The Marlins’ Offer To Dan Uggla: Part 2

Back in September, the Marlins offered Dan Uggla a three-year deal “in the range of” $24MM, according to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald. Uggla should earn $10MM through arbitration next season after hitting 33 homers and posting a career-best .877 OPS in 2010, so the team’s initial offer seemed inadequate, as I pointed out at the time:

“The Marlins' offer does not appear to be worth taking, but the sides have six months before the 2011 season, so the team's proposal is by no means final.”

The Marlins have since doubled the value of their offer and are now prepared to spend $48MM over four years, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. If we assume Uggla is set for a payday of roughly $10MM in 2011, that means the Marlins are offering nearly $13MM per year for Uggla’s age 32-34 seasons. Those would otherwise be free agent years for the second baseman, who can hit the open market after 2011.

Uggla may be able to earn more than $38MM for his 2012-14 production if he hits free agency instead of signing an extension. But the Marlins are willing to offer the money now. For Uggla to have a shot at a $50MM payday next offseason, he would have to stay healthy and continue hitting 30 homers a year.

Uggla hasn’t accepted the Marlins’ offer and if he still wants the five-year $58MM deal he was reportedly seeking earlier in the fall, he may not accept it. That’s his prerogative, of course, but Florida’s offer now seems fair.

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