Quick Hits: Marlins, Indians, Boras, Quade, Pirates

Links for Thursday as the Braves name Brandon Beachy their No. 5 starter…

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  1. dwarfcatt 4 years ago

    so when Boras says he helped Barry Zito in the downside of his career…

    is he saying he conned the Giants into one of the worst contracts ever when Barry Zito was already in the downside of his career?

    or is he just saying that he has dutifully collected his agent’s cut of that fat contract while Zito’s career implodes?

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      He sold Zito as an ace when he was barely a #3 starter and going downhill. You have to admire the man for that… he’s gotten top paying contracts for duds (duds that people have called in advance) and he’s still the agent that almost every baseball fan can name.

    • rizdak 4 years ago

      If I remember correctly, he touted Zito’s “historical durability” to the Giants. So I don’t think he marketed Zito as a pitcher on the downside of his career.

  2. JR_Tolls1 4 years ago

    I have a strange feeling that “anonymous player” was Joe Crede.

    • johnsilver 4 years ago

      Felipe Lopez. The league has a lot of middle tier players who are (were) not satisfied with how Boras neglected them and spent the majority of his time handling his “A” team FA’s during the off season, while FA like Lopez and Crede would be leftovers who would get stuck signing last with whoever had roster openings. Lopez having to take minor league deals, or even tremendous pay cuts after putting up good numbers during the 2009 season leading to him eventually dumping Boras for doing zilch positive on his behalf.

      Sheffield, Varitek..there are more whose name escape me that as their careers went on Boras was more of a drag than anything and he more or less cast aside, or flat out cost them money by declining arbitration in Tek’s case in an obvious blunder to nearly everyone after the 2008 season..Yet he still wouldn’t admit his mistake.

  3. Brandon Beachy should have been in the top 100, imo.

    • Nah, I like the guy a lot though. Think he can stick as a solid #3 or #4 for most teams. Has excellent control, but doesn’t get much movement on his fastball.

  4. goner 4 years ago

    In the linked article at the NY Post, Scott Boras said, “I’m not sure that is a responsible dynamic when you have faceless allegations published in journals that we would otherwise consider responsible and professional.”

    Boras must have gonads the size of Prince Fielder to accuse someone else of not being responsible and professional.

  5. I think the Braves are doing the right thing with Beachy. He’s a bit more seasoned than Minor is, had an incredible season last year(and was effective in his 3 starts with the Braves in September), and it’s continued this spring.

    Minor gets a little more seasoning and the Braves get a chance to showcase Beachy for a potential trade.

    • kray1000 4 years ago

      I like this decision also. It allows the Braves to delay Minor’s arbitration clock. But I’d probably trade Jurrjens rather than Beachy.

      • Not a Jurrjens fan at all, but I don’t think it’s wise for the Braves to have two rookies in that rotation considering they’re likely a contender. If Jurrjens has a solid year, I think he’ll be moved in the offseason.

    • csg 4 years ago

      I like the move also. Seems like the right decision to showcase Beachy. Braves will have a surplus come June-Sept with Medlen, Minor, Teheran, and Delgado all showing that they are capable.

  6. rockfordone 4 years ago

    Is Quade a one year wonder????? Cubs look bad in spring – teaching jobs are hard to come by right now

  7. “My commitment to my checkbook is extreme, mess with my mon.. uhh clients and we will have words..”

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