Largest Contracts By Service Time

MLBTR's Mike Axisa looked at the largest contracts by service time a year ago; it's time for an update.

Less Than One Year
Position Player: Ryan Braun. Eight years, $45MM.
Pitcher: C.C. Sabathia. Four years, $9.5MM.

One To Two Years
Position Player: Chris Young. Five years, $28MM.
Pitcher: Fausto Carmona. Four years, $15MM.

Two To Three Years
Position Player: Carlos Gonzalez. Seven years, $80MM.
Pitcher: Trevor Cahill.  Five years, $30.5MM.

Three To Four Years
Position Player: Albert Pujols. Seven years, $100MM.
Pitcher: Scott Kazmir. Three years, $28.5MM.

Four To Five Years
Position Player: Troy Tulowitzki. Ten years, $157.75MM.
Pitcher: Justin Verlander. Five years, $80MM.

Five To Six Years
Position Player: Derek Jeter. Ten years, $189MM.
Pitcher: Roy Oswalt. Five years, $73MM.

Six-plus Years
Position Player: Alex Rodriguez. Ten years, $275MM.
Pitcher: C.C. Sabathia. Seven years, $161MM.


  • In the year since Mike's post, our Transaction Tracker shows 39 extensions for arbitration eligible players.  Three of those were record-breakers: Trevor Cahill jumped ahead of Yovani Gallardo and Ricky Romero, Carlos Gonzalez topped Hanley Ramirez, and Troy Tulowitzki replaced Miguel Cabrera.
  • No new zero-to-one players signed multiyear deals.  If players such as Starlin Castro or Carlos Santana were to sign right now it'd still be tough to top Braun. 
  • Brett Anderson and Wade Davis signed similar contracts in the one-to-two class, but neither beat Carmona.
  • Kazmir's contract seems like an anomaly leading the three-to-four pitchers, with several two-to-three pitchers getting larger guarantees.  Kazmir's record was threatened this winter by Johnny Cueto's $27MM deal, though the two contracts cover different slices of the pitchers' careers.  Perhaps three-to-four is a no man's land for multiyear pitcher deals, as the pitcher is at that point willing to see what he'll get his first time through the arbitration process. 
  • The free agent records set by Alex Rodriguez and C.C. Sabathia could be threatened this offseason by Albert Pujols and Sabathia again.

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7 Comments on "Largest Contracts By Service Time"

4 years 4 months ago

Wow. Forget that Braun had less than a year of service when he signed that deal. Wonder what he would get nowadays.

Jeff Weissbuch
4 years 4 months ago

He got good mone not great but he would still be slowly moving up thru the ranks of arbitration.

4 years 4 months ago

Yea they really got a steal IMO, I mean 6 AAV for a player like that and that bought out 2 free agent years to, or maybe 3 depending on when the deal actually started. Anyways if he were to sign nowadays I think he would be at least where CarGo is, maybe more.

4 years 4 months ago

Would be interesting to see an “all-time” version of this list. Thinking Mike Hampton would make an appearance.

4 years 4 months ago

What about evan longorias contract?

4 years 4 months ago

Largest…as in money. Which Longoria did not get.

4 years 4 months ago

If you look at those deals, most ended up still being pretty good extensions for the team, except for kazmir.