Offseason Outlook: Atlanta Braves

The Braves are unlikely to do much free agent shopping, but improvements at left field and shortstop are possible. 

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The 2011 Braves collapsed in epic fashion down the stretch, yet most of the pieces are in place for a competitive 2012 club.  That's fortunate, because GM Frank Wren has limited financial flexibility.

Assuming Moylan is non-tendered, the Braves will have about $84MM in commitments before accounting for minimum salary players.  That's $7MM less than the 2011 payroll of $91MM.  The Braves were closer to $100MM in 2008-09, but with a 5% drop in attendance this year raising payroll could be difficult.  Clearing $5MM of Lowe's salary yesterday was a win for the Braves, who did not envision him in next year's rotation.  Wren told reporters in October that Prado is likely back in left field next year, but otherwise I can see him traded or non-tendered.

Trading Jurrjens could serve the dual purpose of shedding $5MM and bringing back a bat, but Wren said this month"We have a lot of pitching but I think it’s not something that we’re looking to trade from."  His statement could be interpreted in various ways, so we can't rule out a Jurrjens deal if the right offer comes along.  The Braves have more depth than most teams with their "Big Four" of young starters: Julio Teheran, Randall DelgadoMike Minor, and Arodys Vizcaino.  With Lowe gone, Hudson will be the lone 2012 starter who exceeded 152 MLB innings in 2011.  But if the Braves feel Brandon Beachy, Tommy Hanson, and perhaps Minor can handle full workloads, Jurrjens may be expendable.

I think teams will be wary of surrendering a lot for Jurrjens.  SIERA suggests he's a 4.40 type pitcher, despite his career ERA of 3.40.  His strikeout rate dropped to 5.3 per nine this year, and he's missed significant time the last couple years due to knee, oblique, and hamstring injuries.  Any big league hitter the Braves get back would probably come with similar question marks or red flags.

I'm unconvinced the Braves won't look into left field upgrades, though a reasonable free agent target like Josh Willingham could prove a wash with Prado.  Still, bringing in a left fielder would allow Prado to back up Jones at third base.  The Braves will need an answer at shortstop, with prospect Tyler Pastornicky the favorite at the moment.  The Braves showed with Freddie Freeman they're not afraid to pencil a rookie into a starting job, but Wren should probably bring back Alex Gonzalez or a comparable veteran as an insurance policy.  Since Gonzalez is a Type B free agent, an arbitration offer makes sense.

The Braves' rotation averaged only 5.91 innings per start, 11th in the NL and worst among contenders.  They were saved by the league's best bullpen, but Jonny Venters, Craig Kimbrel, O'Flaherty, and Cristhian Martinez probably can't provide 316 innings again.  Free agents Linebrink and Sherrill didn't shoulder that kind of a workload, but the Braves should probably sign at least one veteran reliever to take some of the load.  Overall it looks like another winter of limited free agent shopping, after the Braves spent only about $5MM on that market last offseason.

For the most part, the Braves' improvements will come from within, as better overall seasons from Uggla, Prado, Jason Heyward, and Bourn are entirely feasible.  More innings from the rotation will be another key to success.

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  1. Pete 4 years ago

    If any NL team signs Josh Willingham as an OF, they better know that his ceiling is about 2 WAR because his defense stinks so bad. He will hit decently well, but he’s basically a DH at this point.

    • sain33 4 years ago

      I think Willingham would be a great fit in ATL.  Yes he is not a Gold Glove Outfielder.  But he will get the job done.  In 830 innings that he played in the outfield this past season he only had 2 errors.  That is not bad especially when you think he played in the spacious Oakland Coliseum.  He would get help in ATL with Bourn in centerfield as well.  Willingham is also from Alabama and I bet he would love to get closer to his hometown.  Finally don’t forget that he played for Fredi when they were with the Marlins.

      • MLB_in_the_Know 4 years ago

        You can’t make an error on a ball you can’t get to…

        • angryredmenace 4 years ago

          And someone brings rational observation into the discussion.

  2. inkstainedscribe 4 years ago

    Moylan’s a fun dude, but I see him being let go, too. Given the limited range of the IF, it’s better to go with strikeout pitchers in the pen (and the rotation, for that matter — hence, the Lowe deal). I’d like to see a bigger bat on the roster for LF — Willingham? Cuddyer? — letting Prado move between LF, 3B, and 1B — and perhaps re-signing Gonzalez or Wilson on a one-year deal. But yes, the pieces are largely in place.

  3. I hope they go out and trade for Matt Kemp or Carlos Quentin. Then move Prado to a utility role where he has shined the best in my opinion. That would really make out line-up complete.

    • inkstainedscribe 4 years ago

      Matt Kemp and Carlos Quentin aren’t exactly comparable players. They are Major League outfielders, but the similarity ends there.

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      Right…just send Hanson, Teheran, and Freeman on over for Kemp.

      • Matt Talbert 4 years ago

        Ha ha.  I’d give up that kind of package for Longoria, Zobrist + Jennings.  Its just craziness.

      • rundmc1981 4 years ago

        I guess Kemp is the target of the Idiot’s Guide to Fantasy Trading. Braun seemed to be the winner in 2010 when many Braves fans seem to forget an extension signing from The Hebrew Hammer and not accept that as Milwaukee actually wanting him.

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      I guess you didn’t read the article. Cliff’s Notes version: “limited financial flexibility” blah blah blah “Jurrjens could be traded” blah blah blah “probably wouldn’t get much for him”.

    • Matt Talbert 4 years ago

      Jurrjens and prospects for either Kemp or Quentin woudl make me happy

  4. Triple Hawpes Brewed 4 years ago

    Sizemore to LF,
    Aviles to SS,
    Prado to UTIL/traded.


  5. atlbravosfan11 4 years ago

    it was such a waste to bring back diaz

    • Agree completely. That 2M should have been spent on that veteran righty reliever we need. If you moved Prado to the Utility role he gives you a RH bat too. Now we have spots on our bench locked down with bat only players (Hinske and Diaz). Really can’t move Prado to a bench role now, that spot has to go to somebody who can play short since we still have to have someone to play center. Basicaly we’ll have three backup outfielders now.

      • ChiefTomahawk 4 years ago

        Your both completely right! As much as I love Matty D, it was a bad move since we really needed a RP. 

  6. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we send out the exact same lineup out there that we did last season after the Bourn trade. I’m good with Gonzo coming back on a 1-year deal and an option in case Pastornicky has a rough year in AAA and isn’t ready.

  7. Jurrjens for Lowrie (add 2 million)
    Sign DeRosa to “rebound” 1 yr. contract (1 yr/2million+1 mil in incentives)
    Sign JD Drew to 1yr/6million +incentives

    Rotation:  Hudson, Hanson, Beachy, Minor, Teheran/Delgado
    Lineup:  Bourn, Drew/Prado, Chipper, Uggla, McCann, Freeman, Heyward, Lowrie
    Bench:  Ross, Hinske, Diaz, DeRosa, Conrad/Constanza/, Prado/Drew
    Bullpen: Venters, Kimbrel, O’Flaherty, Vizcaino, Martinez, Varvaro, whatever LHP you can find…

    Pray for health….

    • Triple Hawpes Brewed 4 years ago

      As simply as this can be put, uhm no.

    • Twinkilling61 4 years ago

      Can I be a rival GM of yours? Only Lowrie for Jurrjens and you want to sign J.D. Drew?

      • Lowrie is under team control a year longer than Jurrjens (kind of evens out the trade).

        • Jeff 4 years ago

          Trade makes perfect sense for both clubs.  Both are trading from a position of excess to suit their needs.

    • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

      I’m still bitter over the Drew trade so I don’t want that guy anywhere near us. It drives me nuts that we traded ADAM F’ING WAINWRIGHT away for one year of him.

    • I second the no on this one.  If the Braves are going to throw $6 million at an aging OF, I’d rather it go to someone like Johnny Damon instead of JD Drew.  Granted Damon is 3-4 years older than Drew, but atleast Damon doesn’t have a history of injuries like Drew does. 

      • and Damon has a history of not being terrible, which is always a good quality

        • Johnny Damon’s career fWAR: 46 (3 more seasons than J.D. Drew)
          J.D. Drew’s career fWAR:  47.6

          Good point. Sigh…

          • good thing they don’t sign guys based on fWAR. Damon the past 4 years has played in 143 games every year and Drew  has gone 109/137/139/81. I would consider not being on the field ‘terrible’ as well

            Also, way to pick out the one stat that was in Drew’s favor. Damon is a better player.

          • how about value?  OPS?  UZR?  OBP? UZR/150?  In fact, what is Damon better at?  Staying on the field? Educate yourself before speaking please… 

          • I don’t think either of those players are signed for their defense. The fact is if you sign either of them you want them on the field. With Damon you’re getting 140 games with Drew you’re getting somewhere between 80 and 140. Also, I’ve never met anyone cool that ends every comment with …. you’re not the first ….

          • no getting through.  oh well.   despite every evidence known to man, you still dont understand.  JD drew has played RF for his career, has better range, and a better arm than Johnny Damon.  Personal insults are elementary and is what one says when the arguments lost.

          • check out Keith Law’s free agent article. Damon is 27th Drew is 47th

      • J.D. Drew had an awful 2011 and he does have an injured past, but here are his plate appearances, his fWAR, and his value over his last 5 years …
        ’06-594 plate appearances 4.4fWAR   value 16.3 million
        ’07-552 plate appearances 1.9fWAR   value 7.6 million
        ’08-456 plate appearances 4.1fWAR   value 18.4 million
        ’09-539 plate appearances 4.9fWAR   value 22.2 million
        ’10-546 plate appearances 2.4fWAR   value 9.6 million
        ’11-286 plate appearances-0.3fWAR   value -1.1 million

        Drew, over his career, has produced phenomenal defensive ratings in right field so transitioning to the easier left field will be quite easy.  If the Braves can regulate his playing time to 2/3 or 3/4 of the game, J.D could easily be worth 6 million dollars.  Say what you want about him, but he’s a really good player.

        Adding…I really think the Braves need to scrap the “RH” bat and just look for a player that can hit. 

    • why do we need a 3rd lefty in the pen?   If we can get one, great…..but Venters, and O’Flaherty are great LHP in the bullpen.

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        I’d also add that Medlen could fill a late inning role that was filled by EOF last year- which could ease the stress that EOF/Venters had last year.  Kimbrel, what will help him is some runs so there are fewer 3-2 games.

      • Because Venters and O’Flaherty aren’t used as LOOGY’s.  I really could care less what hand the final guy is but with Fredi Gonzalez, there will have to be another lefty.  One guy I left out was Medlen.  He’ll obviously be in the pen (probably in place of Varvaro).

        • atlbravosfan11 4 years ago

          i liked varvaro. he has good stuff. i wouldn’t be shocked if he has a place out there next year

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      I like the Lowrie deal but true Braves fans won’t allow JD Drew to set foot in the state without being booed. Why? Adam. Wainwright. 

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        JD Drew was good when he was in Atl, so it wasn’t all bad.

    • Forgot Medlen.  Replace Varvaro…

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        Nah, Medlen replaces Moylan.  Last guy in the pen is either Ascenio/Gearrin/Varvaro

    • atlbravosfan11 4 years ago


  8. Medlen can take Linebrink’s job and do it ten times better.  That gives you four late inning relievers who can be light’s out.  You still have to get more innings from your starters (Fredi, lose the flowchart), so dealing Jurrjens doesn’t make sense.  Let the young arms develop.

    It’s SS, some bench help and maybe a LOOGY.

  9. MLB_in_the_Know 4 years ago

    “Prado is likely back in left field next year, but otherwise I can see him traded or non-tendered.”

    Absolutely no way Prado is non-tendered. He was the All Star game starter last year at 2B, I understand that he had a down year and is not an ideal LF, but no way is he non-tendered, he has lots of value, be it with the Braves or as a trade candidate.

    • Braves1976 4 years ago

      I stopped reading when Tim mentioned Prado as a non-tender candidate. But it’s nothing new for me to disagree with Tim’s opinions concerning the Braves.

  10. mgsports 4 years ago

    Damon is know a DH.
    Ross could be had if they think Simmons is ready.
    Red Sox’s would do that Trade if the Braves for in Prado or Diaz to play RF.

  11. Matt Talbert 4 years ago

    We can always release Matt Diaz and eat that 2 million I suppose or get some kind of buy out clause in his contract.  He can also be demoted if he starts out sucking.

  12. Matt Talbert 4 years ago

    Prado will be with the team unless some team comes up to us with an offer we can’t refuse.

  13. Bryan 4 years ago

    SIERA can suggest all it wants.  Jurrjens is a great pitcher…the only question mark is the bad knee.

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      You’re kidding, right? And you think his terrible numbers after the AS Break 2011 were from just injuries? That’s ridiculous. “Great pitcher”? The man’s fastball topped out at 89 mph and he’s not a groundball pitcher. The question mark isn’t the bad knee…it’s the whole body including the arm. His knee had nothing to do with him losing 3 MPH on his fastball (and yes, I know he’s not a “strikeout pitcher” but when you can’t have an effective fastball, your offspeed stuff won’t be as effective). I respect what he’s done over the last few years, and he was a great pickup from DET, but we cannot offer him a free agent contract with his agent, which means we only have 1 year left of his services. I ask you, when does this “great pitcher” go on the DL? Plus or minus before June 2012? 

      • I’m actually a believer in SIERA, but I’m also observent enough to note that there are exceptions to every one of these advanced statistics . I believe Jurrjens is that exception (no matter what the proprietor of this site thinks). Jurrjens went out and played hurt and tried to help his team and you want to knock him for it, and you’re the same person who would be calling him a wimp if he didn’t try to tuff it out. Flat out and simple when healthy he’s a great pitcher and a legit number two on all but a couple staffs. And he will be fully healthy this year.  

        • rundmc1981 4 years ago

          How do you know what I’d be calling him? No, I wouldn’t be saying that because I know we have 5-6 better/cheaper pitchers behind him that can are licking their chops for his spot. Of course he has to play hurt: a) he’s a professional, that’s what it is to be a “pro”, b) he’s arbitration-eligible, meaning: he don’t play, he don’t have much of a case for the big $$$ in a arbitration hearing, c) he’s been on the DL at least 5 times in the last 3 seasons. You said it: “when healthy he’s a great pitcher”…if only he were healthy. You’re saying he’ll be “fully healthy” in 2012? I hope I see that…on someone besides the Braves. 

          • To be frank we absolutely have to have one of Hanson and Jurrjens healthy next year to be a serious contender. The young arms are great and I expect great things from them but they aren’t going to go pitch for pitch with the big three in Philly or the front of STL’s rotation, even Milwaukee has a legit front end of the rotation. We absolutley have to have someone to pair with Hudson at the top to get us back into October. I’d much rather risk getting nothing for Jurrjens than trade him for the scrap heap players that will be offered for him.

          • rundmc1981 4 years ago

            I completely agree with you. With Sabathia off the market, CJ Wilson is the best available SP. Early indications are that the Braves aren’t interested in trading JJ based on early trade talks, but that could change. Many teams, like KC/WSH are looking for a front-end starter, and JJ could be that, and arguably, has been that for us. By getting rid of Lowe I think we’re in need of JJ a lot more than we were with Lowe. I do think that once the trade market becomes clearer by starters like Wilson signing, we’ll get a sense of how much the Braves value JJ and how confident they are not only in him, but in the young pitching that would be his replacement. That’s scary to think that we would be relying on Hudson, Hanson and some pitchers that have so little MLB experience.

          • The Braves also came out to the media and said they had “little to no interest” in Bourn, then right after the Bourn trade they said “he was the guy we wanted all along”.  Later, Wren changes his story again in this article…
            link to

            Point being, don’t trust Frank Wren’s word.  He’s like Clay from Sons of Anarchy.  He’ll sweeten, or sour his words depending on how it helps his club, then pull the rug from under your feet, put 2 bullets in your dome,  and wrap your corpse in it.

  14. Guest 4 years ago

    I just realized that it might be kind of quiet for ATL from here on out.  Given the lack of near-MLB 3B in the system, and the team’s stated preference to avoid free agency, I think they’re planning on keeping Prado around to take over after Chipper.  If Uggla was shifted to LF, and Prado was playing 2B, would we still be talking about a need to upgrade the lineup?  I doubt it, and either way those bats are in the lineup.  I don’t think we should lose sight of the fact that this is a very good team.  Since they have very limited funds, it makes sense to hold tight and use the money they can save for an in-season acquisition if needed.  I would like to see them bulk up the bench, though.  Let Diaz take over for Conrad’s RH pinch-hitting duties (he’s a better overall hitter) and sign a versatile guy like Hairston that can play all over (including SS) and hit a little.  That’d make up a bench of Hinske and Diaz (LH and RH pinch hitters), Ross, Hairston, and… who am I forgetting?  Anyways, that’s a good bench.  Diaz can play OF and we could find someone to back up CF.  Plus, we can always shift Prado around.  That’d be a nice, versatile team.  With Medlen in the picture, I don’t think it’s totally necessary to add a bullpen guy, but I wouldn’t be upset if they did.

    • tomymogo 4 years ago

      Yeah until Joey Terdoslavich or Edward Salcedo who seem like the real deal

  15. ChiefTomahawk 4 years ago

    What’s everyone thoughts about Grazy Sizemore?

    • Guest 4 years ago

      seems like a nice guy

    • mikk402 4 years ago

      I wouldn’t mind taking a shot on Grady but you have to do it with the understanding that you will probably not get/need him an entire year. He becomes valuable when Prado has to fill in at 3rd when Chipper is hurt/resting so your not running a AAAA guy out there. Grady probably won’t give you an entire year either, but Prado can spell both and it give the braves significantly more depth to the roster. Problem is that we would have a ton of OFers on the team

      • We have to have someone who can back up CF anyway so it might as well be somebody good. I’d take Sizemore and bring up Constanza when he gets hurt. Atleast we’d have a plus player when he was healthy. I liked the idea of Hairston too. Hinske, Diaz, Prado, Hairston, and Ross is a pretty stinking good bench. Not to mention great versatility with Prado and Hairston.

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      Sizemore has a lot of upside, but we really don’t have the $5M+ per year (probably a 2-3 year deal) it’d take to take a chance on him. He’s still under 29 and could be a great chance, but when you factor in his health and that we don’t have an immediate need for a CF, he’d have to be moved to LF. Committing that much to someone who hasn’t been known to be a power, speed threat in the last 3 years is questionable. That chance could make one Executive of the Year for a club, but honestly, it could also be the fuel to any (inane) talk of booting Wren out. I like Sizemore (as do the ladies), but I don’t think he’s the right fit for our needs.

  16. Jair for Melky Cabrera? With McLouth leaving, the Braves could have a spot for him….

    • bringbackandruw 4 years ago


    • Jeff 4 years ago

      The only way Melky comes back to Atlanta is if Abdullah the Butcher gets to fork him to death and serve him at his restaurant.

      He is the most hated former Brave since Dan Kolb.

    • ugapip 4 years ago

      You are kidding right! What are you smoking?

  17. And yes, I know Melky used to be a Brave, and all that stuff. Solves both teams’ needs though.

  18. William Scott 4 years ago

    Later Lowe!!! About two years too late!

  19. By the way, um, non-tendering Prado? You must be from Flushing Queens! Baaaaaa! Met sheep alert!

  20. tomymogo 4 years ago

    Why 84 million before league minimun commitments? it’s 80.77 million.

    Right now they have 12 players making the league minimun. At 450k which I think is the league minimun it’s about a total of 5.40 million, so really they have committed a total of 86.17 million leaving the Braves around 5 million to sign a SS, and a backup SS.

    If this is right, forget about Josh Willingham, Braves might only be able to sign Alex Gonzalez at 3mill/yr 

  21. Brewcrew00 4 years ago

    The Brewers should trade Corey Hart for one of there young arms and a SS in there aaa farm  system. He was wanted by them before and he had a productive year trade him now while he has value.

    • tomymogo 4 years ago

      Jair Jurrjens is available, and a SS that isn’t Simmons or Pastornicky and you’ve got yourself a deal

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      How much is MIL going to assume of his remaining $19M left (through 2013)? That’s too much for ATL, unless we unload something, but even then, that’s a great price for someone that’s a great combo of speed, power, and insanity. 

  22. Potential Trade targets I would like to see on the Braves:
    1. Jed Lowrie… starting SS until Simmons is ready. Pastorniky + AA Reliever for Lowrie
    2. JJ Hardy… ”  “. Pastorniky + _______? for Hardy
    3. Alexei Ramirez ”  “. Jurrjens + Minor League player for Alexei Ramirez
    4. Not Kemp, Not Quientin. Prado will be starting Left field for the Braves, and when Chipper needs a rest than we start Hinske in Left, Prado at 3rd. If there is a major injury then we make a mid-season trade… its as simple as that.

    Our Lineup Should look like this… and its a damn good one so stop being so greedy:
    CF Bourn
    LF Prado
    3B Chipper
    C Mccann
    2B Uggla
    1B Freeman
    SS Lowrie/Hardy/Ramirez
    RF Heyward

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      Hardy/Ramirez just signed extensions, they’re not going anywhere. Get that out of your head. Lowrie is the only one that would be remotely available and if we do go after Lowrie we shouldn’t give up Pastornicky or top pitching prospects (which I think BOS would go after considering Lackey’s TJ surgery and bad starting pitching all around).

    • mikk402 4 years ago

      someone really doesn’t like Pastorniky

  23. cheez13 4 years ago

    I would love for the Braves to sign a RH stick. Don’t see it happening. They don’t have the financial flexibility. They have several expiring contracts in 2012 and young talent approaching arbitration that should take priority in the next couple of years.

    Thye’ll probably offer Gonzalez arbitration to keep him around for one more year. Other than Rollins and Reyes, there isn’t anything better on the open market so keeping him one year on the cheap makes sense. They’ll sign a couple of cheap bullpen arms and thats about it.

    Improvements must come from within. Heyward needs to play like ’10, not ’11. Uggla can’t hit .180 in the first half. Prado needs to hit like ’09 and ’10 not ’11. Bourn for a whole year. Freeman can’t have Heyward sophmore slump. Chipper was fine…play 120 games and hit like he did (he should be in the 5 or 6 hole, not 3rd). Play less one run games so the bullpen doesn’t get overworked. A healthly Hanson and starters working deeper into games…not having Lowe should help but the younger pitchers run their pitch count so high that they struggle to pitch past the 5th or 6th inning. Hopefully, that improves with experience.

    They should compete for the play-offs. They can’t fill holes with big signings like Phils, Sox and Yanks so lets just deal with what we got and those guys need to step-up!

  24. Kevin Sagui 4 years ago

    I can’t believe there isn’t a single person who has mentioned bringing back Andruw Jones to fill the left field void.  He’s not the all-world defender he was back in his heydey, but he’s still pretty decent in left, and he can still mash the hell out of LHP.  He’s still getting some of that deferred salary from the Dodgers, which is why he hasn’t had a problem taking small contracts the last couple of years, and we know he has an affinity for the Braves (as evidenced by going behind Boras’ back to negotiate the first extension).

  25. the simple fact about attendence is this.The ball park is located in the middle of the poorest part of the state.The only other attraction there is umm nothing.If the ball park was located anywhere near the new aaa gwinnett stadium it would probably sell out alot more.For one its in the gheeto and no where near any strong baseball community.Where as marieta,south cobb,sandy springs,gwinnett,and north georgia all have strong baseball ties to the building of youth players.I would have to say that the #1 problem though has got to be that Atlanta is the biggest transplant city ever.I would guess that probably only 50% of Atlanta’s population are actually born there.How can you sell out a stadium when no one around was born there.

  26. atlbravosfan11 4 years ago

    how is that in a perfect world scenario?

  27. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    In a perfect world, Braves fans would be fans and show up to games and not have attendance drop off 5% from 2010. Attendance is to team budget as team budget is to signing quality free agents.

  28. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    Constanza is awful defensively everywhere but LF.   Also, his speed is of no use if he can’t get on base (he hit .150 the last 6 weeks of the season).  I certainly hope the Braves find an upgrade for him.  They also need an upgrades for Jack Wilson and Brooks Conrad.  Lack of depth on the bench was a big problem for the Braves last season. 

    Hopefully Tyler Pastornicky will be the starting shortstop so they can put Alex Gonzalez out to pasture.

  29. I wouldn’t go that far in saying Constanza sucks defensively except in LF.  He played 4 games in CF all season after his call up, so not a big sample size to go off of there.  But considering he played CF for nearly his entire 7 year minor league career before a call up, he couldn’t have been that awful there if he kept playing the position day after day, IMO.

    And don’t worry, its highly unlikely Conrad will be back next year with the Braves.  Hinske, Ross, and Diaz will take 3 spots on the bench.  Whether its Pastornicky/Gonzalez/someone else, you have to have a back up SS on the team which makes #4.  And I for one think the 5th bench spot will go to someone who can back up Bourn in CF should he go down.  Plus, as someone mentioned below, the Braves already have 2 “bat only” type players in Hinske and Diaz.  They don’t need a 3rd in Conrad.

  30. ChiefTomahawk 4 years ago

    You’ve gotta remember the ankle injury didn’t help him getting on base. His speed was his biggest push and a sore ankle was a burden.

  31. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    His mediocre arm strength is enough to tell me that he isn’t a very good defensive CF or RF.  Playing a position in the minors and playing it in the majors is a different story.

  32. ChiefTomahawk 4 years ago

    Why don’t you think Conrad will be back? He always seems to earn a spot on the roster. 

  33. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    Correction:  Constanza had two good weeks, not a month.  He is NOT a major league caliber player.  It’s a given that the Braves will find an upgraded 4th OF, unless of course they are content not making the playoffs again next year. 

  34. So based on that logic, I guess Johnny Damon and Juan Pierre were both terrible defensive OFs since they hard weak throwing arms too.  Yet somehow they’ve both managed to be everyday players (up until recently) for the last 10+ years.

  35. Jeff 4 years ago

    Pastornicky should be able to hit better and play defense better then Conrad.

    I see him at least in a bench role next year, if not starting at SS.  Worst case you can always get a SS at the deadline if Pastornicky isn’t working.

  36. Jeff 4 years ago

    The Braves already have a decent 4th OF in Hinske or Diaz.

    As a 5th OF Constanza is perfectly fine.

  37. inkstainedscribe 4 years ago

    Adam, so based on your logic, Johnny Damon = Jose Constanza?

  38. atlbravosfan11 4 years ago

    Pastornicky will be a starter in atlanta or a starter in triple a. he’s not a replacement for conrad

  39. I agree no way he gets a multi-year deal. There might be an option for a second year, but no way anybody guarantees that second year. Also with only 5mil to spend he’s probably the only plus OFer we’ve got a shot at. I’d rather see them do that and hold the fort in the bullpen than make no significant improvements to the OF. I like Prado a lot and think he’ll rebound, but lets not pretend he doesn’t still play 130+ games even with this addition. By moving a player here or there he can be the fill in everywhere except SS or C.

  40. Jakmagic 4 years ago

    It makes me sick when I am watching the Brewers play in Atlanta. Why don’t many people from that area support their team? Its not like they are a garbage team like a lot of other teams in MLB. Most cities would be grateful to have a team like the Braves. I know that the economy could be a factor but Miller Park is always packed with people. People in ATL, go support your team! It will make your players play harder when they see the ballpark full and hear a croud rooting for them.

  41. In a perfect world the dumbasses in Atlanta wouldn’t have plopped the stadium down in the middle of the ghetto.

  42. Traffic, ghetto, a bunch of transplants live there. If not for TN, AL, NC, VA, FL and the rest of GA, the team would be invisible a la the Hawks and ex-Thrashers

  43. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    I know! I’m from ATL (live in NYC now) and make it out the Braves games when they play the Mets at Citi a few times a year. Being an ATL native, I can tell you that the stadium was built in a bad part of town and the city has done little to nothing to revitalize the area to make it a better atmosphere for fans and game days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not South Central LA, but when you only have a KFC and Holiday Inn within a few miles from the stadium, something is wrong. And if the Olympics couldn’t bring that area back from the dead, the Braves surely ain’t. I wish we had an active owner like Arthur Blank that cares enough about the experience and the team to actively pursue better options (like what he has been doing since acquiring the team and looking for another location for a better Falcons stadium). Sorry for the schpill. 

  44. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    I know! I’m from ATL (live in NYC now) and make it out the Braves games when they play the Mets at Citi a few times a year. Being an ATL native, I can tell you that the stadium was built in a bad part of town and the city has done little to nothing to revitalize the area to make it a better atmosphere for fans and game days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not South Central LA, but when you only have a KFC and Holiday Inn within a few miles from the stadium, something is wrong. And if the Olympics couldn’t bring that area back from the dead, the Braves surely ain’t. I wish we had an active owner like Arthur Blank that cares enough about the experience and the team to actively pursue better options (like what he has been doing since acquiring the team and looking for another location for a better Falcons stadium). Sorry for the schpill. 

  45. Tyler Gresham 4 years ago

    Yeah, the ballpark is in downtown. They should have built it in north Atlanta. It’s too far to go for most people who actually care/can afford to go to a game.

  46. Jeff 4 years ago

    Most Braves fans live too far away to attend games.  They’d probably get higher attendance in Charlotte or Raleigh then Atlanta.

  47. Jeff 4 years ago

    He’d get games.  Personally, I’d start him at SS, but have a defensive replacement SS for when Hudson pitches or late in games.

  48. Jeff 4 years ago

    What’s so bad about him?  Scutaro for JJ seems a bit too good from our side though.

    Hard to find a way to split the difference.

  49. Tyler Gresham 4 years ago

    JJ is an injury risk. He’s proven it over the last few years with knee problems. The Sox would want to lower the return, and so the trade as stated seems pretty even for both. We should have traded him last year at the All-Star Break, then we would have gotten a solid return.

  50. sunking1056 4 years ago

    In a perfect world, you would actually know what you’re talking about.

  51. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    Well, when the Olympics is dangling in front of you providing you an ultimatum to build a new stadium there or risk not having the Olympics in Atlanta, you give in to the international committee and Billy Payne. I’d chalk it up to have too good of an opportunity by hosting The Games to really care what’d happen 15-20 years in the future and hoping for the best.

  52. angryredmenace 4 years ago

    I remember back in the mid-nineties The Yankees tried to used the same excuse for why they weren’t drawing fans.The south bronx was suppose to be like a battlefield and people just didn’t want to go there.Then the Yankees started winning and all of a sudden people were filling up the ballpark that was supposedly in too dangerous of an area for most fans.Now I’m hearing that same argument from braves fans, except they have a winning team.So the question is why they are not showing up.My answer is atlanta is not a baseball city and never will be.They aren’t  baseball crazed like Boston or New York.Like many southern states, football is king and baseball is just a second string QB who people like but won’t go out of their way to meet.

  53. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    Wow! You don’t know what you’re talking about. With all due respect, I’m from Atlanta (lived there 20+ years, now in NYC), and it’s a baseball haven. Go over to East Cobb and take a look at the future major leaguers over there. Atlanta has so many things going on, and the stadium isn’t ideally located to really compete with a lot of the other things going on. Falcons are selling out games, sure, but they’re also ideally located next to Philips Arena and Centennial Olympic Park, which has been revitalized over the last half-decade. What does the area around Turner Field have going on besides a new Sheraton Inn just outside the stadium? Fact is, the Braves marketing to the city is poor, knowing how many other things they have going on and not being centrally located. The fans you do see are mainly a mix between die hard fans, families, and young people, but you rarely see many people over 40 ever at a night game. It’s next to I-20 so everyone comes in for the games, then jumps on the interstate and heads home, if they do go to the game. I’ve been to a Phillies game and that’s totally not the case. Everyone….EVERYONE….in the city goes to the games. Yes, even when they’re playing the Nationals (and Stras is sitting). 

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