Angels Sign Albert Pujols

The Angels are the bridesmaid no more.  Albert Pujols signed a ten-year deal with the Angels, reports Yahoo's Tim Brown.  He receives a full no-trade clause.  Pujols decided this morning, writes Brown.  The Angels have since announced the monumental signing, which ESPN's Buster Olney says is for $254MM.  It's the second-largest contract in baseball history in terms of overall and average annual value, behind Alex Rodriguez's ten-year, $275MM deal with the Yankees four years ago.  Pujols is represented by Dan Lozano of Icon Sports Group.

PujolsPujols, 32 in January, was drafted by the Cardinals in 1999 in the 13th round and began his career with a staggering 11-year stretch.  The first baseman is the active career leader in batting average (.328) and slugging percentage (.617).  He's second among active players in career on-base percentage at .421, so Pujols certainly fits new Angels GM Jerry Dipoto's plan to improve the team's OBP.  Pujols owns a Rookie of the Year award and three MVP awards, and has ranked no worse than ninth in the MVP voting in every season of his career.  He's been extremely durable, averaging 155 games per season.  

Pujols anchors an Angels offense that ranked tenth in the American League in 2011 with 4.12 runs scored per game.  With Kendrys Morales and Mark Trumbo, Dipoto now has a surplus at first base, but reportedly he won't trade either.  Within an hour of the Pujols signing breaking, Dipoto completed a five-year, $77.5MM deal with free agent lefty C.J. Wilson, bringing the team's total today to $331.5MM.

The Cardinals signed Pujols to a long-term deal in 2004, which ended up being a huge bargain at $111MM over eight years.  Pujols and the Cardinals failed to find common ground on an extension in February this year, but the contract didn't seem a distraction as the team ended up winning the World Series.

The suddenly free-spending Marlins made the high bid for Pujols this offseason at ten years and $275MM, but they would not bend on their policy of avoiding full no-trade clauses.  They seemingly dropped out after signing Mark Buehrle.  The Cubs reportedly made an offer to Pujols as well.  Up until Thursday morning, the Cardinals were considered the favorite, though they reportedly topped out with a nine-year offer that was just the fourth-best he received.  Pujols could have been the next Stan Musial, but even a call from the legendary Cardinals Hall of Famer couldn't convince him to take less money to stay in St. Louis.  It's not much of a consolation prize, but the Cardinals will receive the Angels' #19 pick in the 2012 draft as well as a supplemental choice. 

With Pujols off the market, Prince Fielder is the top prize still available for teams looking to add a big bat. However, based on recent reports, the most aggressive suitors for Pujols, the Cardinals and Marlins, won't be involved in the bidding for Fielder.

 Photo courtesy of Icon SMI.

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  1. bringbackandruw 4 years ago

    Best Winter Meeting Ever.

  2. $3513744 4 years ago

    I’m honestly more surprised no team was dumb enough to go up to $300.

  3. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    Pujols and Wilson headed to LA…wow, just freaking wow!!!

  4. Andrew Faris 4 years ago

    I’ll say it again: the Angels just gave 250 million dollars for 10 years to a 32 year old coming off the worst season he’s ever had.

    • $3513744 4 years ago

      Well that guy also happens to be Pujols, who’s worst season ever still produced .299/37/99/.541/.906.  Not a whole of guys can say they had such a piss poor year.  

    • Same went for Vladdy, minus the 250 million and being 32.

  5. Big market teams wins again.

  6. Dermick 4 years ago

    The Cardinals just turned into a 3rd place team

    • So they are right there with the Reds and Brewers…Cubs still far behind…Pirates an afterthought

      • Dermick 4 years ago

        The brewers have a far better line-up, and they have a better pitching staff than St. Louis. The Reds also have a far superior line up, and with a little worse pitching staff. No way the cards compete in 2012

        • Just like this year…oh wait…

          The Brewers won’t have Prince, Cards have Wainwright back and the Reds 2010 were a fluke.

          • Dermick 4 years ago

            The difference is the Brewers still have Braun. Who do the Cardinals have? An overpaid left fielder? An aging 1B that probably wont repeat his 2011 stats? A third baseman that can’t stay healthy? 

          • Braun without protection…and the Cardinals now have money to spend…how are the Brewers getting better this offseason?

          • Dermick 4 years ago

            The Brewers don’t need to get better, and when has Mo ever went after a big free agent? 

          • Braves Fan 85
            Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

            braun doesnt need peotection but at least he has hart and mghee…pujol has a has been abreu and tori hunter …pujols will sill b good but cmon, hes got to face king felix and a pretty good a’s staff…whod he face in the NL central?

          • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

            Cardinals are still the best team in the division.

          • Dermick 4 years ago

            How? The Brewers have a better pitching staff and line-up

          • Braves Fan 85
            Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

            I’m not picking sides but the reds chose their destiny when the locked up arroyo and then way overrated their pitching staff

  7. So they get an All Star caliber 1st basemen for 100 mil/4 years and then are paying a DH 150 mil for 6 years.  OUCH!!

  8. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    People always say they would leave 40 million on the table. Well, I wouldn’t. I don’t think a lot of other people would either. That can buy a lot of good will where I come from.

    • grownice 4 years ago

      Could it buy you an original profile?

    • I agree with you bleacher creaturd.  You always wish these players would do something like take less money and stay when they play for your team.  Cliff Lee and Weaver showed a lot of class to take less money to go/stay with a team they liked. You always want to think you’d do the right thing, but sadly, most of us (myself included) probably wouldn’t do the right thing.

  9. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    Good signings by the Angels. Definitely won the Winter Meetings.

    • Braves Fan 85
      Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

      winter meetings,sure but thats only 4 days of the offseason

  10. Latrappe 4 years ago

    Yanks, Sox, Rangers and now the Angels… Things will be interesting in the AL…

  11. 10 years, $275 million offer from the Marlins just reported. The refusal of the no-trade clause and the DH probably gave the Angels the edge. Hard to believe the Marlins outbid the Halos.

  12. GoFish 4 years ago

    “Our moving to the AL West means we won’t have to see Albert Pujols anymore.  Hold on….he signed WHERE?!  Oh crap.”

    – Houston Astros

  13. Tim 4 years ago

    Great, so the cardinals screw the Phillies over again. Now Jimmy is going to pull his Ricky Henderson act and get us into a bidding war.

    • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

      He’s earned that right. If he gets a five year offer (not happening) he should take it.

  14. Pujols will turn out to be an aging albatross in 3 years. Hear me now, believe me later! He will be oft-injured. He’s 32, and on the downside of his career.

    Another loss for the Angels organization.

  15. rainyperez 4 years ago

    If Rangers sign Darvish and Fielder the AL West will be an interesting race to watch. 

  16. To those who say Wilson> Darvish.  There is a reason the Rangers never tried to re-sign him and that the Yankees were never in it even though they obviously have the cash and a big need for pitching.  Wilson is highly over rated

    • Eddie Millhauser 4 years ago

      Wilson is overrated and not worth the money he was paid. BUT 

      I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to face any of those guys.

    • Eddie Millhauser 4 years ago

      Wilson is overrated and not worth the money he was paid. BUT 

      I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to face any of those guys.

  17. baybombers 4 years ago

    Does this mean the cards make a run for prince?

  18. slider32 4 years ago

    I don’t think anyone saw this coming, the Angels just put themselves in the playoffs.

  19. alxn 4 years ago

    I wonder if Pujols would consider playing 3rd for a year until Hunter and Abreu come off the books.

  20. Blue387 4 years ago

    I was surprised by this. I think I going to lie down.

  21. sports33 4 years ago

    I think he’s trying to point out the potential decline involved with signing him for 10 years. Even if he declines from OH MY GOD!!!! to just a demi-god, the declining signs are there.

  22. I feel bad for the Astros that can never escape Albert Pujols…Ha!

  23. klau 4 years ago

    Cardinals sign Prince? They have the money, why not spend it

    • jhfdssdaf 4 years ago

      Because Prince’s long term deal will work out even worse than Pujols’s.  Prince is too overweight.  I don’t see him aging well.

  24. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

    wow congrats to the Angels for a horrible contract. the only thing going for them is that they are an AL team so u know pujols will b DHing in about 5 years….thats a lot of money to pay a dh….also Pujols is a flat out liar to go along with this crybaby poor sport attitude, with one year remaining on his last contract he was asked about his next contract and he said he already made his money and that he just wants to play for st louis…hmmmm seems like he went after the money here. well the angels will have some work to do now after commiting 25mil a year to a 31 yr old 1st baseman coming off his worst season and having 2 other 1st baseman on the team, one of which is a beast of a rookie who wouldve cost them league min. glad Im a braves fan

    • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

      Trumbo is not a beast

      • Braves Fan 85
        Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

        29 hrs 87 rbis in only 149 games and hes 25 yrs old…yeah hes not a beast

        • Jeff Westcott 4 years ago

          Dude, you just cited a meaningless number (RBI’s), implied that if you extrapolate his numbers he’d be even more impressive (“only 149 games,” which doesn’t even make sense because 149 games is over 90% of a season), and pointed to the ONLY thing he has going for him (29 HR’s). These are mortal sins my friend. 

          Trumbo has power, no doubt, but his OBP is abysmal and he’s barely average in the field. Just having above average power doesn’t a beast make.

          • Braves Fan 85
            Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

            29 hrs in a season u get called up due to an injury and u dont think this guys a beast? beast doesnt mean hes a five tool player the guys 6’4″ 220 and hes 25…he had 12 less rbis than pujols…and rbis do mean something, they mean u drive guys in..youre prolly one of those people that feel smart because u follow sabremetrics …and by 149 games Im implying he couldve done more had he played in 13 more games

          • Almost nobody plays in 162 games…. you realize that right? At best he might play in 5-6 more games in a full season and hit 31 HR instead of 29. And no, RBIs do not mean anything. I think that’s been pretty well established by now that they are purely a function of how many guys happen to be on base in front of you, not as a result of some special ability to knock guys in. It’s dependent on your OBP, AVG, SLG, or whatever else the real stat guys like to look at, but it’s definitely not an independent stat on its own.

          • Braves Fan 85
            Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

            u could break down any stat like that hrs dont count if they r solo shots or ur team is up 10-0 get real if a guy 25 yrs old in a year he gts alled up hits 29 bombs and 87 rbis hes a beast i didnt say he was the mvp but id pay him $500,000 for those numbers than 25mil at age 32 for around30-35 hrs 100rbis

          • Jeff Westcott 4 years ago

            Look, I never said that Trumbo sucks because he doesn’t. I never said that he isn’t valuable because he is. I never said he isn’t worth $500,000 — in fact I’d say he’s easily worth 10 times that amount. My claim, is purely definitional and as such quite limited and general: If all you provide is power you’re not a “beast.” Simple as that.

          • Almost nobody plays in 162 games…. you realize that right? At best he might play in 5-6 more games in a full season and hit 31 HR instead of 29. And no, RBIs do not mean anything. I think that’s been pretty well established by now that they are purely a function of how many guys happen to be on base in front of you, not as a result of some special ability to knock guys in. It’s dependent on your OBP, AVG, SLG, or whatever else the real stat guys like to look at, but it’s definitely not an independent stat on its own.

        • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

          Go check his OBP for me. The only thing the guy can do is hit home runs. That’s it. 

          • Braves Fan 85
            Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

            cmon the dude got called up a month in go lookat any superstars obp their first year

          • Jeff Westcott 4 years ago

            Your disinclination to use punctuation (properly or otherwise) makes it very hard to understand what you’re saying, so if I’m misunderstanding you please let me apologize in advance.

            Taking your points in order: First, the fact that he didn’t play the first month of the season has no bearing on his OBP. OBP tells you how often (on average) a player reaches base relative to the number of times he comes up to bat. Not how many times he reached base in an absolute sense. Second, Albert Pujols’ OBP in his first year (2001) was .403, so it’s clearly not the case that everyone — even superstars — always has a poor OPB in their rookie season.

            It should be said that while Trumbo’s carer mionor league OBP (.330) isn’t very good, it’s much better than his OBP last year so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make some improvement this year.

          • Eddie Millhauser 4 years ago

            he can work on OBP. He IS a beast.

          • Eddie Millhauser 4 years ago

            he can work on OBP. He IS a beast.

    • Glad you’re a Braves fans?


      • Braves Fan 85
        Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

        yeah becasue practically our entire team is young. the only big contract we have is uggla and we have a pitching rich farm system…until august we had the 4th best record in baseball with a eam hitting like 240…all the hype of the phillies staff yet ours stood toe to toe until injuries hitus and we had lowe as our #1! what team do u like?

  25. JackPackage 4 years ago

    Blessing in disguise really, I bet all the teams that ‘wanted’ to sign him were secretly glad he signed elsewhere. Intense fan base pressure but inevitably the contract will become a poison chalice. The Angels make another awful signing, just think if they never missed out on Adrian Beltre…. right now they wouldn’t have Wells or Pujols, although if they win a WS (Or two) in the next few years I guess it all works out in the end. Can anyone argue that after adding Wilson and Pujols the Angels are the best team in baseball… on paper at least?

    What an absolute shocker though… I’d never even consider the Angels as a Pujols contender…. wow.What if the Rangers now go out and grab Prince Fielder? ZOMG!!!

  26. He quite simply has said St Louis doesn’t get a discount just because they are his current team. He wanted to be paid fairly, and fair is being paid as the best hitter in baseball, possibly top 5 hitter of all time. Stop trying to crucify the guy for shopping his talents.

    • Braves Fan 85
      Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

      hitter maybe but theres a lot of guys that hit 300 and 30hrs…nobodies mad cause hes doing what every other player does, i specifically dislike him for what he said and then did…

  27. Dave Janeway 4 years ago

    This 10 year deal is more about Baseball’s Union than it is Pujols. Every agent in baseball now has another benchmark player to base players performance on. All this means for us Fans is:

    Higher Prices
    Club operations getting cheaper.
    Stronger demand for taxpayer paid stadiums
    Owners devising newer ways to fleece the fan much like Pittsburgh and Florida has done for years.

  28. ChiCubs13 4 years ago

    I have mixed emotions, I’m glad Pujols is out of the NL beacuse he is one of the most feared hitters of all time, and deservedly so. However, I wanted to see him stay a Cardinal for life, very few players do that but I understand it is a business and he has every right to do what he wants. Also I’m sad because a contract like that would have handcuffed the Cardinals organization down the road. Oh well, here is to you Albert and hope you provide the AL West as much terror as you did the NL Central.

    • The Cards needed to not let him get to free agency.  Once that happened, it was over for them.  As for the contract dragging the Angels down, it is reported that their new TV contract should give them $1 billion plus over the ten years.  That will more than pay for his declining years.  

      • ChiCubs13 4 years ago

        I didn’t say it was going to handcuff the Angels. I said it would have handcuffed the Cardinals organization….

  29. Cardsfan60 4 years ago

    Nobody is worth that much money! No one. Now the cards can go get some pitching and a shortstop.

    • Panelli 4 years ago

      Sports are a business, its not about loyalty. Paying players this amount of money is ruining sports. Good luck to the Cards and to the Angels

  30. SheaGoodbye 4 years ago

    It would be nice to see at least ONE great player spend most of or his entire career with one team. Maybe Fielder will resign with the Brewers LOL.

  31. jim 4 years ago

    Albert Pujols, 02/15/2009: “”Do I want to be in STL forever? Of course. People from other teams want to play in STL and they are jealous that we’re in STL because the fans are unbelievable. So why would you want to leave a place like STL to go somewhere else and make 3 OR 4 MORE MILLION A YEAR? IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY. I ALREADY GOT MY MONEY. IT’S ABOUT WINNING, THAT’S IT.”

    • John 4 years ago

      If it was really about money he would have signed with miami

    • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

      It’s like re-reading a text from an ex girlfriend who said she would never leave you then breaks up with you the next week

      • Actually it’s more like reading a text from almost three years ago, and you’re lying in your bed, dirty and unshaven, clutching a framed photo and rereading a text long after you should have moved on.

    • I bet St. Louis regrets being cheap now

      • jim 4 years ago

        I bet the Angels regret being saddled with a $25 mil annual contract in 4-5 years.

        • Would Cardinals fans be saying this if the sides were flipped?

          I highly doubt it.

          Guess it wasn’t a good idea to keep calling him the best player in baseball and not attempt to pay him as such, eh?

          • jhfdssdaf 4 years ago

            I would.  I was unhappy with the thought of paying him $22 mil per year for 9 years (last year’s offer), but willing to accept it to keep the face of the franchise.  $25 mil is too much for the Cardinals budget.  Angels can afford a bigger payroll.  Cards can’t.

    • Fstuffup 4 years ago

      Someone’s angry…

    • Braves Fan 85
      Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

      ha! i told u guys read my comment from about an hr ago i knew he said that!

    • He won two rings with the Cards. He’s aggressive, he wants a new challenge during his twilight years: teaching Vernon Wells how to hit and showing Mark Trumbo how to take a walk.

  32. burtonbball88 4 years ago

    I’ll give you 50 million dollars to delete that comment (not really, but you get the point). You could ask Pujols for some extra scratch since the Cardinals don’t have money to hand out to their most valuable asset who brought them 2 championships.

  33. mgsports 4 years ago

    Albert to 3B. Aramis Ramirez to Cardinals to play 1b. Prince to Marlins.

  34. Said it before and I’ll say it again, the Cardinals el cheapo tactics came back to haunt them.

    The fact they were willing to let him hit the open market was insane. Then, he helps them win another World Series. What did you expect was going to happen?

    Blood is on their hands.

  35. Ryan McGue 4 years ago

    Congrats you grossly overpaid for a player that is entering the twilight of his career.

  36. HolaAmigas 4 years ago

    So are the Cards going after Fielder now?

  37. HolaAmigas 4 years ago

    I understand that the Angels made two big signings today, but please do not mistake us for Red Sox fans. We’re excited, yes, because for the last 3 years we’ve been put in hell by Reagins.

    • Well, you did still sign LaTroy Hawkins.

      Other than that, you should be happy.

      I’d prefer Buehrle over Wilson though..

      • HolaAmigas 4 years ago

        I’ll take either.

      • WasianCU 4 years ago

        Hawkins was a solid low risk signing to bolster the bullpen for 1 year / 3 million.  Even if he flops, it really doesn’t cost much.  If he does well, he adds depth to a bullpen in the 7th inning for Downs and Walden.

  38. angels phillies ws the two best rotations in baseball now halladay vs haren game 1 weaver lee game 2 hamels wilson game 3 vanimal santana game 4 wwwwwoooooooowwwww this will b a hell of a ws in 2012

    • Braves Fan 85
      Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

      you did follow baseball this past season right?

    • Why would Weave not get the Game 1 start? Although I do like your thinking: Danny responds to big matchups really well. King Felix, Verlander, etc.


  40. jwsox 4 years ago

    cards fan this contract actually helps your team. Yes you lose the best hitter of a generation. But you already got 2 world series and 3 MVP’s from. Yes he could have stayed and been a god among men. But the cards did allow him to go to free agency. But look at it like this its a 10 year 250+ mill contract meaning they will be paying him 25+(most likely + due to how the money works out) to DH when he is 38,39,40 and 41!!!!…..that is franchise crippling. The cards got the best years out of albert. And i dont care how old he is or anything he is coming off a down year(yes i know a down year for him is a great year for everyone else) coming off surgery. This is a great contract for Albert obviously, he did gives the cards more than enough time to resign him so please cards fans stop….  Its a good deal for the cards because they wont have to pay him 20+ mill a season while he is in his late 30’s and early 40’s. This is a confusing deal for the Angles. They already have a horrible contract on the books in wells, a big contract in hunter and abreu. then add the 25 a season for albert until he is 41. Plus they already had Kendrys and Trumbo. And they are saying they wont trade either one of them which means they are going to have wayy to many guys on the roster…this is confusing…but again cards fans your team had 2 years to resign the best hitter of our generation ad they did. Dont be mad at albert be mad at the GM and the owner. ALso be happy that you wont have to face him any time soon

  41. RPK3113 4 years ago

    Do we know if the contract has a “shoot, I was caught in the new HGH testing program” clause?

    Luckily for Cardinal fans, 1B is an easy position to fill in terms of getting decent offense. They already have Berkman, now Craig can shift to starting OF.

    • WasianCU 4 years ago

      Should be an HGH or an age clause since he was born in the Dominican.

  42. Wrek305 4 years ago

    Perfect place for pujols. . 90% of their team is mexican or speak very little english

  43. Joe Johnson 4 years ago

    Pujols at Third, Trumbo at First, and Morales DH? WAAAAY too long a contract with too many years for a 32 year old first baseman. He better play a little third to make it worth while.

  44. Wrek305 4 years ago

    Aramis ramirez is too lazy to be on the cards he will go to the AL and Dh

  45. Devon Henry 4 years ago

    CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols!!! Holy Sh*t!!!

  46. WasianCU 4 years ago

    Pujols went home last night and prayed for an answer.  Tim Tebow said, go forth my son and sign with the Angels.  And so it is…

  47. lefty58 4 years ago

    They’re going to hate this deal in 3 years when he turns 40.

    • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

      In 3 years? in 3 yrs he will be 35..And i love this now and till the end..This is the start of something new for the Angels..Not only does he make the team better but he is going to create a lot of sell outs..Which is very very good for Angels and there fans =)

  48. Congrats pujols! hopefully you set the hr record!

    Great guy, hope he enjoys his time.

    Cardinals fans need to stop the hating, your organization will move on. Also by bitching about the contract you are just making yourselves look pathetic. Look he will be overpaid by the time hes 40, but hell if berkman can put up numbers when he is 36 whose to say pujols cant? If the angels get 1 ring out of him it will be good, if he brings them two rings, boom deal well worth it.

  49. Thurman8er 4 years ago

    Only because I haven’t said a word about it all day.  What I love about this just as much as the way it makes me look forward to 2012 is the removal of the “bridesmaid” tag.  Reagins made us a laughingstock.  Dipoto is making us a champion.

  50. lefty177 4 years ago

    I was going to pin this on Pujols but it’s the Card’s front office that dropped the ball, he was the face of their franchise, they could’ve opened their checkbook anytime they wanted to to do a new deal but they didn’t want to. I think Pujols & Wilson now make the Angels the AL West favorites

  51. dansaitz 4 years ago

    Nobody’s worth that type of money!  Professional sports have gotten out of hand in a society where more and more people are finding themselves out of work.  I can’t afford to go to professional sporting events: however, I rely on viewing them on television/cable.  The obscene amounts of money that players are receiving are simply passed on to the dedicated fans that do still attend events in person.  Both the players and the owners are responsible for this state of affairs and not Albert Pujols.  Mr. Pujols has simply taken the very most he can for his family with no real consideration for anyone else.

    • alxn 4 years ago

      Newsflash: sports are not centered around you and what you can/cannot do. Enough people can afford to go to games at the current prices for teams to justify paying these players these contracts. Would you rather owners pocket the money, because they are not about to lower prices so every fan can afford to go to games. They’re going to do what is most profitable. If that prices you and other fans out of going to games, then so be it. At least you can watch on TV. Also, Pujols is one of the more charitable players in the league.

  52. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    The reason Pujols didnt take 220 to stay with the Cards was simple. In the last month or so he had a charity dinner for his foundation. Not one teammate showed up. NOT ONE. After hearing this I decided yea he was about the money but he probably felt not wanted by his teammates.

    • Maybe if albert didn’t act above his team, coaches, and the game they would have.

      despite the fact that your story lacks merit and is pretty petty and ridiculous

  53. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    The reason Pujols didnt take 220 to stay with the Cards was simple. In the last month or so he had a charity dinner for his foundation. Not one teammate showed up. NOT ONE. After hearing this I decided yea he was about the money but he probably felt not wanted by his teammates.

  54. Stuart 4 years ago

    I want the LAAoA to trade for David Wright now. Mike Trout for DW straight up

    • 12DenoEbel12 4 years ago

      haha no

    • why would the halos let go of Trout? Hunter is out next season, which lets Trout get some more minor league action this season to step up for the next.

  55. no ouch no nothin, We got Pujols Bitches hahaha CRY YOUR TEARS TASTE LIKE MY VICTORY HAHAHAHAHA

  56. justme 4 years ago

    This is just insane i can understand why the angels would like to have him,as a cubs fans this is the greatest thing that could have happened,but to spend over 300 mill on two players as if it was like penny candy at a drug store is just foolish..and all it really does is make them a player not even guarantees anything when u still have to compete with the likes of the yanks, bo soxs rangers and tampa…the angels were a above average team to start with, 2 players doesn’t make them unstoppable..just good.Personally these guys would have been better off with the marlins…with albert reyes hanley stanton and logan they would have had a far better team…and less to compete with in the n.l…and finally at best u are going get 5 really great years out of albert…Then they are strapped with the rest and no way out,they should have learned from the cubs with soriano amongst others,for there sake i hope they win it all or they will regret this for a very long time.

  57. PushDown 4 years ago

    Dipoto started the winter meetings by saying he had only about 15-20 mill to play with.
    He denied interest in Pujols.
    All he had to say early Wednesday was we’re going to improve our bullpen.

    Jerry Dipoto you sly sounvagun.

  58. Kyle Gorgonio 4 years ago

    Im an Angels fan so excited cant wait ha ha Rangers!!!!!

  59. hahahaha loss??? no buddy your team lost be got the best player in the game.hahaha

  60. Dodger fans go worry about your bankruptcy or the signing of the great aron harang, LOL, we just got pujols and your dodgers got tissues

  61. James Grenard 4 years ago

    Is this nightmare over yet? Albert is still a Cardinal, right?

  62. James Grenard 4 years ago

    Is this nightmare over yet? Albert is still a Cardinal, right?

  63. Bruce Thoele 4 years ago

    reds still arent gonna make the playoffs

  64. Bruce Thoele 4 years ago

    ummm all i can say is none of the east teams that made it to even the lcs so ok

  65. mwagner26 4 years ago

    OH god, we’re screwed.

  66. mwagner26 4 years ago

    OH god, we’re screwed.

  67. rayking 4 years ago

    You do realize we can allocate his money elsewhere on other free agents, right?

  68. $1639238 4 years ago

    Yeah, it sure hurts that we won’t be paying a 41 years old first baseman $25 million dollars in 2020.

  69. They did when the world series this year, Eric.

  70. LMAO @ Cardinal fans….I beliieve they can claim ownership to the best bargain in baseball history (AP over the last 10 years) Two Championships…The Cardinals will be contenders just like they were before AP.  If you knew any Cardinal fans most of them didn’t wish for the team to cripple the franchise to sign Pujols.

  71. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    I doubt they’ll spend much of it this year. We’ll see but the Cardinals are still right with the Reds and Brewers even without Albert.

  72. Yea…like Carlos Pena or something…behehehe

  73. BluMule 4 years ago

    Perfectly said

  74. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    this is exactly what I said yelled out loud a second ago upon reading this headline. wow. good for the angels, for now.

  75. I’m about as capitalistic as it gets, but for Albert to sign with the Angels for the most money, rather than a city that adores him that he just won another World Series with, might tell people more about Albert than any of the words that flow from his lips.

  76. Gumby65 4 years ago

    No need to start an “Albert Pujols signing reactions” thread.

  77. All my condolences too Cards fans , they now know he we felt about Reyes leaving

  78. Panelli 4 years ago

    At the end of the day, baseball is a business. There’s not such a thing as loyalty. Sports are getting out of control with the money they pay players.
    Good luck to St Louis and the ANgels

  79. HolaAmigas 4 years ago

    This totally makes up for Crawford, Beltre, and Teixeira flops by Reagins. Maybe not Vernon Wells, but this has made my day.

  80. Chewtoy123 4 years ago

    So they say.

  81. $5427573 4 years ago

    lol they can always trade for Morales or Trumbo :)

  82. nebelski 4 years ago

    Berkman or Craig… The GM was quoted as saying that there isn’t a back-up plan for losing Pujols since they still feel they’d be covered and a great team.  I agree!  Holliday, Jay, and Craig in the OF, Freese and Berkman at the corners, Molina catching… Carpenter, Wainwright, Garcia… They’re still a very solid team.

  83. $3513744 4 years ago

    Let’s see what happens first.  We can’t ever underestimate the halos. They always seem to find a way to compete.

  84. TophersReds 4 years ago


  85. Guest 4 years ago

    Don’t know who your team is, but that’s exactly what I though. CJ Wilson and Pujols, eff.

  86. raffish 4 years ago

    Nah.  He’ll probably be slipping by the time we’re serious contenders.  And we get to watch him play.  The AL West is getting exciting!

  87. jordan4giants 4 years ago

    Cubs fans I have a question, what games to you look forward to more: Cards or Pirates? My guess is Cards because it made for good baseball. Yes they became an easier opponent, but don’t you enjoy a win so much more when its against a good team? Ablert made them great.

  88. “your are”

    you call yourself intelligent?

  89. Or maybe, just maybe he’s also Baseball fan who enjoys being able to see in person one of the greatest players to ever live…this is coming from a Reds fan btw.

  90. mwagner26 4 years ago

    “As a intelligent”

    Oh, you.

  91. CutTheString 4 years ago

    And I’m am stoked that the Cardinals lost him.

  92. swankwank 4 years ago

    Actually it would have been nice if he stayed in St. Louis because it would cripple the team financially for the next 10 years.

  93. scott brecht 4 years ago

    You weren’t saying that an hour ago.  

  94. alxn 4 years ago

    Is that a serious question? One world series every 10 years is a terrific ratio.

  95. Kayrall 4 years ago


    Also, would you not rather watch arguably the greatest player of all time play more often?  I’m also a Bears fan, but I love the rivalry with the Packers and watching Brett Favre for all those years.

  96. Their the florida marlins of the AL.

  97. laffingrass 4 years ago


  98. Dont forget the Astros too.

  99. BluMule 4 years ago

    in about 6-8 years not a couple. and if his production drops then he falls to the rest of the pack

  100. laffingrass 4 years ago

    Haha, his production falling would turn him into something like .270/25/90 at worst.

    I’ll take it.

  101. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    no, I actually really care more about our team winning. you know cause ima fan of my team, it’s kinda important.

  102. Chewtoy123 4 years ago

    He’s shooting his legacy the middle finger. Stay classy, AP.

  103. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    pretty sure he said he wanted to hit free agency and see what was out there.

  104. CutTheString 4 years ago

    I think it tells them that the Cardinals should have taken care of this before Holiday and not taken the fact that that he’d resign with them for granted.
    People in Anaheim will adore him too, at least for the first few years of the deal, and if they win a World Series, it makes his legacy even greater.

  105. Casor_Greener 4 years ago

    I hate it when people try to criticize a man’s character for taking a lot of money, knowing full well they’d probably sell their soul for half that amount.

    So you are saying he should give up $20M-$30M for his kids and future descendants to satisfy the will of the owner?!?!?!? Man please! If the owners respected him properly they would have matched any offer.  Then had he accepted another offer over a match by St. Louis you could call him shady, absent of that you are just hating.

  106. mypoint02 4 years ago

    Would you be able to leave $30-40MM on the table?

  107. $3513744 4 years ago

    As if there’s something wrong with making a smarter financial decision?

  108. Jeff 4 years ago

    Wasn’t he at Glenn Beck’s rally along with LaRussa?

  109. MaineSox 4 years ago

    The Angels offered him an extra $40M, is loyalty worth $40M to you? 

  110. jermaine morgan 4 years ago

    fault the cardinals for being cheap. Face with 2 job offers one in your home town or one that pays more in a better town?

  111. mypoint02 4 years ago

    I think the Cards offer was fair and even pretty risky at that.  The Angels offer is just insane.  That being said, I don’t think the Cards and their fans have any right to be upset that he took more money.  They’ve had arguably the best player in baseball on the cheap his entire career and won two Championships in that time.  He topped out at $14.5MM last season.  Did Albert ever make an issue of that? Not that I know of. The Cards knew what they had and chose to ride out the length of his contract.  It should have been torn up years ago in favor of a long term deal to keep him there his entire career.  No one to blame but themselves for that.

  112. we got the best 10 years out of him, he deserved his money im glad he’s getting it from the angels. god bless him

  113. Berkman would be good at first, if they are going to spend money it would be on things up the middle

  114. tellrodt 4 years ago

    I know, I saw that too hahahahaja.

  115. Infield Fly 4 years ago

    ….and he’s “syked” too!!

  116. I think Cardinal fans are still laughing at the Jays for the Rasmus deal….

  117. Evan Waters 4 years ago

    The Cards have two WS titles in the past few years and still have a good team to boot. Nobody’s laughing at them. At least anyone with a brain.

  118. from a yankees fan who wonders why the yankees did this with Arod, its not that smart. and although people will prob stop suckin pujoles d$%k for a couple minutes to try to talk shyt to me but i wouldnt be surprised if last season was the start of a decline. last season he batted 27 points less then his carreer average his 99 RBI’s is the lowest of his career and although he still hit 37 HR’s his slugging % On-base % and OPS are well below his career average. maybe the move to the AL will help him. and to be honest i wouldnt move trumbo at all, they could still ask pujols if he would be comftorble to play 3B a full season. he has played 3B a few games.

  119. Forget about what will probably be and enjoy the moment, dude. YOU GOT PUJOLS!  Ride the wave and enjoy you next couple of Division Titles. Heck, we may all be dead in 10 years. lol

  120. RonnieCoale 4 years ago

    He’s out of the National League! Yeah!!

  121. Kayrall 4 years ago

    Are you questioning my care for the Cubs’ success?  You are quite misled .

    I guess it comes down to me being able to appreciate the sport more on ALL facets.

  122. Kayrall 4 years ago

     Cards Cubs games are Wrigley are the best, although not as intense come next year, unfortunately.

  123. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    so 11 years of watching Pujols beat up on the Cubs wasn’t enough for you?

  124. burtonbball88 4 years ago

    Then buy MLB.TV and shut up. I could go a lifetime without seeing Pujols play another game. As long as the Cubs win.

  125. And won a World Series…

  126. phenom? are we still talking Rasmus? LOL

  127. Marky Mark 4 years ago

    no pujols, duncan, larussa = third place finish, enough the decline

  128. MB923 4 years ago

    Well that’s because they would have paid Pujols $20 mil in 2020 (had he taken the Cards offer)

  129. Kayrall 4 years ago

    in those 11 years, the Cubs won the division 3 times.  I do not interpret that as Pujols stifling the Cubs ability to make it to the post season. 

    And no, I would rather watch him for the length of his career.

    Similar example: I wish I could go back and watch the length of Jordan’s career as I only caught the latter end of it before I could really appreciate it.  This would apply even if I WAS NOT a Bulls fan.

  130. Kayrall 4 years ago

     Watching good players play the game well is fun.  Period.

  131. levendis 4 years ago

    hmmm didnt know only taking 220 Mill would jeopardize his kids future. 

  132. goner 4 years ago

    I don’t know anything about the difference between the relative city income tax rates of Anaheim and St Louis, but the CA state income tax in Albert’s bracket is something like 10%, while it’s 6% in MO.  a large chunk of that $20-$30M difference could very well be eaten up by the difference in state income tax rates.

  133. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    I actaully respect his character. again, he didnt take the Cardinal offer I truly believe becuase when he had a charity dinner in November no teammates showed up. He felt disrespected.

  134. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    I actaully respect his character. again, he didnt take the Cardinal offer I truly believe becuase when he had a charity dinner in November no teammates showed up. He felt disrespected.

  135. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    I agree, but that’s why we have tv. we can still watch pujols be great. and don’t forget year-round interleague. you’ll have your chance to see him in person again. Don’t get me wrong, I liked watching Pujols’s AB’s, but it’s about time the division got a little easier.

  136. Kayrall 4 years ago

    Seeing him play against YOUR team adds a whole new feel to it.  It’s not the same watching Pujols and the Angels play the Kansas City Royals.  (No offense intended to the Royals, I just don’t have anywhere near as much desire to watch KC as I do the Cubs).

    Also, the NL Central has been notoriously weak.  Yes, 3 of maybe the 4 best 1st basemen in baseball played in that division last year, but so what? Why do you think everyone flocks to watch all the AL East teams?

  137. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    duncan is still there hombre.  And you forgot they have brought an ace caliber pitcher with cy young numbers in Wainwright for next season.

  138. Duncan is back for next year.

  139. The fans experienced the team they love winning the World Series.  Not Albert Pujols winning the World Series.  I will bet you that you do not know any Cardinal fans because the majority are saying “thanks Albert, and good luck”

  140. No, Eric, we wouldn’t trade winning the WS for Pujols for the next 10 years.  The fans DID win the WS, we were the 10th man!!

  141. FS54 4 years ago

    With inter-league it won’t matter as much! Yeah!!

  142. LA 4 years ago

    Morales for Adam Lind. Trout wont be ready til middle of the season or next season so..Bourjos would still be roaming the center.

  143. BluMule 4 years ago


  144. doesn’t Morales bat from the left side?  Aybar does too, doesn’t he? Not enough protection from that side but two pretty good hitters.  Izturis is a switch hitter.  They have some but probably not enough.

  145. Dan Mazzaro 4 years ago

    You are ridiculous for even bringing that up as a factor

  146. Casor_Greener 4 years ago

    I’ve always heard Athletes are independent contractors, who pay taxes based on the number of games in each state, therefore the difference may be less than a flat 6% vs 10%.

    Regardless, as a CPA, I can tell you that taxes are easily avoidable (especially in that tax range), so tax differences will be minimal.

  147. Why? You don’t think players consider tax rates when they look at one team or another? A 4% difference in state tax rates (plus the higher cost of living in CA) does make a real difference. 

  148. Bruce Thoele 4 years ago

    how is he ridiculous because he isnt totally agreeing with albert he is only making 750,000 more per year because of the tax. you are ridiculous for saying he is ridiculous because it is a very important factor

  149. $3513744 4 years ago

    It wouldn’t, but let us know when you turn down that much money.

  150. Gumby65 4 years ago

    Meh…  we’ll get over it.  Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew, Dave Winfield, Joe Rudi, Fred Lynn & Bobby Grich among others will agree.

  151. Andrew Faris 4 years ago

    No need to worry. I’m a Dodger fan/Angel hater too. We still have the best hitter in southern California, and his name is Matt Kemp.

  152. Guest 4 years ago

    I played minor league baseball, and I was as employee.

  153. Nothing is guaranteed man.  I said IF they win a championship, a lot more goes into winning a championship than any single player.  Having the best 1st baseman in our generation sure doesnt hurt their chances though.  Short-term or Long-term.  If they didnt have the money then they wouldnt have spent it and they sure as hell wouldnt have signed C.J. Wilson like they did 20 minutes ago. 

  154. Casor_Greener 4 years ago

    You’d have to look at the total tax burden (income, sales, property, estate, etc) but even then an extra 10% is still only $2M.  The deals were not that comparable.

  155. At least Lebron became a traitor because he wanted to win… What better team to come back to that just won a WS? Whatever. That contract is going to look terrible in 5 years when Albert is 40. Lets see that Birth Certificate!!

  156. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Pujols is a great and will remain one for history.. its a shame he left St. Louis and I wish him the very best! We had him the best 10 years of his career and we cant be angry at him for leaving. Its a great contract, sets him up th DH in the future, and at least the Cardinals wont have to face him. Probably for the best that ST. Louis doesnt spend that much on one player. Cardinals did all they could and we cant say they didnt open up the wallets. Good luck to you Albert you will be missed!

  157. Matt Kemp may have shown a more complete game last year, but he is hardly a better hitter than AP

  158. mwagner26 4 years ago

    Kemp is good, but I believe AP is the better player and hitter.  Yes, Pujols had a down year, but that down year got him 250 million.

  159. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Again with the birther stuff, Mr. Trump?

  160. Albert did his job and brought 2 titles to St. Louis. If he becomes a villain now, shame on the fans, not him. On to another challenge for Pujols….oh yeah and a pretty nice deal

  161. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    what else does Pujols have to prove in St. Louis? He was the best player in baseball for over a decade, yet they let him reach free agency, and not only that, but they lowballed him. If that’s how much they think of him, then don’t blame Pujols for leaving. He’s going somewhere where they recognize him as the best and will pay him as the best.

  162. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    what else does Pujols have to prove in St. Louis? He was the best player in baseball for over a decade, yet they let him reach free agency, and not only that, but they lowballed him. If that’s how much they think of him, then don’t blame Pujols for leaving. He’s going somewhere where they recognize him as the best and will pay him as the best.

  163. angryredmenace 4 years ago

    When fans use word like traitor to describe player who leave their teams, I can somewhat understand my old english teacher saying “only idiots and losers care about sports”.

  164. dustin johnson 3 years ago

    He’s 31, in 5 years that would make him 36.

  165. Andrew Faris 4 years ago

    Argue it from the numbers from last year. It’s impossible. Admittedly it’s a small sample size, but Kemp also was playing a bunch of games in the NL West, with all that pitching and all those pitchers’ parks, and he put up better numbers. To say nothing of the age issue.

  166. Nylund 4 years ago

    I think I may be happy enough with $300 million that things like legacy, respect, etc. might actually start trumping an additional 10% of career earnings.  ($300 M being the $100+ M he’s already earned plus the lower amount St. Louis was offering to keep him).

    Now maybe if that extra $30-40 million is going towards something dear to his heart (like benefiting people in need, maybe in the DR or something), then I could understand it. But honestly, he’s going to be making millions a year after retirement on return to investments anyway.

    At some point, enough money is enough money, and things like legacy and respect may become bigger concerns.  On his deathbed, he’ll probably care more about how the world remembers him than he does about whether his bank account is merely just insanely huge rather than extra insanely huge.

  167. $3513744 4 years ago

    Easy…sample size just like you said.  It was one year and Kemp still needs to show it can produce at that high of level over several years before he’s ever in the same universe as Pujols.  Pujols has been beat in stats every year in something, but that doesn’t make those guys better hitters than him.  

  168. $3513744 4 years ago

    Easy…sample size just like you said.  It was one year and Kemp still needs to show it can produce at that high of level over several years before he’s ever in the same universe as Pujols.  Pujols has been beat in stats every year in something, but that doesn’t make those guys better hitters than him.  

  169. Kemp is just another Rihanna away from suffering a bad year again, so keep those celebrities away from kemp and he’ll be fine

  170. Andrew Faris 4 years ago

    The point still stands though: as of right now, from the most recent data, Matt Kemp is a better hitter than Albert Pujols. That’s just this very moment. That’s the difficulty of being a GM, I suppose: which part f the sample is right? The part that says Pujols has been the best hitter in baseball for 10 years? Or the part that says that Matt Kemp not only had a better season last year, but was remarkably consistent, and by all accounts, has a fantastic attitude and work ethic and all that. The physical tools also aren’t a question.

    What it gets at, for me, is that a lot of signing Pujols is name value. And of course, none of this is to knock Pujols. Even if he does keep producing for most of the contract at the level he did last year, it’ll be a fantastic contract. But the point could just as well stand: it’s very, very possible that Matt Kemp is the best hitter in southern California. Last year he was, and that’s beyond argument. So why is it so sure that he won’t be moving forward?

  171. mwagner26 4 years ago

    The Rangers are still scary, despite losing Wilson.  There’s nothing scary about either the Athletics and Mariners, save for starting pitching. 

  172. mwagner26 4 years ago

    The Rangers are still scary, despite losing Wilson.  There’s nothing scary about either the Athletics and Mariners, save for starting pitching. 

  173. chico65 4 years ago

    Where the hell did the Angels come from?

  174. nycub 4 years ago

    Really? The difference between 220M and 250M? At that point, does it matter? He could have easily made that back in a handful of endorsement deals if he was truly HURTING. Please.

  175. $3513744 4 years ago

    If it doesn’t matter, why didn’t the cards match it?

  176. BaseballFanatic0707 4 years ago

    He probably already makes that back in his endorsements, for all we know.

  177. nycub 4 years ago

    What? I am saying it doesn’t matter for Pujols. Either would have made him filthy rich and one deal would have kept him in the place he played his whole career. Why didn’t they match it? They threw a TON of money at him and at some point, I suppose, it is best to move on. 

  178. $3513744 4 years ago

    Yeah, exactly.  It’s a two way street.  It’s funny how the player gets all the blame when the teams profit even more.  The fact of the matter is he simply chose the better deal and they didn’t want to step up.  They’re more to blame than he is.  If the guy takes the lesser of the deal, then kudos to him, but it’s a stupid decision financially however you want to twist it.

  179. BK 4 years ago

    Check your math again bub.

  180. His salary would be a diff of 1.82mil/yr, and considering the cost of living in CA, it’s pretty much close to even.

  181. Casor_Greener 4 years ago

    10% of $20M is $2M

  182. Redbirds16 4 years ago

    “thanks Albert, and good luck, … you prick.”

    Seriously, the man passed on being a legend for ~20% more money. 

  183. chico65 4 years ago

    And now you cash cereal?  Times sure are rough.

  184. Isnt there something noble about a player who will stay with his team for his entire career? He had a chance to be a legend with STL. A chance to replace Stan the Man. It was reported that Albert would not give the Cards a chance to counter another teams offer. I just dont get that. Im not saying Albert shouldnt sign a deal thats worth around 45 mill more than what the Cards offered, but he could have given the Cards one more chance to up their offer and close the gap a little bit. The Cardinals gave him a shot at Major League baseball. He might not have ever been discovered if it wasnt for this organization. The best players spend their entire (or 90%) of their career with one team, and Albert has ruined his legacy here. He claims to be super christian, saying multiple times that its not about the money, but this whole situations shows that he is a total phony.

    On another note, it is not uncommon that a baseball player takes the money. Im just surprised to see that Albert isnt the man we thought he was. And let it be known that the Angels are one of the worst run teams in baseball. This contract will end up being TERRIBLE. Mark my words this will end up being worse than the Vernon Wells trade. Pujols has changed as a hitter. He doesnt hit opposite field, he is hitting into more double plays than ever, he is become a power only type hitter, because, I really dont think he is 31.

  185. Guest 4 years ago

    Blew out my elbow. I played in Chico too.

  186. chico65 4 years ago

    I agree.  He’s already earned over 100 MM and was about to pocket at least 200 MM more even if he stayed.  His family is set for generations.  He had a chance to be the Zeus of baseball gods for a storied franchise.  It’s sad to see that greed won out.

  187. angryredmenace 4 years ago

    The problem with your logic is Albert will be respected no matter what.As for what albert will feel on his deathbed, I doubt he will care about how the world will remember him , but more on how his kids, wife, and family will.And I can assure you, neither his business decisions nor baseball will have anything to do with how his family views him as a father, husband, man.No matter how much people like you try to degrade him, Albert legacy will be that of one of the greatest player to ever step foot on the diamond.Albert leaving St.Louis will not change that, so legacy and respect is something he will always have.Maybe not from everyone, but from millions of fans, sports writers and commentators.And when it’s time, Albert will get the ultimate sign of respect and the biggest stamp of approval of his legacy, when he’s inducted into Cooperstown.

  188. $3513744 4 years ago

    So then why not make that plus whatever else in endorsements?  He’s at no fault for taking a significant amount more.

  189. Andrew Faris 4 years ago

    That’s because of the years before that. And Kemp clearly had a better year last year on every measurable front. Obviously he hasn’t done it for as long as Pujols, but Kemp’s contract could soon look like a steal.

  190. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    it’s good to see that some of the St. Louis fans who were worshiping him yesterday haven’t done a 360 and have now villanized him and are jumping on the false birth certificate bandwagon.

  191. very true. cardinalnation is still here #12in12

  192. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Ya, it sucks and I would be lying if I said I wasnt angry, disappointed, and shocked but hey… St. Louis got him at his prime and for a great discount..If not theCards, Im happy to see the Angels get him out of all of the clubs bidding on him too. At least now we get new blood on the team and look toward the future. We are still a great team without him. Would be an even better story if the Cardinals could somehow repeat the World Series without him. 

  193. SunsetStripper 4 years ago

    Just wait, it hasn’t sunk in yet.  They will.

  194. Ive been playing the no birth certificate card for awhile. I tweeted it yesterday on my website’s twitter account. One of our writer’s uncle is friends with a Cardinals AAA staff member. He says Albert Pujols doesnt even know how old he is. Im not saying that is neccesarily true, and we still have facts to gather before this can be in any way confirmed, but common sense leads me to believe he is older than 31. Look at him! Look at the way he runs!

  195. vilifyingforce 4 years ago

    You mean a 180.

  196. Take the high road…Seriously this could be a blessing for the Cardinals in the end. Wait and see…

  197. SunsetStripper 4 years ago


  198. chico65 4 years ago

    Wow, man, that just blew my mind

  199. chico65 4 years ago

    It was much funnier when you had it as “10% of $20M is 10M” in response to a comment to check your math.  I’m just catching my breath now.  I thought you were being a smartass but I guess not.

  200. Mario Saavedra 4 years ago

    10% of 250 is 25MM, 6% of 220MM is 13.2 MM. That 25 MM is practically the contract diference. Not to mention the more expensive life is in CA in comparison.

  201. mcaraballo 4 years ago

    Maybe he feels hurt that st louis didnt give there all for him when he gave his all for them. i know that pujols gives alot to his country.  but the cardinal fans must be feeling worst then met fans wow.

  202. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    No it has… 26 million a year for 10 years is too much for STL. If he had went to the Angels for right around the same price I would be angry but thats way too much bread

  203. Casor_Greener 4 years ago

    LOL, no that was a mistake

  204. yeah theres no comparison between albert in reyes though, i think albert is a little better

  205. Benny 4 years ago

    He has gotten fat and out of shape. He’s a first baseman. What kind of ridiculous statement is that? He doesn’t know his age? Of course he knows his age! And for the record Pujols came to NY when he was in high school, so it’s not like he’s like the other immigrants who just come to play baseball and lie about their age.

  206. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    he was never a nimble runner, first off. secondly, you’re insinuating that he lied about his age, to get into high school, and that somehow he expected that years later he would become a major league player. doesn’t that sound a little outlandish to you?

  207. Matt Talken 4 years ago

    He’s spent a considerable amount of time including H.S. and community college in the United States.  I doubt there’s an issue with his age.  It would have been much more noticeable at those times in his life.  If you have some type of actual proof, please bring it forward, but this is as irresponsible of speculation as claiming someone is on steroids because they’re muscular.  One of our writer’s uncles is friends with a staff member?  C’mon.  You can do better for sourcing than that.  

  208. harsh, he will be missed but man its not that bad. cards will still compete. i wish i had his agent and his money, i would be banging hookers right along with lozano

  209. Karkat 4 years ago

    I agree with you about the first part there.  I’d been somewhat venerating Albert as “the purest” and the guy who would put loyalty above minor differences in money.  I would’ve loved to see him as a career Cardinal.  In the end, I guess he’s just another superstar.

  210. RaygunJones 4 years ago

    Pujols is a pro athlete.  He is in the business of playing baseball.  It’s not his job to stay with the Cards just because it’s more heartwarming for fans.  This is the same kind of stuff I hated hearing from people after Favre and LeBron:  these guys are professionals.  They don’t owe the fans anything.  They’re employees of the team, and they get paid for a reason.  When their contract is up, they can do whatever they want.  Their obligation is to themselves and their career, not the legacy of the teams they play for.  I for one am not going to hold it against any athlete that he made a choice that was well within his rights to make.  I’m not going to vilify anyone when I don’t them and don’t know their reasons.

  211. angryredmenace 4 years ago

    Good god, you really are exactly what my old english teacher was talking about.You can’t be serious with this nonsense.What does being a christian have to do with baseball? And what does staying with one team have to do with albert’s morals?You sound like a crybaby loser with your post.You spend half your post crying like a girl about about how Albert a traitor and immoral  for leaving the Cards, then you talk crap about him not being worth the contract and his best days are behind him.Grow up! Baseball is a business, Albert was an employee.Albert doesn’t owe you are the cardinal organization anything.He play out his contract and once it was up it was Albert right to do whatever he wanted.

  212. So…in your little world….because he is a Christian, he should accept the Cardinals low ball offer, and just avoid the immoral act of switching teams? Its ok Nick, put down the drugs.

  213. Michael Leon 4 years ago

    Is he supposed to give a discount that benefits the owner?  The owner, his buddy?  That guy that paid him like $40k for years in the minors?  The same guy that low-balled him during arbitration hearings?  The same guy that Albert watched cut other players? He’s made it.  He’s survived the gladiator arena and now the emperor is asking him to please think of the spectators and take a discount.  The Marlins offered $275M according to Bob Nightengale.  Pujols made the best decision for himself and it wasn’t entirely financial.
    I know it sucks to lose one of your favorite players.  I really hate it when my favorite players leave my favorite teams too.  But you are taking it way too personal.  Pujols is not out to screw you or the good city of St. Louis.  He’s just a guy playing a game.

  214. alexrod123 4 years ago

    Stop your crying your argument don’t make sense if he is such a bad hitter now (Pujols has changed as a hitter. He doesnt hit opposite field, he is hitting into more double plays than ever, he is become a power only type hitter), why do you want him you should thank him for helping the cards win 2 world series and let him go and hope He plays well for his new team

  215. sports33 4 years ago

    REALLY? Damn, I wouldn’t want to attack anyone personally, so I will say that I think that is a silly decision.

  216. Good responses all.   It would be hard to leave that much money on the table, no doubt.  I just might be crazy to think that 9-10 years and $200 million, from a club he won the World Series yet with again, would maybe get a nice discount.   It’s ok.  I’m a Cubs fan and thrilled he is out of the National League Central.  :)

  217. This is coming from a person who personally knows Albert (not myself.) Im just reporting what I’ve heard. I didnt say he lied. Im saying he didnt know. It doesnt matter though. The fact of the matter is that he is not the pious man he is in front of the media.

    Never did I say anything about lying about his age to get into high school.

  218. mypoint02 4 years ago

    Brewers fan here.  Ditto on that  :)

  219. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    The reason he didnt resign with the Cards wasnt all about the money. He had a charity dinner in November and not one I repeat not one of his teammates showed up. He probably felt not wanted. I dont blame him. The heart and soul of your team has an event you should show up.

  220. Benny 4 years ago

    I used the high school fact because he wouldn’t lie about his age to go to high school. He came at 15 I believe and everything progressed from there. His age is 31.

  221. Matt Talken 4 years ago

    ah yes, the reported writer’s uncle who knows a staff member on the AAA team.  If you’re using that far of a stretch, you need to give a name and their credentials (is the “staff member” a coach?  a front office guy?  a beer vendor?) if you want to be taken seriously.  Otherwise, this is just silly.

  222. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    I do believe he was being satirical.

    If not… wow.

  223. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

    verlander is quite possibly the best pitcher of our era…and miguel carbrea is a monster.

  224. SheaGoodbye 4 years ago

    It’s not about the finances, which you clearly don’t understand. There’s more to the decision than money, but I guess that’s all you and Albert see. 

    If the Cardinals were offering a lot less money, then sure, it makes the most sense for Pujols to leave. But if they were anywhere near the Angels offer, then that is on Albert.

    30 million less is a tough spot, if the reported amounts are true. I think both team and player should be blamed in this case. I don’t see why the Cardinals couldn’t add another 10-15 million and see if Pujols would take it. But who knows, maybe he was all about the money. 

  225. $3513744 4 years ago

    It sounds like you’re the one who doesn’t understand what you’re preaching.  It’s funny how you think there’s more to the decision than money, yet you’re so quick to label him as the guy who only decided it on the money. 

    Those scenarios sound ideal, but they clearly didn’t happen.  He was offered a way better deal.  

  226. No.This is so stupid Im not going to spend my time writing about this over and over. My only 2 points are
    A) He said it wasn’t all about the money. He said he wanted to be a Cardinal for life and play for a winner. None of this was true 
    B) He is not 31. I realize that my post about the Memphis RedBirds staff member lacks credibility, and nobody has a reason to believe it now. We are still working on the post because we want to make sure it is factual and we have the information right before we make accusations based on fact. If we rush into it now and put what we have out their, we run the risk of damaging our name, as well as Alberts. My post about Albert being older than he claims to be comes from my own personal beliefs about the way he looks, and I have held this belief for a long time.

    The information we have will be out by the end of the week on RectangleSports dot com.

    Thank you angryredmenace for your insightful statements about your old English teacher. Not only is it EXTREMELY interesting, but it is also wise in the sense that it is a good idea to go on a baseball website and attempt to convince everyone that sports are stupid.


  228. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

    jones had 10seasons of 100rbi and he hot for power too and he was clutch…and he is a switch hitter and he was one of the greatest 3rd baseman and while he has limited range his hands are still unmatched…people do what albert does albert is the only person who has sinceyear 1

  229. Braves Fan 85
    Braves2014Champs 4 years ago

    i would take griffey jr over pujols anyday

  230. Mike Remmerde 4 years ago

    Right, and as of the most recent data back on May 28, 2001, we could have said Paul Lo Duca was the greatest hitter of all time.  (He went 6-for-6 that day.)

  231. CardsWS11 4 years ago

    Pujols had one good game in the playoffs just saying he didn”t help us win it this year!

  232. angryredmenace 4 years ago

    I never said I agree with my old english teacher, which should be obvious to you since I’m on this blog.My only point was I can see where he could get that impression base off of the action and behavior of some sports fans.

  233. JTT11 4 years ago

    Go back to posting on yahoo sports. 
    Albert wanted to be with the angels because he is christian.  Angels are holier than birds.

    in all seriousness, what is it like to be a fan of a team that gets outbid on their uber-franchise player by the marlins and angels?  That has got to sting.  As a fan, i wouldnt be angry with albert – id be furious with the cards front office.  I mean that is like losing Jeter to the Nationals, Utley or Howard to the O’s, or Votto to the Newark bears.

  234. HolaAmigas 4 years ago

    Right, he only helped you GET there.

  235. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    How is Teixeira a flop? He is still a gold glove caliber fielder. Hits 38+ home runs and has driven in over 100 runs each year with the Yankees. Gets your facts straight before including Teixeira in  your dumb comment.

  236. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    How is Teixeira a flop? He is still a gold glove caliber fielder. Hits 38+ home runs and has driven in over 100 runs each year with the Yankees. Gets your facts straight before including Teixeira in  your dumb comment.

  237. Bruce Thoele 4 years ago

    ummm do you even know what your talking about beltre and teixeira have played great for there teams

  238. Rich Maharg 4 years ago

    whther is was about money or like I stated the fact no one showed up at his charity dinner, is their really a difference between 220 and 250? I mean seriously, how much money is enough? If I had 220$ my life wouldnt change if I had 250 million. He could buy anything he wants in the world. whether he has 220 or 250$

  239. $3513744 4 years ago

    You can ask the team the exact same question with that reasoning.  If there’s no difference between 220 and 250 mil, then why didn’t they offer that at any time?  

  240. Jeff Westcott 4 years ago

    That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all day.

  241. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    i know what i said

  242. Jeremy Reaban 4 years ago

    It’s not insane. The Angels apparently just basically doubled their TV revenue, which is more than enough to pay for Pujols.

    They’re also going to be cashing in on publicity and merchandising for the next 50 years – he’s not just a hall of famer, he’s probably one of the ten best hitters ever (near the bottom, obviously, but worth a ton of money still).

  243. Jeremy Reaban 4 years ago

    It’s not insane. The Angels apparently just basically doubled their TV revenue, which is more than enough to pay for Pujols.

    They’re also going to be cashing in on publicity and merchandising for the next 50 years – he’s not just a hall of famer, he’s probably one of the ten best hitters ever (near the bottom, obviously, but worth a ton of money still).

  244. vilifyingforce 4 years ago

    So you meant a 360?

  245. vilifyingforce 4 years ago

    So you meant a 360?

  246. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    yup, it’s kinda an inside joke in a certain internet community.

  247. Kayrall 4 years ago

    I’m sorry that I appreciate the game more than the “common Joe”.

  248. alphakira 4 years ago

    As a Met fan I can assure you that Cardinal fans are feeling 10x worse than we are. At least we’re used to crap like this, Cardinal fans just saw the best player in all of baseball leave them…

  249. Bruce Thoele 4 years ago

    first of all check your grammar and how could we be hurting when we have 11 world series and the mets have umm 2 we just came off and the most amazing come back in mlb history and were hurting yea ok

  250. NathanielS 4 years ago

    Orange County :)

  251. HolaAmigas 4 years ago

    I wasn’t calling them flops. I was calling Reagin’s inability to sign them a flop. Please read carefully before posting “dumb” comments.

  252. dansaitz 4 years ago

    this is ridiculous — get a life…

  253. Bruce Thoele 4 years ago

    better town your kidding me right the only city you can even compare the cardinal fans to is boston 

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