Matt Kemp’s Agent Talks Extension

If the Dodgers attempt to lock Matt Kemp up to an extension this offseason, they shouldn't expect much of a hometown discount. Kemp's agent, Dave Stewart, told Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times that the center fielder cares about more than winning and team chemistry.

"It's also important for him to be seen by his peers as one of the best," Stewart said. "This isn't Matt saying this, this is me saying this … but, unfortunately, the way these things are seen is often based on how you're paid."

Kemp, 27, is a leading candidate for the National League MVP after hitting an NL-best 39 home runs with a .324/.399/.586 line. MLBTR projects a $16.3MM salary for Kemp in 2012, his final season before hitting free agency. He has said he won't discuss an extension once the 2012 season begins.

Last offseason's top outfielders, Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth, signed multiyear deals that valued their free agent seasons in the $18-21MM range. Perhaps the Kemp and the Dodgers would consider a seven-year deal that pays Kemp $15MM in 2012 and $20MM in each of the following six seasons for a seven-year total of $135MM.

MLB is in talks with owner Frank McCourt to try to make him sell the Dodgers. The team has another candidate for a substantial extension, starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

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  1. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    isn’t it nice to be able to dream? pretty sure between Fielder, Ramirez and Jackson you added about $45m to the payroll.

  2. monkeydung 4 years ago

    the Dodgers will send Kemp to the Yankees if they send Robinson Cano & Jesus Montero in return – but they must cover Cano’s contract as well.

  3. Wait wait

    So we get light running light hitting Loney in a power spot all while trying to learn a new position and blocking Jerry Sands???


  4. 7 years 135 mil for a player coming off of an 8.7 WAR season is kind of laughable don’t you think? Obviously you can’t expect the guy to repeat that consistently, but his 5.2 WAR at age 25 matches Werth’s single season career high.

  5. dodgersfan1 4 years ago

    As a Dodger fan myself, I say you’re dreamin’.  Its not totally impossible but a bery long shot that they sign 2 major FA and Lock up Kemp. But it would be nice… mY biggest question is why in the world would ANYBODY in their RIGHT mind bat Uribe 2nd? I would much rather have Sands batting 2nd. He can at least work the pitch count and draw a walk…plus being sandwiched between Dee the speedster and Kemp the monster, he would get some good pitches to drive…

  6. dodgersfan1 4 years ago

    You’re probably right and it probably takes something like 7/150 to lock him up. I’m thinking between Crawford and A-Gonz contract.

  7. If I did you probably would have provided a link, which you didn’t. Making your statement false.

    • es0terik 4 years ago

      I couldn’t be bothered, but if you’re really going to be THAT guy, then anybody can go to Google, type in ‘Billy Madison Ultimate Insult’ and find the video easily.

      Making your statement, and subsequent attempt to unsuccessfully save face, rather pathetic.

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