Quick Hits: Sabathia, Lopez, Castillo, Rangers

Links for Friday night, as Brandon Beachy continues to impress….

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  1. Craig_Bueno 4 years ago

    So on the one hand, Feliz can’t be a starter because the Rangers need him to close, but on the other hand, they’re thinking about now taking their 8th inning guy and moving him into the rotation for a month an a half. Does any of this make sense to anyone?

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Feliz is more valuable in the long run, the Rangers aren’t going to risk his health.

      • Craig_Bueno 4 years ago

        I’m not even questioning the Feliz part at this point. I just think it’s bizarre to strengthen the bullpen in one move, then weaken it in the next. Seems like they’re pretty much back where they would have been with Feliz staying in the rotation, which they sort of portrayed as eminent doomsday for any lead.

        Sort of seems like they’re contradicting themselves. Why not Kirkman or Bush or even Hurley? If the bullpen is such a problem and a priority, Ogando seems equally important to holding late leads as Feliz.

        • start_wearing_purple
          start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

          Eh, I’m still stuck on the logic of trading Francisco for Napoli when it wasn’t even a certainty that Feliz would close. I won’t pretend to know what the Rangers are up to, but being careful with Feliz is the best move they can make right now.

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            I agree they were trading from a position of weakness(not enough starting or bullpen depth) for something that was already a strength to an extent (Catchers, 1B and DH). I know they had a need for a RH bat but they have Young who was available who they basically have pissed of and have been trying to move. I don’t object to the idea of getting rid of YOung but do it once you have your other needs filled.

            Pitching wise they are sort of in the same boat as the Yanks now with only two guys they can really count on in Lewis and Wilson.

  2. Yanksfan2010 4 years ago

    I do think that C.C will stay with the Yankees. But he will opt out next year to get more money to return to them.

    • fitz 4 years ago

      The Yankees and their opt-out clauses. Brilliant!

      • LifeLongYankeeFan 4 years ago

        Yeah well if Cashman didn’t put the opt out clause in the contract CC might not be a Yankee which means they probably wouldn’t have won the World Series in 2009. The Soriano opt out clause I don’t get however.

      • MB923 4 years ago

        Not all long term pitcher deals work out. See Zito, Barry

    • CitizenSnips 4 years ago

      I don’t really understand where CC has upped his value to where he’s going to pull even more money. His stats have been very very good, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t look at them and think “yeah they’re underpaying him”.

  3. Yanksfan2010 4 years ago

    I do think that C.C will stay with the Yankees. But he will opt out next year to get more money to return to them.

  4. Tigerfan93 4 years ago

    Why didn’t the Phils move Polanco to second and find someone else to play third?

    • They could still do this, it’s just that second base seems like an easier hill to fill.

    • coolstorybro222 4 years ago

      man they should’ve kept Greg Dobbs would’ve solved the problem

  5. James DeMott 4 years ago

    I think it might be time to just bail on the Kawakami train. There have been worse contracts. Let him go back to Japan or at least send him to Triple A.

    • LioneeR 4 years ago

      They are sending him to AA if they don’t get a trade. Basically he is the 8th starter right now, and he’ll be moved down even farther later into the season.

      • James DeMott 4 years ago

        He should be the starter who works for McDonalds at this point.

        • Brad426 4 years ago

          Entirely too harsh considering the numbers he has posted at the big league level. He is a completely competent 5th starter for most teams (albeit not the Braves, who have the luxury of having 7 to 9 better options). It’s just that he is getting paid like he is a #3 starter that is the issue.

  6. TartanElk 4 years ago

    Well I’d certainly hope Castillo’s spring audition is running out of time. Seeing as, you know, opening day is 6 days away.

    • Brad426 4 years ago

      Ha! Albert Pujols’s spring training audition is also running out of time, now that I think about it.

  7. Bob 4 years ago

    Castillo played well today.

  8. coolstorybro222 4 years ago

    any one get the feeling that Lopez is saying nice things in the media then bashing them off camera or off the record?

  9. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    No way in the world is CC going to get $28 mil per. He might get more years attached to the remainder of his contract at the same $23but he’s not getting a $5mil per raise. Ppl will use the “Yanks bidding against themselves” line but I think those days are gone (hopefully). In terms of total dollars his contract still remains the highest among pitchers. In terms of annual average he’s 2nd to Cliff Lee only who’s deal is averaging out to $25mil.

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