Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Greenberg, Sandoval, Pineda

On this date last year, the Diamondbacks inked Mark Reynolds to a three-year contract worth $14.5MM, buying out his first three years of arbitration-eligibility plus a club option for his fourth (Reynolds qualified as a Super Two). The 27-year-old hit .260/.349/.543 with 44 homers in 2009 but slumped down to .198/.320/.433 with 28 homers last season. He also struck out 200+ times for the third straight year. New GM Kevin Towers traded Reynolds to the Orioles for a pair of relievers in December, just nine months into his new deal.

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  1. Donskoy 4 years ago

    It was great looking back on all the awesome baseball logos of the past, thanks for that. On a more speculative note, the Joba for Slowey trade proposal is an interesting idea. I think the Yankees would think that Joba is worth more but, at the same time, I don’t think any other team looks at Joba and sees the value he had a few years ago.

  2. johnsilver 4 years ago

    Find it quite humorous that some Twins writer thinks Kevin Slowey is worth Chamberlain, a down the line replacement for Mariano Rivera in a couple of years. This is the #4-5 Kevin Slowey on a team like the Yankees would normally like to have in the rotation, or not at all.

    Power setup guy like Chamberlain, who might be able to get his FB back up to 98mph or so this year like it was back in 2008 if the Yankees will leave him in the BP is worth far more than a down the line kevin Millwood/Paul Byrd innings eater starter like Slowey, though as Red Sox fan this move would be liked greatly.

    • PostMoBills 4 years ago

      I feel like you are overvaluing Chamberlain. He’s not the same pitcher he used to be. Slowey has been more valuable recently in terms of WAR, and I would argue that a starter is more valuable than a reliever, but to each his own. It seems the Yanks and Twins are each more fond of their own guy in this situation, and I highly doubt this trade will happen.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      While I personally wouldn’t trade Chamberlain for Slowey for the simple fact that I think Joba can produce similar stats as a starter I don’t agree with any of your reasoning.. .

  3. baseball33 4 years ago

    No thank you for Kevin Slowey.

  4. JA 4 years ago

    No thank you for Joba.

  5. To say that Joba doesn’t have a second pitch just shows your ignorance. He threw his slider 28.2% of the time last year and batters swung and missed at it 16.4% of the time, basically double the league average. He didn’t strike out 9.67 batters per nine with just a fastball.

  6. Haha, 2.8 walks per nine? Too bad the league average is 3.28 per nine, so thanks for making my point.

    ERA is a stupid way to evaluate pitchers, especially relievers. Joba had some bad BABIP (.327) and horrific strand rate (66.6%) luck last year, and if those regress the league average (~.300 and ~72%, respectively), he’s a 3.00 ERA guy. He’s had a sub-3.00 FIP in two of the last three years, the one exception being his year as a starter.

    To sit there and say “you can pretend that his slider has been effective if you want to, but the results show that it just isn’t” when I’m the one that provided the evidence showing that hitters are in fact having a tough time with it is pretty funny.

  7. notsureifsrs 4 years ago


  8. johnsilver 4 years ago

    His slider is a show pitch IMO and when his FB dropped to even 95mph it became far more hittable cause it isn’t very good, much less the changeup and when his FB was sitting in the 91-3 range both were very hittable.

    Both Chamberlain and Danial Bard had those 2 things in common.. A very devastating FB and a seriously lousy second pitch, but when that “#1″ comes in at 98-99mph, one can get away with a curve/slider that floats over the plate far more often and until the last 1/3 of 2010, Chamberlain had lost that advantage for all of 2009 and the 1st 2/3 of 2010. he needs to get that heater back up to the upper 90’s to make batters wary of it much more so and not able to look for both pitches and just forget about that changeup, cause it isn’t much anyway is my 2c, just like that failed experiment with him as a starter that nearly ruined him.

    This is not meant as a negative on Chamberlain either, not as a pitcher at least since like watching him go out there and pound the gas (when he can/could) then freeze hitters with that floater slider, just like Bard does now.

  9. Chrisn313 4 years ago

    One could argue that his BABIP numbers were not the result of bad luck, but the result of piping fastballs in predictable counts. Stats are very useful but sometimes can’t explain what some video can… His walk rates weren’t indicative of his lack of command. Throwing good strikes is different from simply not walking people and serving up predictable pitches.

  10. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    This whole argument is pretty stupid on both ends:
    1) slowey and chamberlain are not comparable players in any real baseball conversation.
    2) Besides Montero at backstop, I don’t see how you can say the Yankees are developing the “heir apparent” to anyone at any position, especially after signing Raphael Soriano for so much money. This comment is just straight up wrong. Now if Joba becomes the closer in a few years, he becomes the closer, but they haven’t anointed him the closer of the future by any indication.
    3) Chamberlain has a lot of talent, but is coming off of two subpar, albeit not terrible for the Al East seasons. Lets wait and see what he does, but no, he won’t be in trade talks for Kevin Slowey anytime soon.

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