Week In Review: 9/11/11 – 9/17/11

We're just weeks away from the postseason, but there's still hot stove news flying around left and right, so let's look back at the past seven days:

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3 Comments on "Week In Review: 9/11/11 – 9/17/11"

3 years 11 months ago

Is Cashman going to come out and blame the Mets again for Feliciano?

3 years 11 months ago

Quick hits since this is a review:
1.) If the Reds sign Cordero to an extension who could cost between 10 to 12 million a year, how do they afford Brandon Phillips? Their fan base is surprisingly terrible.
2.) If I am the Orioles, I would not want Aramis Ramirez. Too expensive, too old, and quite frankly not the kind of player I am looking to fill the 3rd base hole they have.
3.) What game changing pitcher can the Orioles obtain in free agency? Now that Chris Carpenter has been signed for two more years, I really don’t see anyone that cna help them. The pitchers can strengthen the rotation, but as far as I am concerned, not a game changer.
That’s why if I am the Orioles I would try to trade for David Wright and get Phillips to sign with us. The other problem is Brian Roberts contract is really tying up a lot of money!

3 years 11 months ago

They won’t sign Cordero for 12 million a year. If theres an extension it’ll be for less money. if it is for 12 million it will be deferred. Phillips’ option will be picked up this year, and probably be extended for 2 extra years