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Just in time for the offseason, our iPhone app is now available!  It is listed as Baseball Trade Rumors in the app store and costs $2.99.  You can search the store or just click this link.  The app has been described as "beyond belief" by legendary journalist Peter Gammons.

The bread and butter of the app is the customizable push notifications.  By default it sends an alert to your iPhone for all transactions, and you can also add alerts for any combination of players, teams, and leagues you desire.  If you want to be the first to know where Cliff Lee is headed, who the Tigers are looking at, or anything else hot stove-related, this app can accommodate you.

The headlines page of the app shows our 25 latest posts, no ads, easily refreshed.  Individual posts with hyperlinks can be viewed, of course.  You can also leave comments on MLBTradeRumors.com through the app.  Check it out today!

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  1. Sounds pretty sick, for iPhone users that is….

    When is an Android App in the making/coming out? I remember talks about one a while ago…anything being materialized?

    • That will be dependent mainly on how this goes. If it is well-received then we might be able to justify having an Android and/or Blackberry app designed. I haven’t looked into it fully but I’m not sure push notifications work quite as easily on those devices so without them I’m not sure what the main benefit would be.

      • Covert50 5 years ago

        Um, push notifications are beautiful on Android. They just sit in the tray at the top of the screen until you need them. It’d work perfectly for this application.

    • adropofvenom 5 years ago

      +1 on the Android request.

    • Nathew 5 years ago

      i would buy an MLBTR app for android. i have an ipod touch but i mainly just use it for music, as wifi is not available everywhere.

  2. Why would anyone buy the app when they can log on to your website for free? I hope you sell a lot of them though!

    • For the push notifications.

      • You can load up the website in Safari and hit the refresh button. The poor man’s push notifications. $2.99 is a steep price for an app that just links to a website’s RSS feed.

        • jb226 5 years ago

          Due respect, anybody who utters the words “$2.99 is a steep price” is obviously not the market. If $3 is too much for the convenience it offers, don’t buy it. Easy-peasy.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Because it’s ad-free… for the push notifications… and to support the website…
      you do have a point… but there are a lot of apps that can just be accessed alternatively for free, and they still sell

    • Follow MLBTR on twitter and get notifications for free.

  3. Will wait on the eventual Android app.

  4. stl_cards16 5 years ago

    By reading a couple of the reviews it sounds like it needs some work. Glad I don’t have an iphone or I would be one of the test dummies as well!

    • The early reviews are a mixed bag, though I am not sure what the people expected before buying the app and then didn’t find. I wish Apple allowed developers to reply to reviews because there were a few things written that I have thoughts on. But, I do welcome constructive criticism.

      • stl_cards16 5 years ago

        And that’s why everything you do ends up being a success. I didn’t mean it as any insult, I look forward to the Blackberry app (hopefully)

      • Alex Gomez 5 years ago

        Works great for me. No more pinch and zoom on the iPhone.

        • Alex Gomez 5 years ago

          Tim, just noticed something…

          Yes, we can leave comments, however it’s not thru the Disquis or whatever comment program you use on the actual site. Is that going to be updated in the future?

          • Unfortunately that will not change unless Disqus makes it possible.

          • Alex Gomez 5 years ago

            Thanks Tim. It’s not a deal breaker at all.

            Read the reviews on the App store, a preview of the article is not needed as you can see more “threads” this wag, I like your current format. The app is very well built.

            The only thing is more articles. It only goes as far as Oct. 29. Maybe a week worth of articles, but that’s it.

          • It has the last 25 posts…we may be able to expand on that if need be.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Tim could you please buy me an iPhone so I can use the app? I don’t have much money. Thanks!

      • gigantes2425 5 years ago

        How about being able to log onto our own account. It’s cool I can leave and reply to messages, but You can’t like any of them.

  5. Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

    Pretty sweet deal.

    I’ll stick with just checking the site regularly on my iPhone, but $3 for push notifications on the specifics you choose upon is peanuts.

    Great idea!

  6. BoSoxUpdate 5 years ago

    App doesn’t work. Just bought it and it won’t load. It’s not my phone; it’s the App. Don’t get suckered into paying 2.99 for it. It just closes out or opens up other Apps. When I push the settings button, it opens my messaging center. Awesome job MLBTR.

    • foxtown 5 years ago

      Ohhh nooooo! Think of all the candy you could have bought for $3! DAMN YOU MLBTR I EXPECT A KING SIZE TWIX IN THE MAIL.

      • BoSoxUpdate 5 years ago

        Haha. Mmmmm… King Size Twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix. I could have bought two King Size Twixes, maybe a Reeses too.

        • foxtown 5 years ago

          Perfect time to get them in the mail too now that the weather is getting colder. Summer candy mailings always end in disaster.

    • Royal_Assbadger 5 years ago

      Works fine for me. Got my team set to the Red Sox and a few players to watch with no problems. Sounds like your phone to me.

    • We tested it thoroughly, but if you’ve found a bug we’ll surely fix it. Contact me through the site’s contact form and we will get to the bottom of it.

      • I have the same problem I have an iTouch and it opens the loading news stories and then after a few seconds the app shuts down.

  7. +1 for Android app….I think starting with an android app would’ve made more sense since developers can reply to reviews on android.

    • We started developing this quite a while ago…and demand was higher for iPhone based on emails sent in.

      • Ah, very nice…..it shouldn’t be that long of a process to port it over to Android, less red tape..open-source OS…etc

        I look forward to seeing it on the Android Market one day!

  8. Royal_Assbadger 5 years ago

    I was a little reluctant to spend 2.99 on the app until I saw the reviews improve a bit, but I went ahead and bought it anyway. Anyone who buys iPhone apps knows that they are constantly updated. So, if the app ends up being as well constructed as your site, it will be a total bargain.

    It just finished downloading. Time to kick off the Hot Stove season.

  9. stl_cards16 5 years ago

    It is actually pretty decent as it is on the Blackberry, just wish I could access the comments from it.

  10. You might be better served making it free and collecting ad revenue for it.
    Or making if free to start then up the price as new features are added.
    Just my 2 cents.

  11. Rickaracka 5 years ago

    Just downloaded it. Fantastic app

  12. +1 Android, I’d buy that for sure

  13. NewEnglandPatriots 5 years ago

    If you guys make an iPad app I’d buy it.

  14. jaybruce32 5 years ago

    agreed with donald emerson…i know that a lot of the free versions of apps simply have ads either when they load or at the bottom, very similar to what you do on the site. my thought is that nearly all of the people who have bought this app read the site so asking for suggestions here would probably work just as well and you could also respond.

  15. I would like to see it for andriod as well.

    Plus something to consider is Andriod phones outsold Iphones this past quarter!! More customers on Driod network!!

  16. I would like to see it for andriod as well.

    Plus something to consider is Andriod phones outsold Iphones this past quarter!! More customers on Driod network!!

  17. yea android is the top selling OS now. and most sports people i know prefer android so that would bring in more customers

  18. yea android is the top selling OS now. and most sports people i know prefer android so that would bring in more customers

  19. Android is more widely used than iOS. By a long shot. You should have done Android first.

    • gigantes2425 5 years ago

      Well they didn’t. He said they’ve started the iPhone app a long time ago. Let it go man.

    • mojowo11 5 years ago

      Actually it’s not — yet. iPhone still has a 1-2% lead on Android in market share. So you’re basically just making things up.

      Plus, the iPhone app store is generally significantly more lucrative for developers than the Android market, which is why developers tend to opt to develop for that one first.

  20. Android is more widely used than iOS. By a long shot. You should have done Android first.

  21. jaydubdub 5 years ago


    How is it that you were restricted from using the trademarked “MLB” name on the app but you were able to use all the trademarked team names?

  22. Jim 5 years ago

    On it right now! Looks pretty cool! Great job!

  23. safari_punch 5 years ago

    This may force my hand to purchase a cell phone.

  24. safari_punch 5 years ago

    This may force my hand to purchase a cell phone.

  25. n0s 5 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing this on the Android eventually, I’ll certainly pay the money for it.

  26. twenty1thirteen 5 years ago

    $2.99 for push notifications? No thanks, I’ll just stick to Safari. The ads on this site are ridiculous, but I deal with it since it’s free, just like any site like this should be. The app should be as well.

    • Durf 5 years ago

      It’s so much easier to read the articles throigh the app though!

    • vtadave 5 years ago

      Yeah wouldn’t want you to fork over your lunch money for a great app such as this.

  27. +1 for willing to pay if its on android!

  28. FightinPhils588 5 years ago

    I would gladly pay for this app for my android. It would work beautifully and it was actually the first app I searched for when I finally got my droid last week! Please Tim!!!!

  29. iancahill 5 years ago

    You know what I want? I want a decent icon for the mobi site for my iphone, when I save it to my home screen, no cool icon shows up, just an akwkard screenshot of the page I was viewing, they are really easy to add to the code, you should totally do that.

  30. Just wanted to note that the new version of the app is now available; it fixed an issue that occurred on iPhone 3G and iPod touch.

  31. if peter gammons is a fan. im a fan

  32. FNDomination 5 years ago

    I agree with a large number of posters concerning Android. It would be folly to simply have this as a iOS app only. I think I saw FanGraphs with an iOS app as well. It is truly sad to see no love shown to Android. If you build it, they will come, and in larger quantities.

  33. nicknunziata 5 years ago

    I bought the app (probably should have been 99 cents) and it sends me push notifications for EVERYTHING, not just the two teams and three players I specified. Please fix this in the next update.

  34. mlbtraderumors.mobi

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