Rockies Extend Rafael Betancourt

The Rockies have signed Rafael Betancourt to an extension that will keep him in Denver through 2012 according to ESPN's Enrique Rojas (Spanish link). Troy Renck of the Denver Post adds that the one-year extension carries a mutual $4.25MM option with it.

Betancourt, 36 in April, was already under contract for 2011 at $3.77MM. The new deal guarantees him $4MM in 2012, and there's a $250K buyout on Colorado's half of the mutual option. If Betancourt declines his half of the deal, there's no buyout. If he's traded, the buyout becomes guaranteed.

The Rockies acquired Betancourt prior to the 2009 trade deadline in exchange for minor leaguer Connor Graham, and he's been nothing short of oustanding in their bullpen. Since the trade, the right-hander owns a 3.08 ERA and has fanned more than 12 hitters per nine innings while walking less than two per nine.

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  1. kind of off topic but why dont the rockies have him save games when street is injured? the rockies could have won like 5 extra games if they did that

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      It’s actually on topic since it’s about him and a good question. They should have done that. I like Betancourt and I’m glad the Rox are keeping him around.

    • Betancourt has typically been bad in Save Opportunities as he’s 19-29 and I wish I could find it, but at some point it was made clear that he wasn’t comfortable in save situations. That and Tracy stated that he was acquired to be a setup man and that’s how he’ll use him. Morales and Corpas both had closing experience, so Tracy used them instead of Betancourt.

      • mkorpal 4 years ago

        Save percentage for a set-up guy is a ridiculous stat to quote. You can get a blown save in a non save situation.

        • The stats are whatever. I can go just go by what has been said several times by Rockies announcers. Betancourt has struggled in true save situations in the past, his managers realize this, and that’s why teams that have employed him have been reluctant to use him the in the manner that is suggested here. Is what it is. He flourishes in the 8th inning and that’s where he stays.

          He did have one huge save in San Francisco late in 2009 when Huston Street was down, but his rare 9th appearances last season were really rough. I don’t see the Rockies turning to him as a possible closer unless things really became desperate.

  2. What’s the deal with his baseball reference page, it shows his 2013 salary as $10 million dollars? It lists his 2011 but not his 2012 salary, just goes straight from 2011 to 2013, and it’s wrong at that. Am I missing something here? No matter how well he’s done I doubt anyone think’s he’ll be worth $10 million when he’s 38 years old.

    • The Yankees have done what is called a pre-sign. They have control of his 2013 campaign, at an affordable (to the Yankees) price…..

  3. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

    Great signing for the Rockies.

  4. Thizzie 4 years ago

    One of the best pick ups GM O’Dowd ever got for the Rox. This guy throws strikes!!!

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