Jim Thome Intends To Play In 2012

Even after a climactic season in which he joined baseball's 600-homer club, returned to the franchise that drafted him and made a cameo appearance at third base, Jim Thome intends to keep playing. He told media outlets, including the Associated Press, that he's looking forward to a 22nd season in the Major Leagues.

"I'll keep playing," Thome said. "I just need teams to call me. I can't go play in the backyard by myself. I don't know the demand for a 41-year-old DH, but my passion is I want to continue to play."

Thome's 604 home runs place him eighth all-time. He hit 15 of those homers in 2011, posting a .256/.361/.477 line for the Twins and Indians. He's an unranked free agent who won't be tied to draft pick compensation and would likely cost a couple million dollars on a one-year deal. Thome could be a fit for American League clubs such as the Orioles and Athletics or could contribute as a bench bat on any number of National League teams.

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3 years 9 months ago

Wasn’t Matt Stairs recently proclaimed the King of Northern New Brunswick.  They love him there.  A lot of those good people wandering around that immense forest for something to do.  And shouting, “Tabernac!” when they bump into a tree at night.  God’s country.  I’m in London, but I wish I were there.