Blue Jays Claim Cesar Cabral

SUNDAY, 9:08am: Manager John Farrell says the Jays claimed Cabral in hopes of working out a trade with the Red Sox, tweets Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star. If the two sides don't agree on a deal, Cabral will likely go back on waivers.

SATURDAY, 4:14pm: The Blue Jays have claimed left-hander Cesar Cabral on waivers from the Rays, according to a team press release.  To make room on the 40-man roster the club placed right-hander Dustin McGowan on the 60-day disabled list.

Cabral, 22, was selected by the Rays in the 2010 Rule 5 draft from the Red Sox, meaning that Toronto must offer the hurler back if they choose not to keep him.  In 45 appearances for Boston's Single A and Single A advanced affiliates, Cabral posted a 3.63 ERA with 9.1 K/9 and 2.4 BB/9.

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  1. Guest 4 years ago

    He any good? I see his stats are with Boston farm clubs, was he claimed by the Rays first?

  2. johnsilver 4 years ago

    Astounding with 1 season above rookie ball that any team would allow a Rule 5 guy to stay on a roster all year.

  3. Although Cesar is a career minor league the former power started has recently been converted to the bullpen and seems to have found a home. With the Jays upgraded pullpen Cesar will see time in Vegas and possibly a September call-up. With over nine strikeouts per nine this may just be another steal for Alex and the Jays.

  4. I wonder if the Blue Jays work out some kind of trade with Boston to keep him. Possibly $$$?

  5. maybe Ferrell really likes him

  6. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    The next Brandon Morrow

  7. JayTeam 4 years ago

    Jays had a roster spot to fill with McGowan going on the 60 day. They have till the end of ST to check this kid out, unless someone more intriguing becomes available. If they like what they see with Cabral and work out a deal with Boston, he’ll go to A+ or maybe AA. Definitely not Vegas though.

  8. Paul_Zuvella 4 years ago

    What this says to me is that the Jays didn’t like their left-handed options with David Purcey and Jesse “Tucker” Carlson….interesting move for a club that has a ton of depth in the bullpen. I still think that they have to trade one of Frasor or Janssen before the season so that they can afford to have two lefties in the bullpen (maybe Jo-Jo Reyes as a long reliever is they’re committed to keeping him)…can’t wait to see how their final roster shapes up.

    • Pretty sure that they are committed to Purcey as well. He is out of options.

      • Committed unless he stinks it up so bad. AA and Farrell recognize that there is a depth issue…relying on Purcey is a pretty scary proposition.

        • Why? I’m sure they would feel more comfortable relying on him than player out of A ball.

          • Nope. They shouldn’t be comfortable period.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            10 bucks says you didn’t say that before he had a bad ‘spring training’ outing.

            its spring training, get a grip. Purcey has a good arm

          • Give me my 10 bucks (never been high on Purcey). Purcey has a good arm but an inconsistent one. He’s not exactly a proven reliever yet, bad spring or not. He’s going to struggle at times and he may be in the dog house after 1 month if he starts slow. I love Carlson but it couldn’t hurt to have more depth.

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      I don’t get how the Jays claiming him tells you that they prefer this kid over any of their options

      • Agreed. I think that they picked him up because they see something in him for down the road, not that they like him more then Reyes or Purcey. I see the Jays working out a PTBNL or cash for him and sending him to AA for the year. From what I can find on the kind is that he has pretty good stuff and could have a very bright future in the league.

      • Paul_Zuvella 4 years ago

        Well the big question is whether or not they can work a trade out with the Red Sox to move him to the minors. If not and they want to keep him on the ML roster that means a lefty has to go. Purcey has been a huge disappointment ever since they drafted him. He was supposed to be a power lefty starter. Carlson, after having a huge first season with the Jays, hasn’t been able to reach that level of performance….so I’m guessing that short of keeping Jo-Jo in a relief role, they’ll need a lefty specialist in the pen and it could just as easily be Cabral if they think he’s major league ready.

  9. bigpat 4 years ago

    I love AA and the Jays but they are going to have a starting 9 and all pitchers on their 25 man roster at this rate

  10. Jays12 4 years ago

    Don’t think about his stats too much. They are from A ball. He seems ok though.

  11. Guest 649 4 years ago

    Exactly. Pitchers can be starters or relievers. With a high SO per Inning rate, maybe a closer down the road? I can’t even guess who will make the team this year. Maybe…




    I don’t know what the bullpen would look like, any changes you would make?

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      I think Janssen and Villanueva are better options then Reyes… Reyes is a lefty, but francisco and purcey can get out lefties.

  12. Guest 649 4 years ago

    By the way, anyone know of good chat sites just about the jays?

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      Drunk jays, .1 blue jays way, getting blanked , tao of steib, all good sites

    • JayTeam 4 years ago

      Batters Box may be the best. Bluebird Banter is popular also and both seem to be well moderated to keep idiots out. The ESPN site has much less traffic, but some fairly knowledgable regulars, even if they can get snarky sometimes with clueless newcomers. It also attracts trolls sometimes because of lack of a moderator.

  13. grownice 4 years ago

    Im guessing a Drabek for cabral type of transaction soon , would be fair for both sides and would make perfect sense. Do i need to put #sarcasm or is it obvious already???

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