Mets Notes: Sale, Mejia, Reyes, Santana

With 17% of their season in the books, the Mets are 12-16.  That's good for last place in the NL East, 6.5 games back of the Phillies and Marlins.  The latest on the club:

  • The sale of a minority stake in the Mets is likely to be completed by the end of this month, though it's not imminent, according to ESPN's Adam Rubin.  On April 22nd, Josh Kosman and Lenn Robbins of the New York Post reported that the Mets were a few weeks from choosing the winning bidder, with Ray Bartoszek, Steve Cohen, Steve Starker, and Anthony Scaramucci the finalists.  According to Rubin, the sale should bring the Wilpons $200MM, with which they can pay off $47MM worth of debt.
  • Yesterday the Mets announced that top prospect Jenrry Mejia has "a complete MCL tear of the right elbow," and planned to seek a second opinion after Dr. David Altchek recommended surgery.  Today Andy Martino of the New York Daily News tweets that Mejia will see Dr. James Andrews soon, and Tommy John surgery is "highly likely" for the 21-year-old.  Joel Sherman of the New York Post calls the injury "devastating" for a team that "needs some breaks with their more talented youngsters."
  • Sherman says much has gone right for the 2011 Mets, and they're still 12-16.  He thinks it's practical to start talking about trading Carlos Beltran, Francisco Rodriguez, and Jose Reyes.  Sherman wonders whether retaining Reyes would even improve the Mets' chances of re-signing him, if that's something they're interested in.  By the way, Sherman doesn't see the Yankees as a July suitor for Reyes but won't rule out an offseason pursuit.  For my take on what the Giants could offer for Reyes in July, click here.
  • Kevin Kernan of the New York Post talked to rehabbing lefty Johan Santana, who hasn't set a date for his return.  Santana threw on flat ground yesterday, and the next step is throwing from the slope of the mound possibly next week.  Santana, 32, is guaranteed $55MM for 2012 and '13. 

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  1. MB923 4 years ago

    Sherman, exactly where would the Yankees put Reyes???

    • JD 4 years ago

      Mets trading Reyes to the Yankees would be one of the worst mistakes the franchise has ever made. It doesn’t even matter who they would get back.

      They’d play him at shortstop. Where else would they play Reyes?

      • Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

        Did Jeter retire?

        • timmytwoshoezzz 4 years ago

          The Yankees wish he did. How good does thatexpensive 3-year deal look now?

        • JD 4 years ago

          Based on his performance this year I’d say so.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        Dump Posada,

        and have Jeter and Arod rotate between 3B an DH, while Reyes plays SS.

        not the worst idea in the world to protect the legs of guys you’re paying big money to in to their late 30’s

        • MB923 4 years ago

          Posada will not be back next year. Perhaps it’s best for the Yankees to put Jeter at DH his final 2 years. The only problem is, Eduardo Nunez is nothing special, and is terrible defensively.

      • MB923 4 years ago

        Apparently you haven’t heard of Derek Jeter. Who as a Yankee fan I have always had respect for, but I strongly wish they had not had given him a 3 year deal.

  2. tjpraw 4 years ago

    Joel Sherman has a personal bias against the Mets. I have been reading the post for the past 15 yrs and he almost always has something negative to write about the Mets. Granted the Mets arent a great team by any stretch of the imagination but his writing of the mets comes off as more a personal thing than it does anything else.

  3. JaySchu 4 years ago

    Joel Sherman needs to find a new job. Perhaps going back to Yankees beat writer would be better for him. He clearly can’t get past his closet racism and snobbery when it comes to covering other teams.

  4. Twins really need to make a move for Jose Reyes.

  5. TapDancingTeddy 4 years ago

    I’m shocked that anyone thinks that Jeter can be put anywhere else but shortstop. If he doesn’t hit well enough at SS to negate his lack of range there, he becomes an even worse liability at other positions where he has never played and which require better offense.

    As for the suggestion of putting him at DH, well that is like throwing away the position which exists purely for GOOD offensive players.

    I love Derek Jeter, but he has to hit enough to stay at short or sit on the bench. I’m still a little hopeful for him as his at-bats lately are producing more line drives and less swinging bunts.

  6. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    its so true. no one is shocked

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