Darren O’Day, Rangers Agree To Terms

Darren O'Day and the Rangers have avoided arbitration by agreeing to terms on a one-year deal worth $1.251MM, tweets Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News. O'Day had filed for $1.4MM, while the team filed for $1.05MM.

The right-hander, who posted a 2.03 ERA in 62 innings for the Rangers in 2010, was arbitration eligible for the first time, and was one of three remaining cases for Texas. As Grant points out, the club will still need to either reach an agreement or go to an arbitration hearing with Josh Hamilton, as well as Frank Francisco.

For a full rundown of the outstanding arbitration cases for the Rangers or any other team, check out our Arb Tracker.

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  1. MadmanTX 5 years ago

    I wish the Rangers would sign O’Day to a multi-year deal. I think he’s a great middle reliever/set up guy.

  2. Brad426 5 years ago

    Rangers have to have a good pen if they move Feliz into the rotation, and O’Day’s sub 1 WHIP two years running is pretty strong.

  3. optimusdude 5 years ago

    So let’s fantasize… Feliz to the rotation would mean…


    You gotta’ like all the names you see up there… and i’m prolly missing someone anyways.

  4. yankeeaddiction 5 years ago

    Am I the only one to think he got alot less than he could have. Look what middle relievers signed for on the open market this year and many of them were not any where close to as good as O’Day. Arbitration takes into account salaries for similar players and his 2010 combined with the other contracts given out this off season makes him look like a 3 million a year reliever to me. This is probably the biggest bargain of the off season.

    • It’s very rare for a reliever eligible for arbitration for the first time to even make over one million. I was surprised he got as much as he did, no matter how good he was.

      • yankeeaddiction 5 years ago

        Agreed but they agreed to terms though avoiding arbitration. With how good he was you would think both sides would come up with something- 3 years 7 million, that would benefit them both. If he keeps it up which is likely they may pay much more after years 2 and three.

        • Seanb1223 5 years ago

          Or not extend him and trade him while his value is high and better prospects arrive.

        • I agree with you on that. When I first responded I wasn’t really thinking of future value. You pointed that out and it makes much more sense.

  5. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    According to some sources, the Rangers wanted to trade O’Day to the Cubs for catcher Robinson Chirinos, who eventually went to Tampa in the Garza trade.

  6. Seanb1223 5 years ago

    Why? He’s under team control for at least two more years. No rush, and no risk.

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