Red Sox, Pirates Express Interest In Duchscherer

Yesterday it was Jayson Werth; today the Red Sox have expressed interest in free agent righty Justin Duchscherer according to WEEI's Rob Bradford.  Bradford adds that Duchscherer "has made it clear to clubs that he is only interested in pursuing opportunities as a starter."  The Pirates have also expressed interest, reports Bill Brink of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

We examined Duchscherer's free agent stock here.  The 32-year-old righty has made only 32 starts over the past three years due to injuries and clinical depression, but after having both hips and his elbow surgically repaired he remarked to's Jane Lee, "I can't imagine what else could go wrong."  He should require less than this year's $1.75MM guarantee, I imagine.  The Red Sox and Pirates had interest in him a year ago as well.

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  1. RahZid 5 years ago

    Seems like every year the Red Sox go after one of these types. If he’s open to a bullpen role, this would certainly be a low risk, high reward option. He couldn’t be any worse than MDC was last season.

  2. start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    Somehow I’m not surprised. Theo tends to fixate on some players.

  3. derekbellstutu 5 years ago

    Duchscherer’s value is at an all-time low, which should make him attractive to a lot of teams. I think he’d make a great addition to the Sox bullpen. He’s also one of the guys I think the Pirates should inquire about, along with Brandon Webb and Rich Harden. Duchscherer might be looking for a low pressure environment like Pittsburgh to regain his confidence and value.

    • RahZid 5 years ago

      If he has his sights set on starting, PIT could be the perfect situation for him.

      • dc21892 5 years ago

        Not to mention he could get something in return for the Pirates. If he was to sign there and had a solid first half it would probably mean he’s getting flipped.

  4. depaolo_creed 5 years ago

    I’d like to think Duchscherer still has some real potential. It’s a shame that injuries and mental health delayed his career. As a Phillies fan I’d like to see them pursue him. He could provide some competition in the back of the rotation and fill in nicely as a long man or Chad Durbin replacement in the bullpen.

  5. redsox4120 5 years ago

    Duchscherer could end up having a come back season. Like the article mentioned, “what else could go wrong”. He’s proven he can pitch when he’s healthy, not to mention Curt Young would remain his pitching coach.

    • azdsnd 5 years ago

      It’s not like having one elbow surgery precludes the possibility of another elbow surgery.

      • redsox4120 5 years ago

        What I’m saying is the price is so low, it’s worth taking a “risk” of another elbow injury.

  6. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t mine signing rich harden. when he’s healthy hes dominate.

  7. 0bsessions 5 years ago

    I really don’t see anything coming of this. At best, he’d get a bullpen/spot start role and that wouldn’t be particularly useful for rebuilding his value. He’s bound to get a better opportunity elsewhere.

  8. mattevilspawn 5 years ago

    “I can’t imagine what else could go wrong.” That’s not a very positive statement coming from someone who’s been treated for clinical depression. I’d be even more concerned with his mental health than his physical health. It’s a tougher road to recovery.

    Duchscherer would be a cheap gamble for Theo. Duchscherer’s proven he has the talent and I would like to see the guy succeed. I’m just not very optimistic about the 2010 payoff.

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      I wouldn’t worry about 2010 payoff much, unless you are hoping to get him in a few games in the Dominican Winter League before New Years…

  9. LiveFastCyYoung 5 years ago

    Would love to see Dombrowski go after him for the Tigers. They don’t do enough of the low risk / high reward type signings and I think Duchscherer would do well under Rick Knapp, and in a low pressure situation, sitting as the #5 starter in the rotation / spot starter.

    In other words, would take him over Eddie Bonine or Armando Galarraga.

  10. towney007 5 years ago

    I really, really, really like Justin Duscherer, but I dunno if he’s a fit in Boston. For one, I don’t like the idea of a guy who’s had some mental health issues playing in Boston. It just seems so high pressure here and I feel like a guy like Ducherer would fold up like a deck of cards.

    In terms of his health – eh – I’m not as convinced he’s done as some other people are. When this guy’s healthy, he’s a top of the rotation starter. He hadn’t lost any control, velocity on all his pitches was still there… So there’s a lot of reason to be optimistic that he can be a high reward kind of guy.

    The I just don’t know if that’s in Boston though… and like I said, i’m probably higher on the guy that most and I’m a Red Sox fan – but you’ve got the history of mental health issues, the pressure of playing in Boston and a roster loaded with pitching talent. I just don’t know if it’s a worthwhile fit. However, a lot of teams could really benefit from having him.

  11. InLeylandWeTrust 5 years ago

    I hope the Sox sign Werth instead of the Tigers. He seems like the most likely to be a bust. Id love to see the Tigers go after one or (wishful thinking) two of 1. Carl Crawford 2. Adam Dunn 3. Victor Martinez or 4. Jayson Werth in that order. I might even move Dunn ahead of Crawford just because of the sheer cost it will take to get him.

  12. Guest 5 years ago

    If he’s going to make less than 1.75m…
    I’d sign him right away! after a physical….

  13. RepOak 5 years ago

    There is a reason why the A’s don’t want him. Yea they are loaded wit great pitching but Justin is just too injury prone. A’s wouldn’t mind another arm but when they put him in the pen is when he first hurt his hip and went on the DL. He does have great stuff but the problem will be his health. I wouldn’t take the risk. If teams want middle relief, there are tons of options this off season for that.

  14. cayanksfan 5 years ago

    I’m a Yankees fan, obviously, and I was hoping NY would go after him, I think if healthy he could be great as both a starter and reliever!

  15. John LeClair 5 years ago

    I really would rather Harden especially since we have Curt Young, he could help get him back in top form.

  16. woadude 5 years ago

    would you buy a car if you saw the carfax and it had its engine rebuilt, transmission rebuilt, had busted headlights and for some reason it had a faint odor inside? how about if the title was branded salvage?

  17. BayBall510 5 years ago

    Duchscherer leaned on Curt Young a lot to help get through some real tough times in Oakland, but I’m not sure he’s ready for the pressure in Boston. Not to mention the fact that he’s unbelievably fragile and a bit of a prima donna (good luck trying to convince him to return to the bullpen). Don’t think you can understate how much the low-key situation in Oakland helped him. I’d think Pittsburgh, Washington or KC would be ideal landing spots for him.

  18. Luds 5 years ago

    Yanks could move in on him as well, especially if Pettitte doesn’t return.

  19. Luds 5 years ago

    Yanks could move in on him as well, especially if Pettitte doesn’t return.

  20. Pirates_in_2013 5 years ago

    Why not give him a shot Neil? Pick him up, better than a lot of other options.

  21. Vote_For_Pedro 5 years ago

    I think they could sign duchscherer along with say millwood, or Webb. I also think they go after JJ Hardy and James Loney.

  22. RahZid 5 years ago

    That’s a real possibility. I feel like the Sox would want him to solidify the pen enough for Doubront to spent time in AAA as a starter, so he could be stretched out to step in for Dice or any other injured starter.

    I just don’t think you want an injury prone pitcher making a spot start, while I’m not overly familiar with what surgeries Duchscherer has had, it just sounds like a bad idea.

    Of course, the idea may be to give the Sox the flexibility to trade Dice (assuming he would waive his no-trade clause). Who knows, the possibilities are endless. Gotta love the hot stove season.

  23. BoSoxSam 5 years ago

    Agreed. With the pitchers we’ve got right now, its always a good thing to bring in an extra guy. Now, we do have Tazawa and Doubront hopefully, to be available to spot-start as well. But if Duchscherer can rebound, he’d be a great guy to have to fill in for a couple of starts, as well as solidify the bullpen.

    I just don’t want to see Boston commit much more than minimum wage for this guy; I’m tired of the Smoltz’s and Brad Penny’s.

  24. dc21892 5 years ago

    He would benefit from going back to the pen as Kerry Wood did with the Cubs. It should keep him healthy and when he is healthy he has proved to have stretches of dominance.

  25. RahZid 5 years ago

    I disagree about Tazawa. Personally, I don’t want to see Tazawa on the 25 man roster next year at all. He needs to rebuild stamina and control after TJ surgery. Best place for that is the minors.

  26. TheNEst07 5 years ago

    Tazawa had tommy john surgery this past April so you wont see him for awhile. What maybe around the all-star break maybe for his return? But hes not gonna be on the roster this year. After coming back from tommy john and rehabbing and what not theyll throw him in AAA until the 2012 season

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