaranteed, but I think the incentives will be what the contract is mostly made of.

  4. brewcrew6 5 years ago

    I actually think the brewers would make a run fat him in FA which I think he would be a huge addition.

  5. Michiganfarmer 5 years ago

    I disagree with one poster.. Webb has a very low effort, no stress delivery. He doesn’t need velo to be affective. Webb is on record as saying his life is back on his pitches; he just needs a little more velo. Webb will have numerous suitors this offseason. He will
    command at least 8 guaranteed plus incentives. His very minor surgery was just a yr ago, and he had nothing repaired. Webb will soon be one of the premier pitchers in the league again. Let’s not rule out AZ, as they have been great to Webb, and he understands that also.

  6. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    He might actually be able to help the Dbacks bullpen problems.

  7. jmag043 5 years ago

    His value is lost if teams only value him as a reliever.

    I think teams are looking at the A’s with that 10mm they spent on sheets and are saying these high risk high reward guys arent worth that kind of money.

    I think Webb will be one of the last guys to sign, and he’ll be overpaid because he’ll be the last option left. I think 5mm guaranteed with 3.5mil in incentives.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      The only reason he wants to pitch in relief is to get some work in this year without putting too much pressure on his recovery, its actually very very smart if you think about it. You know the dbacks are going to non tender him considering they are in full rebuild mode. This way in relief he can show his pitches are working get some good work in against major league hitters and run a smaller risk of injury.

      I could see him getting a 1 year deal with an option or two for a multi year deal after. base around 4-6 mill with 4-6 in incentives and possibly even an out clause if he gets hurt again, I could see the yankees going after him if they lose out on Lee, doubt that considering he and CC are friends. hell they could go after lee and webb…I could also see the whitesox trying for him as a back up incase peavy cant pitch

  8. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    dude is done….

  9. AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

    Remember a couple of years ago when people were talking about Webb getting a fat extension or a lucrative free agent deal down the line for up to 6 years/$100MM? Such a massive fall from grace. I feel bad for the guy.

    • Fall from grace? He got hurt. Not to correct you, but Andruw Jones was considered a fall from grace (no injury involved). I see what you’re trying to say, but fall from grace seems a bit much.

      • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

        He hasn’t pitched a whole season in two years. He must get together with his old friend Erik Beard and reminisce of the good old days when they were at the top.

        • Chris Carpenter… Erik Bedard was an injury liability his entire career. These two names are not comparable.

  10. TeamCropDusters 5 years ago

    If he is healthy he will steal the closers job in about two appearances…

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