Huff Has Received Offers From Several Clubs

Aubrey Huff is in high demand these days following a .290/.385/.506 season, and his agent tells's Jon Paul Morosi that he's received contract offers from several clubs other than the Giants (Twitter link). In a second tweet, Morosi notes that the Rays, Red Sox, Blue Jays, White Sox, and Rangers could use help at first base, but their level of interest is unknown.

Huff, 34 next month, enjoyed one of the finest seasons of his career in 2010, capping it all off with a World Championship. San Francisco certainly got their money's worth, paying Huff just $3MM on a one-year deal. Earlier this month we heard that there was a "pretty good chance" he'd be staying with the Giants, but I'm sure he'll hear everyone out before making his final decision.

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  1. junzsosic 5 years ago

    Arrg..he better stay in SF, 2 years is ideal, but someone will give him more.

    • Reaper87 5 years ago

      I’m still hopeful 2 yrs/12-14 mil plus a club option for 2013 keeps him in orange and black. If he stays in shape, he is such a huge asset to have with a lefty bat that can give you 20+ homers while playing 3 positions at least passably. He’s the guy to focus on bringing back IMO, more than Uribe

      • gigantes2425 5 years ago

        If I wasn’t on my phone I’d “like your comment” but I totally agree with u on the contract. That’s what the g-men should offer him

      • Uribe is the number one priority in my opinion. Although Huff had a great season and played wherever Bochy wanted him I just don’t think the Giants will make or should make the best offer for him. Every one of those guys that contributed to the series this year will always be loved by the fans but none is more valuable or irreplaceable than Uribe.

        • Reaper87 5 years ago

          Uribe is the one I think the market will take from us. Free agent class of SS is the weakest its been in years, while 1B has LaRoche, Pena, Dunn, V-Mart. Uribe has set himself up to get overpaid this winter IMO

          • Good point with the frist baseman and you didn’t even mention DLEE. However, if I’m Sabean, I overpay for Uribe to keep him.

          • Reaper87 5 years ago

            I did forget about Lee, plus there’s Overbay if some team wants to save money to use for someone else. I see the appeal, Uribe is a 20+ HR bat, good at SS, and can sub in at 3rd and 2nd. Personally, I just do not want to see the team overpay anyone, especially with some of our best prospects moving up to AA and AAA. I see Huff being the guy we have a better chance of bringing back without having to sign him to a regrettable contract

      • 55saveslives 5 years ago

        2 yr 12 mill is perfect. It quadruples what the Giants paid him this year and if he wants more, give him a hand shake and a fond farewell.

  2. Giants are going to have to figure out how to replace Huff, Uribe and Burrell.

    • WrigleyTerror37 5 years ago

      Burrell yes. Urbie not sure. but Huff will stay. He said during the parade that the Giants are his first chose. He got his first World Series ring with them and hes a great guy and will want to stick around so Expect to see him in 1B or LF on opening day in San Fran

    • I know I know they just won the World Series but they have to stop doing that, they need steady talent. the giants always seem to just find any random vets they can and throw out whoever is in there system. If Huff, Uribe and Renteria all go they will replace them with people like Paul Konerko, christian guzman and cesar izturis. random vets who have no choice but to sign there

      • BleacherBumSF 5 years ago

        actually if Huff leaves we have Brandon Belt ready, if Uribe leaves we can sign someone like Nishioka who has SF high on his list of destinations, and we don’t need to replace Burrell we have Mark DeRosa who will be healthy next year if not we have some nice prospects

        • Hubbs2 5 years ago

          Not sure what you mean by nice prospects, the Giants dont have any outfielders that are major league ready, Neal might get a cup of coffee at the end of the year but he is at least a year away from contributing. After missing an entire year DeRosa is far from a sure thing, and his production is highly unlikely to approach that of Burrell’s. The Giants will not put Belt on the opening day roster, expect them to go the Posey route and bring him up closer to the break

  3. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    All of these interested teams should realize that the last time Huff had a stellar season, he had a horrible season the following year…Not to mention that was 3 seasons ago so now he is 3 years older…The worst thing for the Blue Jays and Rays would to be to sign/re-sign this guy…

    • Reaper87 5 years ago

      But coming into 2010 he said he had never been in better shape his whole life, and I think that had a big factor in his stellar season. That would mean as long as he doesn’t put on weight, any possible regression should not be that big

      • This. I mean, you always hear these “best shape of his life” stories, but with Huff it seemed to be true. He lost weight, was in terrific shape, and was seriously motivated to win because he was finally on a team that didn’t suck. I wouldn’t expect him to repeat his great 2010, but I don’t think he’ll fall apart in the next two years either.

        • Reaper87 5 years ago

          I was skeptical back in April, but it turned out to be the truth. Hopefully he keeps it up, if so he should have 2 effective years left in that bat

    • suPaFreaK 5 years ago

      He also was very happy in San Francisco aka the Hanzel stunt and joking around he did in SF. Playing on 4th place and last place teams does a lot to your psyche as a player. Winning a World Series in your FIRST EVER PLAYOFF SERIES= HAPPY HUFF….HAPPY HUFF=PRODUCTIVE HUFF

  4. The question is whether the Giants can afford, and want to pay, even a 2/16 contract.

    I think Huff could get a 3/21 or 3/24 offer, though, from an AL team. … He would give a team like Boston some flexibility and — more importantly — leverage as it figures out what to do with Beltre, Werth, A-Gon, etc. … And 3/24 is chump change to the Red Sox

    • El_Bobo 5 years ago

      I can’t see him in Boston, and I don’t think I would want him there anyway even though he is pretty solid. I think they’re going to try to go the Adrian Gonzalez route.

      • start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

        I agree Boston will probably pursue that route. However if Hoyer asks for 3 out of 4 of Kelly, Iglesias, Rizzo, and Kalish then Theo should and will walk away.

  5. danthebaseballman 5 years ago

    i think huff has plenty of baseball left in him,but i think he should definitely re-sign with the giants for 2yrs

  6. Will32 5 years ago

    I think Huff wants to be in SF. He’ll listen to offers though so he can leverage the Giants into paying him more. But in the end, he will be a Giant again.

  7. AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

    Yeah he should stay in S.F. Seems like a very good fit. And he always has 25 HR potential. I’d re-sign him for 2 years/$14MM right now, but if the market drives his price up I wouldn’t go beyond 2 years/$18MM with a $2MM buy out and an option.

  8. start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    When you’re 34 the more attractive deal will probably be more about guaranteed years than guaranteed money. My bet is whoever is the first to offer a 3 year deal with an option for the 4th with a decent buyout will be the front runner.

    SF really should just bite the bullet and pay him, he obviously works well there.

    • Aubrey shouldn’t get anything more than 2 years out of the Giants with Belt climbing the ladder. I believe he’s a goner!

      • Jason_F 5 years ago

        The good thing is that Huff proved this year that he can play both LF and RF. To a lesser extent, Belt was being introduced to both positions in the minors. This bodes well for next year. If Belt forces his way onto the big club by midseason or so, the corner outfielder who isn’t performing makes his way to the bench and Huff moves to the OF.

  9. Penitentiary_Face 5 years ago

    First Basemen are the only area that is mildly strong in free agency this year.I wouldn’t go overboard – 2 year/$12mm is about right. Huff hits well but is a below average defensive 1st basemen. Pena, LaRoche could be good options for the next year while Belt gets ready. Uribe is a priority, but I wouldn’t go crazy signing him either. Giants needs De Rosa back healthy, get Panda’s issues squared away, get Huff or a veteran 1B signed and continue to develop their young guys.

  10. Dwan 5 years ago

    Just a yr ago around this time no one wanted Huff. Funny how things change in a year.

  11. danthebaseballman 5 years ago

    aubrey huff is definitely not the best 1b in the bigs,but maybe in the top 5 of the best 1b in the free agent market.

  12. Gurvir Nijjar 5 years ago

    i think that san fransisco will get to keep huff but will probbally get a replacement for secound base

  13. camerondatzker 5 years ago

    I think that Aubrey Huff will resign with The G-Men. I would put Huff in Left-field and
    sign Carlos Pena, as he would give the Giants a big home-run threat. I wouldn’t sign
    Pat Burrell as he strikes out more than he is productive. Burrell would be in my back-up plans if I couldn’t get a proven Left-fielder. We need The Panda to produce and hit
    breaking pitches better. I think that a solution could be Adrian Beltre who can hit some
    homers in AT&T Park.

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