Heyman On Jeter, Ortiz, Minaya

It’s a foregone conclusion that the Yankees will re-sign Derek Jeter, but as Jon Heyman of SI.com points out, “the Yankees' business is so good it doesn't have to look at things the normal way.” That means the Bronx Bombers can afford to pay franchise icons like Jeter for past greatness, even if the offensive numbers aren't there anymore. Here’s the latest on Jeter, plus other notes from around the league:

  • One executive told Heyman that he can see the Yankees offering $45-50MM over three years. That fits in with what MLBTR readers predicted earlier in the week. As Dave Cameron of FanGraphs noted, Chipper Jones’ most recent deal was for $42MM over three years.
  • Some executives can see the Red Sox trying to lock David Ortiz up for $18-20MM or so over two years instead of exercising his $12.5MM option for 2011. Ortiz has said he’d like to stay in Boston, but he wants a multi-year deal.
  • Heyman says it’s still “extremely likely” that the Mets re-assign Omar Minaya. In other words, he may not be the GM for much longer.


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  1. icedrake523 5 years ago

    The Mets better replace Minaya with someone outside the organization. Ricco and Krivisky would be terrible.

    • CitizenSnips 5 years ago

      But that would require signing someone to a new contract. Can’t be spending money wastefully now can we!

      • icedrake523 5 years ago

        signing Bobby Valentine and/or a new GM would cost less than a new player and be even more encouraging to the fan base.

        • wnymetsfan 5 years ago

          I am not for Ricco as he seems more like a business guy but would not be against Krisvky. He was a major player in the many of the current Reds. The Mets need a complete GM not a business only guy or talent only guy. Omar is pretty good at evaluating young talent and I would not mind seeing him in more of a scouting role. His problem has been putting together and managing a major league roster.

  2. ugotrpk3113 5 years ago

    I swear to God, if they extend Ortiz…

    There is just NO reason to do it. Why do you need to pay an aging DH? Why can’t we use that money to get some skill players who can produce in the field?

    I just don’t get it. I suppose whatever it takes to make a few dollars when the team starts going downhill…

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      Well clearly they don’t see a FA on the market whom they could get the same production out of without giving a 4-5 year deal to, they feel that 12.5 is a little much, so they give him an extra year for either 3 mill less per year, or an extra year at a cheap 6 mil rate.

      Minus his terrible start again, he’s been pretty productive.

      • ugotrpk3113 5 years ago

        That’s a fair point. I’m worried about the slow start and the fact that he struggles badly against left handed pitchers.

        To me, what is the point of spending 20 million on a potential (probably much sooner than we think) platoon player who can only DH?

        Granted 6 or 7 games out of 10 are against RHP, it just doesn’t seem like a smart allocation of money when there are other much bigger holes in the line up…

  3. start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    Cue the collective sigh of relief from Mets fans.

    • johnsilver 5 years ago

      I have to see it before believe it. Same with Manuel as manager.

      Ina perfect world they dump both of them and bring in replacements out of the organization with no recent attachment to this poorly ran organization, that am fairly sure the fan base would love.

      Bobby V, even long ago manager Davey Johnson would be good choices to right this wreck.

  4. theinfamousbartman 5 years ago

    I dont want Ortiz back in a Red Sox uniform next year. Spend that money else where… (resigning Beltre and Maritnez) Also signing Crawford, and bullpen help. We dont need Ortiz anymore. Let him go to Oakland or something.

  5. Jeter will get a big fat “Thank you and We Remember” contract.

    The Sox will give Ortiz a ” Screw you Poppi, here’a a NOMAR” for ya.

    • The yankees give big fat contracts to anyone, deserving or not

      • BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

        Yes, because as we all know, the Yankees sign every player.

  6. kimofromkauai 5 years ago

    My suggestion – tell big poppy not to let the door hit him in the a$$ on his way out.

  7. baycommuter 5 years ago

    The Yankees DO have to look at some things the normal way. There’s a serious cost to the Yankees of signing Jeter for three years, and it isn’t money. It’s at-bats and plays in the field. Could see a Cal Ripkin situation developing.

  8. FamiliaTerritory 5 years ago

    Minaya getting reassigned? Thank God.

    Hopefully, the Wilpons will hire someone like Kevin Towers or Kim Ng as the new GM. I just hope my worst fear won’t be realized by Fred making his boy Jeff the new GM.

  9. Kevin Towers for the mets period.

  10. theyankeefanatic 5 years ago

    i would love for the Yankees to make a trade for Hanley Ramirez and if they can’t get him trade for Stephen Drew of the Diamondbacks and relegate Jeter to a super utility/DH guy…so they can let him get his 3000 hits in a Yankee uniform…but i hope they don’t give him more than a year or two on his next contract…anything more than that may cost the Yankees a legitimate shot at a World Series from 2011 until Jeter is gone because he and Arod are sure to decline in skill and suffer some injuries that will cause them to miss games…and they will still have to deal with Posada declining skill for one more season…it’s gonna be tricky winning the AL east in 2011 with Jeter Arod and Posada all probably producing less than they have this year…it’s not smart to give Jeter a multi year contract no matter how much money the Yankees have to play with…

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