Marlins Have Interest In Wandy Rodriguez

The Marlins aren't just pursuing big-name free agents — they're also looking into some of the more interesting pitchers on the trade market. Having already inquired on Gio Gonzalez, the Fish also have some interest in Wandy Rodriguez, according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports (via Twitter).

Jon Heyman of MLB Network (Twitter link) hears that if the Marlins can sign Albert Pujols, they'll turn their attention to trades rather than pursuing a high-end free agent pitcher. Meanwhile, the Astros are reportedly telling teams that they don't want to take on any salary if they trade Rodriguez.

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  1. “Astros asking for Roy Halladay-like return for Rodriguez”

    • There is no way that is true.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago


        • Just because fans have a personal bias against the Astros, doesn’t mean they are at fault because they ask for the moon to acquire one of the few remaining pieces they have.

          I guess all MLB teams should cave in like you would and take the first offer your favorite teams offers.

    • It would be Gabby Sanchez Matt Dominguiez for Wandy Rodriguiez Chris Johnson and 7 million cash

  2. baseballdude 4 years ago

    In other words the marlins are interested in anyone that is available in free agency or trading

  3. They have become the most annoying team in baseball…

      • Because its just the Marlins. Like really? The Marlins? I just cant take them seriously

        • Gotta admit all these NTC’s are a huge red flag Loria is just going to dismantle his all star team after 1 big playoff run like he has in the past. 

          It really sucks that anyone can just buy a ring and then dismantle the team for 5 years.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            trading Pujols at 36 with 100 million left on his contract is going to be near impossible..

            *note , unless reagins gets another job

          • lol yes! Tony Reagins bashing still lives on despite his inevitable job loss. Love it

          • I would think the entire reason you’d sign a long term contract was so that you’d not have to worry about any of this stuff again, you’d know where your going to play, where your kids are going to school, and you buy yourself a giant house somewhere in the richest neighborhood of that city, start yourself a restaurant and a charity, and be set until the end of your playing career…

            Signing a long term deal with the Marlins and you’re almost assured that you’ll be traded at most 5 years into it, I seriously doubt, based on the history of the Marlins, Reyes won’t finish his contract in a Marlins uniform. He doesn’t have a no trade clause, and with a team that could care less about having Hanley Ramirez and Gaby Sanchez, when they make every attempt to sign players to replace them, then you know there is no loyalty when somebody else comes up to replace you if your Jose Reyes.

    • miamiroc 4 years ago

      Only if you’re a Cardinals fan.

    • This entire thing is just a big circus show by the Marlins, they aren’t going to land Pujols, they are trying to make a splash. I assume once Pujols re-signs with St. Louis, they’ll go after the next biggest name on the market, and so on, to keep their name in the headlines so that maybe people in Miami might hear that indeed they do have a baseball team in South Florida. Once Prince signs, the Marlins will be all over Jimmy Rollins, I’m sure Reyes will be unhappy that he has to move to 2nd, and Ramirez to 3rd, but its not about building a team that will win, its about building a team that will draw at the gate, eventually, you have to win, nobody goes to baseball games just to see some big name player on a losing team, at one point or another, you have to win if you want a fan base that is going to come out year after year.

  4. Who DONT the Marlins have interest in?  That may be easier to write down. 

    • MB923 4 years ago

      Dontrelle Willis?

    • Hanley Ramirez and Gaby Sanchez apparently.

      • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

        agreed, not that I care what happens to Hanley but I hear that the WWE has been calling Gaby’s people ever since that clothesline he put on Nyjer Morgan

      • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

        agreed, not that I care what happens to Hanley but I hear that the WWE has been calling Gaby’s people ever since that clothesline he put on Nyjer Morgan

  5. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    the marlins are gonna badass for like 3 years. and then hilarious-ass

    • Lol i was thinking the same thing. Huge short run boost, then a laughing stock for the next following decade. Those poor 5 fans

      • FamousGrouse 4 years ago

        I would laugh but the Marlins made this work twice. 

        • slider32 4 years ago

          Your way off base this team is building for the long term, new retractable dome and as they say, if you build it they will come.

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          uggg……dang ole moderators!!!

          “Marlins fan” has had to s_ck it for a gew years but have had 2 WS to console them. 

          Marlins 2 WS > Dbacks, Rockies and Rays.

          Marlins 2 WS = to what the Red Sox have done in the last 15 years.

          Marlins 2 WS is 2 more than the Astros, Brewers, Mariners, and a few other teams as well.

          It’s not the best long term methodology but at least ownership understands they need to justify the new stadium to their fans.

  6. Shawnthemon 4 years ago

    T-Minus 10 minutes until article changes to Marlins and Blue Jays have Interest In Wandy Rodriguez

  7. Alexander Cerra 4 years ago

    Dude no freaking way.  For that We stick with volstad

  8. thekoshow 4 years ago

    They wanted Pomeranz and Rosario from the Rockies….. Pass.

    • I guess you guys should sign CJ Wilson to a 6 year/120 million dollar deal, then maybe negotiate with the Dalai Lama’s agent and swing a deal for him.

    • that was when Wade was Gm. Expect something more realistic now. I am not familiar with the Marlins or Rockies minors system though. Do either have a young SS that is a good prospect that can play in the Majors/ and or a  young power potential bat? Those are the two things the Astros are currently looking for over anything else.

      • They (the Fish) have Matt Dominguez, but no way Wandy nets him. Well I’ve seen worse things happen. Where would Dominguez play in Miami? 2nd?

        • Matt Dominguez has lost some serious value. Not many think he is going to hit in the big leagues. 

          • His glove is great though. He could be serviceable at an up the middle infield position if he can hit a little better.

          • Thats fair. He is a great defensive player. But he will not be the center piece of a trade for an impact player

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago


            while his stock fell a bit last year, he’s still a top 100 prospect in baseball.

          • Yeah, Houston would gladly take him as the centerpiece of any deal involving Wandy, including the Marlins eat the entire rest of the contract.

            George Postolos has autonomy as interim GM and can make a trade that fits. With Dominguez already having a good sample of ABs at AAA, I could see a fit.

          • Maybe Dominguez and Coughlin. Morrison would be awesome but doubt the Astros could get him at all, even if Pujols goes to the Fish.


  10. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    I feel like I woke up in bizarro world. . I’m waiting for the ‘Rays sign Prince Fielder’ article.

  11. johnsilver 4 years ago

    Rodriquez actually might make “some” sense for the Fish, especially if the new stadium plays half as bad as old Land shark did.. his tendancy for FB will have a perfect place to go and “die” and the Fish don’t have much anyway to give up at the top levels.

    Who else thinks the Astros are going to get much of anything for Rodriquez if they refuse to eat a dime of his contract? Can he be ANY more off and on than Volstad? At worse, be an expensive #5 and at least throw a boat load of innings behind him.

    This is one team Rodriquez actually makes sense for if they don’t give up anything for him.

    • I’m personally okay with giving Wandy away to the Marlins in exchange for nothing if the Marlins take the entire contract, but I doubt management feels this way.

      Maybe the Rockies get a bidding war going with the Marlins for the services of Rodriguez. Trading for Wandy sure beats giving 120 million to CJ Wilson.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        why do you want to save houston ownership money? i’d be lobbying for them to pay all of wandy’s contract to get back better talent

    • Your team must be ridiculously stacked if Wandy is your #5. Averaging out his past 3 years you get approximately – 32 GS, 200 IP, 3.35 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, 180 K.

      Wandy is a SOLID #3 starter.

      • johnsilver 4 years ago

        This might sound brutal towards rodriquez.. But i have little faith in him having much success and more faith in the much harder throwing Ricky nolasco, who is equally off and on like Volstad than the slow-mo pitch throwing Rodriquez.

        If rodriquez’s abilities were rated very high amongst other teams on just his stats, he would have been traded last non waiver deadline and be a hot commodity now.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        Pitching in the AL will smack things back to reality. Move him now before his record takes a pounding.

  12. This just in, Billy Beane says there is “nothing to that at all” to the Gio/KC rumors.

    (via Slusser’s twitter)

  13. Go go gadget Marlins!

    • miamiroc 4 years ago

      I’m just liking this comment cuz I used to f’n love that show as a kid.

      • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

        then they ruined it by making a lousy movie

  14. Manfrenjensen 4 years ago

    Be sure to mark your calendars for the July 2015 Marlins’ Fire Sale!

  15. SRT 4 years ago

    LOL Marlins.

    When does Loria put up the big top?


  16. richardb21 4 years ago

     Chad James? Coghlan? Volstad? Dominguez?

  17. $4624396 4 years ago

    The Astros are going to ask for a SS especially after the departure of Clint Barmes. Probably also a 3B since they haven’t found a long term 3B in years. 

  18. BillB325 4 years ago

    Dominguez, Sanchez and a low level prospect for Wandy should suffice.

  19. mgsports 4 years ago

    Gaby because he can play a number of PostionS like 3B/1B/LF/RF.

  20. It would be Gabby Sanchez Matt Dominguiez for Wandy Rodriguiez Chris Johnson and 7 million cash

  21. Notin J. Notin 4 years ago

    The Marlins are interested in everybody.  They even contacted me at one point…

  22. Isnt sanchez like 29? I think the Astros want younger players(23-24) I would rather trade Wandy to the Reds straight up for Alonso. At least he is young with a huge offensive potential as well.

  23. Yeah I agree, I just doubt the Reds would take on his contract in that god forsaken offensive ball park.

  24. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    What you would “rather” do and what the Reds “would” do is worlds apart. Wandy isn’t getting you Alonso.

  25. Coming from a Yankee fan, who are most known on this site for spouting off BS trades right and left.

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