NL Notes: Kroon, Edmonds, Dodgers, Padres

Links for Saturday, as Ichiro Suzuki will attempt to pick up the one hit he needs to tie Edgar Martinez for the most in Mariners history (2,247)…

  • Giants pitcher Marc Kroon confirmed (via Twitter) that he has decided to remain with the Giants and report to Triple-A Fresno.  The right-handed reliever said at various points this offseason that he would not accept a demotion to the minors.
  • John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer wasn't shocked by Edmonds' recent comments regarding the Reds.
  •'s Mark Sheldon passes along a quote from Jim Edmonds, who blasted the Reds in a recent radio interview. "The worst thing I did was accept that trade for [Reds GM] Walt Jocketty," said Edmonds, who went from the Brewers to the Reds last summer. "I should have shut it down and went home. I would be healthy right now and probably playing." He also criticized the Reds' medical staff.
  • ESPN's Tim Kurkjian listed 11 stories to watch in 2011, including the impending free agencies of Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder.
  • Dylan Hernandez of The Los Angeles Times reports that the Dodgers opened the season with a payroll exceeding $95MM, up from $83MM last year. The team also owes $15MM in salary deferments from previous seasons.
  • Tim Sullivan of The San Diego Union-Tribune explains why a recent Forbes report indicating that the Padres had a $37.2MM operating income in 2010 could be misinterpreted.

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  1. Elaine 4 years ago

    Edmonds didn’t exactly BLAST the reds. He said what Brandon Phillips did didn’t help his team and he said the Cincy doctors were not that good. Big deal. He didn’t say anything that wasn’t the truth.

    • top_prospect_aw 4 years ago

      I disagree. Throwing team doctors under the bus where they are not in a position to defend themselves is “blasting” a team.
      Having friends inside the baseball industry, the facts on Jim Edmonds are this: He drinks like a fish, parties until the early morning hours nightly, volatile temper (3 marriages), and as we know wreckless physical abuse on the field. He isn’t exactly a Spring Chicken (40 yrs old) and hasn’t been the most consistent over the past few years; I’d say he’s blaming others for his own demise. Listen, the guy got hurt, he isn’t at an age where it’s repairing as quickly and his playing days are over. Really, would the Red’s or Walt have it “in for him” to destroy his career? And if the Red’s doctors were so horrible, do what every other ballplayer does to protect their investment: visit Dr James Andrews.

      The only positive out of this is the world got to see how selfish and arrogant this man is as well as see the class of Red’s doctors for not getting caught up in Edmonds’ childish antics. If this is how he decided to go out while the world is excited about the baseball season, to him I say: good riddance.

      PS. I am not a Reds fan

    • brandondc 4 years ago

      You’re right, everything he said was the truth… That’s why Dr. Tim Kremcheck is not only one of the most respected doctors in the Reds’ organization, but in all sports in general. Oh, and last I checked the Reds won the Central last year.. I didn’t see the Cardinals or Brewers doing any celebrating. Check your facts next time :)

  2. eyeglass1 4 years ago

    Kelli, how were the Reds not that good? If I recall, the Reds won the division. I believe your Cards fell apart after the fight incident and did not win. Just reminding you.

    • Ferrariman 4 years ago

      eyeglass, where did Kelli say the Reds were not that good? Perhaps you need bigger eyeglasses . just reminding you =]

    • Stl_Great 4 years ago

      I hate cocky Red’s fans who act like they’re the best cause they won the central last year. The last time they did that was 14 years ago, and let’s see. The Cardinals have won the central 7 out of 14 years with 2 WS appearances and 1 ring. “Just reminding you.”

      • robdicken 4 years ago

        The Reds have won the same amount of World Series as the Cardinals in the last 25 years – ONE. So, like natural, this argument is moot. No one is cocky here, but if you’re gonna throw trash around about the Reds organization and other bullcrap, expect to get it rubbed in your face that the Cards had a dismal season. Because let’s face it, they did. And this season doesn’t look too great for them either.

  3. I cannot speak on the Reds medical staff from a players perspective, but Dr. Kremchek is renowned in this town and is utilized by many major leaguers outside of it. As I recall, Edmonds was injured prior to his arrival, then reaggrivated the injury and was shut down.

    I’m not getting into what Phillips said. It was unprofessional and stupid to say it, however much truth there was involved in the statement. Let’s be realistic here; the response from some players after the fight, Chris Carpenter specifically, proves at least some of what he said to be true.

    Let’s just call it what it was; a former Cardinal of many years, speaking to a St. Louis radio station on the opening week of the baseball season, trying to give hope to great Cardinal fans (I’m not being sarcastic) for the upcoming season. If he was on national radio doing this interview, he may have lightened up a little.

    I was hopeful he would stick around as a coach after he retired. I was under the impression he was adding leadership to a young team, and coaching to Drew Stubbs and Jay Bruce. It didn’t work out, and he returned to where he was comfortable. Good luck to him.

    As far as “blasting” the Reds, I think we’re reaching here. Although not saying the players names (outside of Gomes) and just referring to positions? How very Cardinal of him. I may have to reconsider my stance.

    • chaifetz10 4 years ago

      I don’t see him reference any players except for Phillips…all he said was they were young and loose in the clubhouse leading up to the playoffs.

  4. jb226 4 years ago

    See, this is why I could never be a major-league manager. If Phillips did that crap last year with me, or ran his mouth like he just did this year, he and I would have quite the conversation–one that would probably end with him on the bench for so long that either he would be traded or I would be fired for refusing to play him.

    So tired of pampered, pompous athletes acting like a bunch of moronic thugs. He ran his mouth that started a brawl that ENDED SOMEBODY’S CAREER. And when somebody calls him on it, Phillips mocks and insults him and implies he has hidden dirt on him? Grow the hell up, Brandon. You may be over 18, but you are still a child. Maybe if you acted like an adult, a professional, and gave people some respect you might actually be given some in return. But that’s asking too much from you isn’t it? You’re too in love with the sound of your own voice.

    • robdicken 4 years ago

      You’re right, you wouldn’t make a good manager. Here’s the problem with your comment — it’s a COMPETITIVE SPORT. Yes, they are professionals and should act like them, but it’s not like he went out and started blaspheming the Cardinals on the air. He simply said that they didn’t have their crap straight (ie. Carpenter talking trash about HIS OWN PLAYERS). I’m not sure if people have selective amnesia over this whole thing, or just simply don’t care to remember. However, if you’re going to come on here, or anywhere for that matter, and talk trash about another team, be prepared to back up your statements with some sort of logical statements.

      This whole hogwash argument about “ending someone’s career” is stupid. First it was Cueto, now it’s being blamed on Phillips. Wasn’t it Molina who got up in Phillips’s Face when he approached the plate? So couldn’t he easily be blamed for “ending someone’s career?” The whole thing just reeks of utter stupidity.

      Go on YouTube, watch the video, then recomment. Cueto was surrounded by like 20 Cardinals and no else around. I’m sorry, but I myself get a bit claustrophobic when a giant mod surrounds me in “fight mode,” especially if they are damn near shoving me over the backstop into some netting. And I’m also pretty sure I would defend myself and kick to get out of the situation. Not thinking “Oh, well, I could end someone’s career that has already had 20 concussions!” LaRue should’ve never been playing on the field in general. So it’s kind of ironic that Jimmy Edmonds wants to blast the Reds medical staff, when the Cardinals staff is letting a guy that’s had a ridiculous amount of concussions still play on the field. What a joke and a hypocrisy.

      Back to the competitive sport part…these guys are going to talk strongly to pump up their team and get them into winning mode. Some people can handle competitive sports, and some can’t. If you want to start fights on the field, you shouldn’t be involved. And last time I checked, Brandon Phillips didn’t approach someone on the field and get in their face because “he was sticking up for his teammates.” Do it in an interview and maintain professionalism. Starting fights on the field isn’t professional in any sense. It send the Cardinals straight into the crapper for the rest of the year, so it just goes to show how well it worked out for them.

  5. Lastings 4 years ago

    Sounds like sour grapes to me…

  6. monkeyspanked 4 years ago

    Pretty lame blaming the Reds for the fact that you got old and just aren’t good enough anymore. Happens to every player. You don’t need to be a douche. Time to move on.

    • Stl_Great 4 years ago

      He wasn’t being a douche, he said the Red’s medical staff wasn’t good in the way they treated him.

      • brandondc 4 years ago

        You’re right he wasn’t being a douche, he was being a Cardinal -whining and blaming everyone else for his own problems.

  7. VadaPinson 4 years ago

    As a Reds fan I will not defend Phillips in the way he told the reporter Hal McCoy what he felt about the Cardinals. He further inflamed the issue with the bat tap to Molina’s shin (Even though he always does that with all catchers)

    The problem though seems to be the lack of understanding STL own fans have in regards to their team and how a majority of them are viewed as D-Bags….Mainly Carpenter and his act. See….It is ok for him to yell at a batter (Carlos Lee) who is frustrated with his AB…and it is OK for LaRussa to call another pitcher a head hunter who should be fined and suspended (Harang) for hitting one of his players….. but Your team better not dare to question the almighty LaRussa and all his classy cardinals.

    Guess what….. Phillips does tons of charity as well. Help build a baseball field in the inner city of Cincy. He is like Chad Johnson (Not going to call him by his other name)…in that his mouth runs over and he gets diarrhea of the mouth. But I guess when Colby Rasmus called Arroyos stuff “Doo Doo”…it was okay and it was cute…and hey it is true.

    See the Cardinals and Saint LaRussa invented baseball and rule the Midwest….so they are allowed to say whatever they feel like …and you better bow to them. If you do not and things do not go their way…they will whine until they can or at least close to it.

    • stl_cards16 4 years ago

      Maybe you should stick to things you know about. Larussa gets as much crap in St. Louis as probably any manager in baseball in is home city. Half of St. Louis wants him gone. Also Larussa has no problem with his players getting brushed back or even hit. He does have a problem with throwing at a guys head. He has complained about his own pitchers doing it before. So could you quit the whining now?

      • VadaPinson 4 years ago

        And his team is an extension of himself. He whines and has done so for years. Let’s conveniently not mention Crissy either. I can call out any Red that acts like one and conducts himself. I think most Cardinals fans…while not as blinded and foolish as Cubs fans….seem to still not think their team does not whine.

        Nothing in my posts is whiny. Who else would you rather i write my opinion? Did I sound whiny? Or is it too hard to read faults directed at your team?

        • stl_cards16 4 years ago

          No I don’t think my team whines. There are plenty of times I think what they say is wrong. There are plenty of faults I see in my team. It’s funny how this “Cardinals players and fans are always whining” stuff just started when Brandon Phillips said it and was confronted about it. I see you have a very good role model.

          Yes, you are whining about whining.

          • VadaPinson 4 years ago

            So therefore you are whining about my whining when I whine. I am making a comment.

            I do not call your posts whining. I respond to them and while I don;’t agree with all….I do with some but don’t say you are whining.

            The key to recovery is knowing you have a problem. You seem to have a problem with me saying anything against your team and you call it whining. Just beacuse you have not seen me on this board talking about the Cardinal PLAYERS…NOT fans…beacuse I did not say they whined…they just seem to turn a blind eye to their own teams faults…does not mean that people have not thought about your team as exactly that.

            I have been a Reds fan since 1973….. Those Reds players were arrogant…and Sparky would always say the craziest, funniest and dumbest things sometimes…. I guess you get a pass when you win.

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            You can say whatever you want about the Cardinals or even Cardinal fans. It’s just getting old coming from every Reds fan all of the time. Like your little Crissy comment. There were some great baseball games between the Reds and Cardinals last year, but this is what the “rivalry” is right now. Pointless griping about the other teams attitude or style(myself included, not pointing fingers). I had never heard one player, manager, or fan of another team call the Cardinals whiners until Brandon Phillips did. I have a problem with things the Cardinals do, say, etc. But just because one mouthy player tries to intensify the rivalry and fire his team up, doesn’t make everything he says true.

          • VadaPinson 4 years ago

            No one but Cardinal fans like Carpenter. He is THAT much of a D BAG.

            He is your Brandon Phillips. Like I said….don’t like what Phillips did either. It backfired on him big time. He just needs to get off the Tweet. He needs to watch how Rolen carries himself.

            Not much of a rivalry to me until the Reds win another division and actually win a playoff game or 2.

          • Carp is nothing like phillips. Carp is a competitor. He only yells or comments at a player or team when he feels that the player disrespected him or his teammates.

          • VadaPinson 4 years ago

            And here I am being told by a previous STL fan that Cards fans do not whine?
            Do even say this with a straight face or have any credibility when you write it?

            He feels that way all the time even against his own players. You can make all the excuses you want about that headcase…but he always has an excuse for his actions and thinks he is above it all beacuse is a “competitor”

            How was Carlos Lee getting mad at himself being disrespectful to the Cardinals?

            You post really shows what levels some fans will take to defend anyone.

            I would Never defend Phillips for his mouth or Cueto for his kick.

            Just like as a Reds fan I began to dislike LaRue when he yelled at Jerry Hairston Jr for no reason while the guy was trying to turn a double play.

            You don’t seem to get that LaRussa has turned these guys into images of himself. He was most unkind in his remarks when Ted Lilly barreled over Yadir Molina while trying to score a few years back. Blamed Ted for injuring Molina. Hey, if Molina was going to plant himself on homeplate when Ted was determined to break for home, he knew the risk. BUT it’s OK if one of the Cardinals do it ….right?

            LaRussa is very obnoxious and Carpenter is really obnoxious too, epsecially when he can’t get his balls rubbed in Cincinnati.

            “It’s very typical of playing these guys,” first baseman Adam LaRoche said. “I’ll leave it at that. I’ve played against them a lot, and for whatever reason, gone into the same situation.”

          • Carp yelled at lee because he thought he had said something to him. Carp actually gets over looked as a nice guy. During the game he acts like that because he is competitive. Aside from the comments about Cueto he doesn’t generally make comments off the field.

          • And LaRoche said that because of the benches clearing against the dbacks a couple times.

          • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

            Hmm…you think that LaRoche MIGHT have noticed that Chris Carpenter was in the middle of both bench clearing incidents at two different places, involving two different teams?

            Sure Carpenter competes. So does Wainwright, Lilly, Halladay, Lee, Lincecum, etc…..None of them act like Class A jerks though. Carpenter is a great pitcher. He’s also a great big a@@ on the mound, who is not particularly well thought of outside of St. Louis. Sorry, Cardinal fans-it’s the truth.

          • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

            No, Carpenter yelled at Lee because Lee hit a weak pop up and slapped his bat to the ground in frustration. Carpenter then walked over and started yelling at Lee-who was shocked, surprised, and then angry because he NEVER said a thing to Carpenter, and didn’t understand what the whole thing was about. There were other incidents involving Carpenter and the Cardinals. Carpenter is in the middle of an awful lot of it.

            I guess you can go on and think Carpenter is a nice guy. I’d never mistake him for that.

          • Ferrariman 4 years ago

            i halfway agree, Carpenter is definitely not a pleasant guy when he is pitching. He is a hard-nose gritty sort of guy with a short fuse. His teammates love him for it and fans adore him and those on the outside looking in think he is a tool. Oh well, he’s not the only one like that. Though that shouldn’t affect how one views him off the field where he is sort of the very opposite.

          • Ferrariman 4 years ago

            just sayin, LaRoche made that comment whenever i think Carpenter went hard into second base trying to break up a DP, thought it was a dirty move. Well, yeah it probably was, but then again, it was provoked by Edwin Jackson missing with a fastball near his head then drilling him in the back the next pitch so it wasn’t exactly unprovoked…doesn’t make it right…but..oh who cares this is stupid to argue this IMO.

          • VadaPinson 4 years ago

            It is a discussion. The fact that some have it hit too close to home does not make it any more of a argument than it is a discussion…. It has been civil and we all have good points.
            I think it’s a deal where, as fans, we can talk about our team or our players with negativity. We just don’t like to hear other people do it. Same goes for our city, family members, etc. My Brothers Wife would fall heavily into that category.

            Carpenter is only viewed as a cool competitor by Cardinals fans who cannot justify saying anything bad about anyone on their team. Like they are saints to be preserved.
            I know how you feel. Morgan and Rose could be like that as well.

            I live in Los Angeles….I know all about Edmonds ego going back to his days in California…..and his self absorbed…look at me attitude that rubbed and most assuredly made his teammates on that think him a big hot dog with his own self interests in mind….other than the team. He comes to STL and is embraced by their great fans and has some great years.

            To Angels fans…..Edmonds is a self-absorbed jerk. As a Reds fan in LA I was told this by Angels fans. I did not HATE him as some Reds fans do…. but perception from another team’s fans can always be clouded. He was a great player in his prime, but SOME Reds fans see the hot dog in him and have no doubt he slowed down many times on fly balls so he could lay out and make a diving catch.

            He’s a hot dog egomaniac on the field, who had a strong game for a long time.

          • robdicken 4 years ago

            And he will talk crap about his own teammates to the media and say he wouldn’t veto a trade out of the city. Yeah, Carp is a “real competitor” alright!

  8. VadaPinson 4 years ago

    I am really turned off by his efforts to “distance” himself from the Reds, as though he were never really part of the team last year. If that’s how he wants it, then fine.
    As for his comments about Brandon Phillips, he’s allowed to have his opinion–though he’s showing his true Cardinals colors by stating it. But he had better be careful about his implications that the Reds’ medical staff is incompetent. W/O proof this could be construed as slander/libel, and open him up to a possible lawsuit.

    • stl_cards16 4 years ago

      He really didn’t say anything bad about Phillips. He said the whole situation put a “black-eye” on the rivalry. Which it kind of did. If you think back about the Reds vs. Cardinals last season, you think about the brawl. But I think the most telling thing about the whole article was Brandon Phillips tweet…..the guy just doesn’t get “it”. “HATER IN DA HOUSE” lol

      • Yeah, Phillips is acting pretty childish about it.

        • VadaPinson 4 years ago

          Tweet should be banned all over the world IMO. Phillips just does not know when to be quiet….I know if he was on another team I would not like him too much…and I sometimes do not when he is with the Reds. Especially after that BS before the STL series.

          I already admitted he is not the best rep for the Reds. I wish they could all carry themselves like Scott Rolen. I have agreed with you and respect your organization….. but yet I still get nothing when it comes to my point about Crissy and how they can whine.

          This is not just limited to the Reds here….when they had the fight with the Nationals…. LaRoche was quoted as saying “It’s al;ways something like this with them.”

          The ball always just gets away from their pitcher. They can yell at an opponent or get mad out in the field…like when Garcia gave up a homer vs Stubbs in Cincy…and cursed at himself…I Had NO problem with it…but if it is another pitcher doing that beacuse a Card hit the HR….you can bet the Cards would have a problem with it. They think their S don’t stink.

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            We can agree on one thing! Twitter is the most worthless things ever invented. But of course a player is going to say something bad about the other team after a brawl. By the way, Livan Hernandez admitted he hit Rasmus on purpose, so I would say there was a good reason to clear the benches.

          • VadaPinson 4 years ago

            Agreed on all points.

  9. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    this whole conversation is pathetic, just saying. “I know you are but what am I!!” come on now people…

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      Just for the record, we like Carp… especially as a mid-season trade!

      – Yankees fans

  10. TophersReds 4 years ago

    Reds 3-0
    Brewers 0-3
    Cardinals 1-2
    Lastros 0-3
    Pirates 2-1

    Nuff said, you are currently losing to the Pirates. And i don’t want to hear “it’s only the third game of the year” because EVERY SINGLE GAME COUNTS. Have fun losing Cardinals fans.

    P.S. I hope you sign Pujols for an outragous amount so you can’t have any other talent.

    • Jeffy25 4 years ago

      You post the standings at 2% into the season and that is worth a “nuff said!” argument.

      Every game counts, but with 159 to go, I would feel like two games is attainable

  11. Jeffy25 4 years ago

    As is normal on these comments, it’s obvious that most commenting didn’t even read the article. There wad nothing wrong with what Edmonds said, keep it in context

    • VadaPinson 4 years ago

      I read the article. I did not NOT think about what I read and post before I did. Carefully. I don’t like how Phillips acts and clearly Cueto will never be forgiven for his kicks to the head.
      I said I agreed with at least 2 of the things he said. However coming out against the medical staff in that way? What is your proof Jim? Could it be that you were breaking down already and Nothing they could have done would have helped? IF you hated being there so much….then you could have said No.

      If he had a problem he could have said something when he was there. Not AFTER the team that traded for him, treated him well, cared for his previous medical condition….and then was dumped on.

  12. Steven St Croix 4 years ago

    He was a good player not great. Great players end up in Cooperstown.

  13. A .903 OPS from a center fielder is pretty great, not to mention his defense. One of the best players in the game during his prime. Racked up 67 WAR, averaged about 6 WAR a season.

  14. Taskmaster75 4 years ago

    He was second only to Griffey as a CFer in his generation. He’s a HOFer.

  15. Andruw Jones was better by a huge margin

  16. Taskmaster75 4 years ago

    Edmonds career OPS: .903
    Jones career OPS: .826

    Where is this huge margin you speak of? I realize that offense isn’t the only part of a player, but I don’t see what you are talking about.

  17. Jeffy25 4 years ago

    Lol what?! You can not seriously think that.

    Edmonds was great, hall of fame deserving, but I question wether he’ll get the support.

  18. top_prospect_aw 4 years ago

    What was his OPS post steriod era? Just sayin…

  19. Whats the defense looking like on Fangraphs?

  20. robdicken 4 years ago

    You’re not going to get into Cooperstown strictly on OPS, dude. LOL

  21. Jeffy25 4 years ago

    You mean when he was 36?

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