Quick Hits: Braun, Lohse, Franklin, Wood

Some news items as Matt Kemp is once again a walkoff hero for the Dodgers

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  1. Kyle Lohse has had what? 4 starts this season? And has faced the Pirates, Giants, Nationals, and the Dodgers. All of which aren’t exactly the strongest offenses in the league. It’s way to early to say he’s finally living up to his contract.

    • James Grenard 4 years ago

      a CG SHO against any MLB team is impressive id say…

      • cookmeister 4 years ago

        it also doesn’t mean he is living up to his contract

        • Guest 4 years ago

          Yes it does. Each shutout’s worth 41 million dollars, didn’t you know?

      • If you looked throughout the history of the MLB you’d find plenty of mediocre or worse players who have thrown a complete game shutout. Is it a good outing? Absolutely. But to say a player is earning his contract from four starts against four weak offenses is ignorant. Like Josh Beckett is pitching lights out so far this season but just because he is doing this so far doesn’t mean he will continue to do it (I’m hoping he will).

  2. SplitFingeredPujol 4 years ago

    The Braun extension could end up being a stroke of genius if the future market for free agents explodes. I dunno though…I just looked at Baseball Reference and his top 4 comparable players through the same age are Chuck Hafey, Manny Ramirez, Raul Mondesi, Shawn Green. Three of those four guys flamed out VERY quickly in their early 30’s (and all three were very athletic body types), and it’s questionable how Manny managed to stay productive for so long.

  3. cardsfan1988 4 years ago

    Franklin is terrible, he is getting old and his stuff shows it. Your mad because you were booed for blowing 4 out of 5 saves…really? Cardinal fans never boo any of their players, you have to really be messing up to have that happen…and well Mr. Franklin, you have been. He does not have a very good fastball, his pitches are very flat with very little late movement and he can not hit his spots which makes him very ineffective in any role…especially a closer role. Stop blaming the fans who pay to watch their lead only to have you blow the game. The Cardinals are 9-8 right now and you have blown 4 saves, obviously you (Franklin) are the problem right now because the team could be 13-4 right now.

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