Spanish Links: Garcia, Belaguer, Rangers

Links in Spanish as the 2011 Caribbean Series inches closer…

  • The White Sox may be considering Freddy Garcia, but Garcia had a different team in his sights when he spoke yesterday with Israel Pacheco Velásquez from the Venezuelan paper Meridiano. "My preference is to be with the New York Yankees, and it's not unreasonable to have that in mind, because I've demonstrated that I can be useful," Garcia said. "A team like New York would be ideal for my age, [as would ] playing in a successful, media-heavy, demanding division. Without doubt it would be an inspiration." Garcia's only previous sojourn to New York came in January 2009, when he signed with the Mets, only to be released in April after a disastrous spring. Garcia insists the team simply never gave him a chance, but his successful 2010 campaign should guarantee a longer leash. Garcia said he plans to sign soon, no matter the team.
  • The Marlins have had discussions internally about signing Cuban outfielder Yasiel Balaguer, according to's Joe Frisaro. The 18-year-old has worked out for the Cubs and had a recent tryout for the Mariners rained out, reported Michael Miller at the Miami New Times yesterday. However, lest we get ahead of ourselves, Balaguer's agent Carlos Perez at Miami Sports Consulting informed El Nuevo Herald's Jorge Ebro that Balaguer has yet to be unblocked by the State Department after defecting in November.
  • The high percentage of Latino players on the Rangers' roster helps the team to maximize on the potential of its prosects, general manager Jon Daniels told Julio E. Castro at the Dominican paper El Caribe. "[Latino players] are the ones that are in charge of advising our prospects, especially those from the Dominican Republic," Daniels said. "Thanks to them, we were able to advance to the World Series last season, and this year, they're key to our goals once again." The Rangers' current 40-man roster includes eight Latino players, down from 12 on last season's roster. Vladimir Guerrero noted last year that the Latino "heart and soul" of the team and its Spanish-friendly clubhouse were key attractions to him as a free agent.

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7 Comments on "Spanish Links: Garcia, Belaguer, Rangers"

4 years 7 months ago

i hope the marlins get balaguer

4 years 7 months ago

Freddy Garcia and his 84 mph fastball and cement mixer curveball is not “ideal” for the Yankees or any other team.
I know the Yankees are desperate for pitching, but not this desperate.

4 years 7 months ago

I’d love to add Garcia first of all. He won 12 games last year for the White Sox. Second, I’m hoping for a mid-season Carmona trade for the Yanks.

4 years 7 months ago

It’s not that the Yankees don’t have the pieces, the problem is NO ONE is going to get traded. Seriously, who are they going to trade for? Felix, Verlander, Ricky Romero, Weaver?? Guys like that are all young and those teams would be absolutely crazy to trade them. I can’t think of any good pitchers who are far enough along in their contracts to be traded. Pitching is at an absolute premium right now and I would consider yourself lucky that Freddy Garcia wants to pitch for you, because thats the best you’re gonna get right now

4 years 7 months ago

Carpenter or Buehrle could potentially be available by the trade deadline if their teams are out, but I don’t see that happening. And both have 10-5 rights so they’d have to be convinced to go.

4 years 7 months ago

Right. If I were running the Cubs I would have offered them Carlos Silva for next to nothing in return and would have paid a (small) portion of his salary (-what the Mariners are still paying). Maybe Hendry tried that and got laughed at by Cashman but to me that was preferable to trading Gorz. They could have freed up a couple million at least, which is how much Gorz was going to make. Maybe Hendry decided he’d rather get a prospect or two that were better than simple organizational filler to restock after the Garza trade. If so kudos to him for thinking ahead but I’d have rather have him free up the money and keep the better pitcher at the same time.

4 years 7 months ago

I am sure that the Yankees have the pieces to trade to the sox for Buehrle, but I would be utterly amazed and shocked if he approved a trade to NY. The only place he’ll go is St Louis or home.