Central Notes: Reds, Buehrle, Floyd

Some late-night linkage regarding the Redlegs and Pale Hose:

  • Reds GM Walt Jocketty said that Cincinnati's payroll will increase in 2011, according to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, but they will only "bump it up a little." Fay speculates the Reds' payroll will increase from this year's $80.8MM to roughly $85MM in 2012, which would represent a similar hike from 2010's $76.1MM. Most of that, however, is accounted for in projected salary increases for players under contract. When asked whether he'd be shopping for big-ticket free agents this winter, Jocketty said "probably not."
  • White Sox lefty Mark Buehrle, an impending free agent, said moving to the National League is enticing to him, as it would represent a chance to face hitters who have seen him relatively few times, according to Scott Merkin of MLB.com. The 12-year veteran, who said he's willing to play for a few more years, has pitched exclusively in the AL Central, so those hitters have seen him a lot. Sounds like classic posturing, doesn't it? Buehrle, a Missouri native, has been rumored in the past to have designs on pitching for the Cardinals.
  • Buehrle's teammate Gavin Floyd could be a trade candidate this offseason depending on how the White Sox plan for 2012, writes Daryl Van Schouwen of the Chicago Sun-Times. Under team control through next season at a very reasonable price of $7MM (with a club option for 2013), Floyd would draw plenty of interest on the market.

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3 years 11 months ago

I wish we could get buehrle, but I cant think of any one who would take westbrook (not lohse. He’s been too good this year) off our hands.

3 years 11 months ago

Buehrle would be a nice addition to the rotation, but he would more than likely need more money that the Cards can give in a Winter that will be dominated by the Pujols talks. Personally, I think it would be cool if he finished his career with the White Sox, and I think they’ll probably get something worked out to ensure that he returns.

3 years 11 months ago

Well considering Lohse and Westbrook have full no trade clauses, I don’t think they’re going anywhere, especially if the Cards make the playoffs this year. I mean, why accept a trade away from a perennial contender?

The only starter the Cards could even consider trading to make room for Buehrle would be Jaime Garcia, and that’s only likely given a serious overpay. And Mo just signed him to a long-term deal. I guess Mo could shop Garcia for two weeks before the arbitration deadline. If he gets an offer he likes (Maybe a sign and trade with Buehrle, a cost-controlled middle infielder, and a young SP prospect), then maybe it’s something to be considered. However, I can’t believe it’d be a very popular move within the clubhouse. Jaime is a core part of the organization’s future right now and I’ve never heard anything but great things about him.

Buehrle’s going back to the Sox.

3 years 11 months ago

I personally would hate to see Jaime go. I think it would be great to see Buehrle in a STL uniform, but not at the expense of Garcia, who has pitched arguably better than Buehrle the last two years, is locked up for the next few years, and most importantly is YOUNG.

3 years 11 months ago

Buehrle is a different kind of pro athlete. He isn’t posturing. If you ask him a question, he will answer you honestly. He’s one of my favourite guys to follow. He’s genuinely nice, excels with little natural ability, and yet genuinely does not seem to give a f**k.

3 years 11 months ago

not to mention his remarkable durability. 11 consecutive seasons of 200+ innings. crazy

3 years 11 months ago

Totally. That’s part of his enigma. People don’t think of him as such, but he is such a tough guy to peg down. How the hell is he so consistent and durable? His idea of offseason conditioning is drinking Coors and hunting. 

3 years 11 months ago

He might be posturing a little.  But his point is still very valid.  And in some ways it’s a little surprising that we don’t see more pitchers with this line of reasoning, particularly AL pitchers later in the careers.  Flip over the the NL where you may be unfamiliar to many hitters, get to face easier lineups (due to no DH, mostly), and you might be able to extend your career and your good earning years by a couple of seasons.

It might be smart for Buehrle to switch leagues at this point in his career.

3 years 11 months ago

I will welcome you with open arms Mark <3 please.

3 years 11 months ago

Buehrle will have suitors, but he’s not an elite guy at this stage so I don’t see him getting more than a 3 yr, 33 million type deal.

The Cards big addition to their staff would be the return of Wainwright.  I don’t think they’ll shell out for Buehrle too.

Cubs are an intriguing possibility.  They have holes in their rotation and Buehrle isn’t going to break the bank.

3 years 11 months ago

I am not saying that Buehrle doesn’t like the Cubs organization or anything, but him signing with the Cubs would utterly shock me solely because of his good, longstanding relationship with Jerry Reinsdorf.  I don’t think he would consider signing with them if for that reason alone.

3 years 11 months ago

I agree. If he is staying in Chicago, it would be with the Sox.  The Cubs would be thrilled to get him, and pitching in the NL Central would help his numbers.
He would take half the money to stay with the Sox over the Cubs.
I think he is going to St. Louis, and probably giving them a hometown discount. Buehrle is not an extravagant person. He has enough money in the bank to last him 5 lifetimes already. 
He is going to sign where he wants to be, not for the most $$$.

3 years 11 months ago

Buehrle is as much of a fan as you will see in the game.  He would be utterly shocked as well for the same reason with being a member of the White Sox orginization for so long and Jerry Reinsdorf, but also being such a big Cards fan. 

I see him signing with the White Sox on pretty much the same deal that the Cards just extended Carpenter at.  2yr/$21 mil.  It is a win-win for the both the Sox and Buehrle.

3 years 11 months ago

This information kinda makes me angry.. So Jocketty your going to sit on your hands all offseason and not address any issues with the team…   If you plan on making upgrades at all you have to spend money to get money.  If the hike is only 5 million that will only account for arbitration cases at best. Heck 5 million might not even cover that. 

SS  unless Cozart is healthy and can play as well as he did in his short time up.
LF   Still a question mark though Heisey a full season might do decently there.
3B  Please tell me we are not going to hope that Rolen stays healthy a full season. 
SP  Still need someone that most people would consider a number 1 or 2 starting pitcher.
      Currently we have a ton of number 3’s or 4’s.

Everywhere else looks good. in my book.  That is still a lot of issues to fix and the comment about not going after anyone.  I understand if you resign phillips and a short term deal with Cordero but if either of those two go. You better not fool around and wait until the end of the offseason to try and scrap heap some of these positions that are needed. 

Release Janish he is aweful and I don’t care if he has good defense anymore he can’t hit for crap.  Renteria did a better job overall.  and that’s sad.  

Dusty and Jocketty go bye bye next year if they don’t produce a winning team that’s the best thing that happens if improvements are not made. Castellini wants winning baseball in Cincy.  If you sit on your hands how can you say you even tried to improve the team.  So frustrated……

3 years 11 months ago

The Reds’ Front Office (and fans like you) are hypocritical.

People gush on and on about Dave Concepcion and the Big Red Machine and then whine and moan about Paul Janish.  Well, guess what?  Concepcion’s role on the BRM was for his defense (not his offense) and the same goes for Janish on this Reds team.

All Jocketty could talk about after he became GM was pitching and defense.  Then look what happened, past their prime Short Stops with limited range were brought in (Orlando Cabrera, Edgard Renteria) while Janish was banished to the bench, not to be seen for weeks on end.  Just like with offense, a defensive player needs to have consistent playing time to stay sharp.

If people want to complain about the bad pitching, they need to look at how many Hits or non plays were made because of the OLD Short Stops that were out there. 

If they want to complain about a lack of Offense, they need to look at Left Field and the black hole that the platoon player/fourth outfielder Jonny Gomes represented.

If the Reds want to get SERIOUS about winning, they will stop picking up over the hill, past their prime, scrub players off the scrap heap (and paying them big money to boot) and HOPING they will catch lightning in a bottle with them.

If they DO catch lightning in a bottle with them for one year (Jerry Hairston Jr, Jonny Gomes) they need to STOP bringing them back, paying them higher salaries and HOPING they will outperform again.

Finally, they need to get rid of Bill Bavasi, Cam Bonifay and Toothpick Fistbands.  Bavasi and Bonifay were LOSERS as General Managers with their former teams (Seattle, Pittsburgh) and Fistbands seems to think his responsibility is to keep OLD players in the game and help them get another contract instead of concentrating on doing what is BEST for the Reds.

3 years 11 months ago

Actually I mostly agree with everything you just said. Shocking isn’t it.

3 years 11 months ago

Yep, Miguel Tejada is available…..

3 years 11 months ago

Oh god that will be it our big signing of the offseason I can just see that happening..  Dusty will be happy though he gets a veteran presence to play everyday and be a leader.   Oh god….