Quick Hits: Rangers, Astros, Reyes, Burrell, Belt

Links for Saturday, after the Yankees announced that Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia will be their fourth and fifth starters while Bartolo Colon serves as the long reliever…

  • The Rangers aren't looking for a centerfielder as they believe that Julio Borbon will be okay after suffering an elbow injury, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  It's not realistic to expect the club to land a starting pitcher either as there isn't much out there.
  • Astros owner Drayton McLane Jr. denied a report saying that he's close to selling the team, writes Stephen Goff of Examiner.com.
  • Left-hander Dennys Reyes told Alex Speier of WEEI.com that he is healthy after dealing with a forearm strain at the end of last year.  Earlier today the Red Sox purchased the veteran's big league contract.
  • More teams are structuring deals to guard against major injuries to their star players, writes Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.
  • As Danny Knobler of CBS Sports reminds us, chances are that back-of-the-rotation won't be the one the Yankees finish the season with.
  • Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee told MLB.com's Todd Zolecki that the team's bullpen isn't finalized (Twitter links). "We've still got a few things in the works," said Dubee, which Zolecki says could mean a trade, waiver claim, or an internal option.
  • Henry Schulman of The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bruce Bochy confirmed that Pat Burrell will be the Giants' Opening Day left fielder, meaning Brandon Belt is likely headed back to the minors. Check out Tim Dierkes' recent look at Belt's service time situation.
  • Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reminds us that 40-man roster space (or the lack thereof) can often serve as the tie-breaker when teams make roster decisions with non-roster invitees near the end of Spring Training (Twitter link).

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  1. thejohnoparty 4 years ago

    Mike Stutes = phils bullpen 2011.

    • cool story bro

    • He’s looked great. The bullpen’s going to be great next year when Schwimmer, Stutes, and De Fratus are promoted. It’s about time the Phillies started developing their own relievers.

      I’d like to see Stutes get the 7th inning with either Madson/Contreras pitching the 8th and 9th.

      • nm344 4 years ago

        Mathieson is really not getting a fair chance. H

      • thejohnoparty 4 years ago

        i agree. still not convinced Madson can close though(rather go after Bell). it’ll be fun to watch the competition next year for those bullpen spots. Austin Hyatt(underrated in the phils system cuz of his age. has been a starter in the minor leagues but could be better served as a reliever) could be thrown into that mix aswell.

        • Why aren’t people convinced that Madsen can’t close? Has he blown a lot saves in a very small sample size or something? Either way, ‘very small sample size’ is my point. Madson is their most dominant reliever, he’ll be fine in the closers role. Might go through some adjustments, but he’s got fantastic stuff.

  2. jordan 4 years ago

    i might be alone but i think that if the yanks trade for a starter it will NOT be felix…. the SEA FO has said they wont trade him, and if they do trade him the fans will burn the stadium to the ground

  3. “could mean a trade, waiver claim, or an internal option”

    What else is there?

    • I guess they’ve ruled out signing a free agent?

    • JohnKruksWaistline 4 years ago

      I thought the same thing…could’ve just said “could mean a…transaction.”

  4. 55saveslives 4 years ago

    I’m all for Belt starting in Fresno. Unless the team has the balls to cut ties with Rowand and trade/waiver Ishikawa, Brandon should be getting full time play in Fresno.

    • jordan4giants 4 years ago

      What team would want Rowand even if the Giants ate his salary? In order for a team to take him on they would have to give up something, anything, whatever in order to get him. Would you trade 12 brand new baseball bats for Arron Rowand? I doubt it.

      • 55saveslives 4 years ago

        By cut ties I meant DFA. Ishikawa has some value.

        • giantsfan4life 4 years ago

          Rowand needs to be DFA’ed at this point his contract is a sunk cost, why pay him 12 million to take a roster spot from someone who will actually contribute to scoring runs instead of simply making outs.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            I just think it’s funny that the Giants still won it all last year when essentially a third of their payroll was dead weight.

        • jordan4giants 4 years ago

          I figured. I was just hoping we could get some new bats.

          • ramjamrock 4 years ago

            Well, if no one is willing to trade 12 baseballs, I doubt they’re going to send you any bats. Maybe some broken ones. Or just one broken one that’s signed by the batboy, your choice!

    • northsfbay 4 years ago

      If you send down Belt, it will delay his service clock. He has very little minor league experience. You can bring up Belt if you need him. With Ross on the DL, you don’t have to cut anybody. Rowand has too much left on his contract. I don’t think the Giants want to eat that much contract.

  5. cscd1111 4 years ago

    The Cubs are looking to trade Carlos Silva. Anyone think he could be headed to the Phillies?

    • Aside from Atlanta and maybe San Francisco, Philadelphia is probably the least likely destination for Silva. Maybe if he’s cut, but there’s no way they trade for him or take on any of his salary unless it’s the minimum.

    • Hubbs2 4 years ago

      Is that a serious question?

  6. “As Danny Knobler of CBS Sports reminds us, chances are that back-of-the-rotation won’t be the one the Yankees finish the season with.”

    Translation: Gosh that Yankee rotation looks awful, but don’t lose hope Yanks fans.

    • ltdibo020 4 years ago

      Translation could also mean they like some of the young arms they have and want to see how they hurl at AAA…I like this rotation, Nova has looked great and Burnett has been good also…Garcia as your 5th…not bad at all….AAA stacked in case of any injuries…hows the rotation look awful???…Also, you may be able to say that with most rotations in the Majors…injuries, ineffectiveness, someone at AAA tearing it up….not really saying much Mr. Knobler and thanks for the reminder, really going out on the limb there…sheesh

      • Sky14 4 years ago

        Burnett as a number 2, and you trust that? Garcia=not bad at all, in what universe?

        • start_wearing_purple
          start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

          Well Hughes is probably the #2. As for Garcia, they’re not asking him to lead the staff… just be the number 5. I think the yanks have a shaky rotation but I’ve certainly seen worse and with that offense they don’t need to worry any time soon.

        • ltdibo020 4 years ago

          Garcia is a 5….he won’t even start until May and Hughes and Nova are 2 nice young pitchers….I agree Burnett was bad last year..we only need him to bounce back to 2009 when he was a #2…remember…world champs with Burnett as the #2….this staff could be real good…especially with the bullpen backin them up…we will see….look around the al and look at the #5’s on some teams….are u impressed..masuasaka with the sox….hmmm

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            “masuasaka with the sox….hmmm”

            Your argument kinda loses weight when you consider Matsuzaka and Garcia put up comparable numbers last year. Can’t really call one not bad as a #5 pitcher and look down on the other.

          • ltdibo020 4 years ago

            But I’m not…u said in what universe…I’m just saying these are 2 of the top teams in the al…both could have good years and win 10 or 12 games…ur not going to have a real stud in the #5 slot anyway…just somebody who can pitch some innings and not get knocked out in the 3rd inn…u said in what universe..who’s lookin down on who??…also I’m not making an argument here…just saying u can’t just say someone is going to be awful…based on what…he’s a veteran…knows how to pitch..that’s all u want for a year…young pitchers are coming to fill these slots for the yanks next year…this works…that’s all

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            No, I didn’t say in what universe. If you read above I was agreeing that Garcia isn’t a bad #5 choice.

          • ltdibo020 4 years ago

            no..your right Purple…sorry…my comments were intended for skylander…I agree with you…again sorry…as we all remember last year with had mitre and vasquez(4 and 5)..this year nova and garcia with colon as the long reliever…i think that is much better…and I think its an improvement…thats all im saying..

  7. steven118 4 years ago

    i guess im probably one of the only yankee fans that dont want a trade for king felix

    • Im sure if they could fleece the M’s, you would be all for it. But I am not a fan of destroying the farm for a single player.

      • EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

        I agree.

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          I agree as well. Even if he were available the cost would seemingly astronomical. Would rather weather thru 2011 and hope the kids can produce something soon for 2012.

          • Victor Kipp 4 years ago

            Yankees want Felix…Mariners want Cano. That’s what it would cost them. Either that or 5 of the Yankees top prospects including Hughes and Chamberlain.

          • j6takish 4 years ago

            People always bring up Cano when discussing a king Felix trade. If the mariners are so far from contention why would they trade an ace locked up for four years for a 2nd baseman with less control who just hired scott boras?

  8. dc21892 4 years ago

    I’m suprised Colon didn’t get the number 5 spot. Oh well, if someone goes down with injury or a pitcher needs another day of rest, Colon will be their guy. I was really looking forward to Colon pitching as poorly for the Yanks as he did for the Sox when we had him. Bummer.

    • ltdibo020 4 years ago

      I dont think Colon is the same pitcher as a few years ago..the last game he pitched vs the rays and their A team..he looked awesome..throwing some sort of screw ball at the right handed hitters that was nasty, hitters were jumping back and the ball was hitting the inside corner. He also has some sort of change up that looked good and was pounding the strike zone. For a guy who had not pitched in a year..he sure looked good…I’m surprised also he didn’t get the #5, I think he out pitched Garcia..

  9. ltdibo020 4 years ago

    sorry..I meant left handed hitters..

  10. isn’t bourbon bad enough to be constantly shopping for a replacement? His WAR is inflated by his position and the Rangers are already filled with question marks.

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