Reds Rumors: Cordero, Madson, Phillips, Theriot

The Reds acquired Sean Marshall from the Cubs one week ago, but it doesn't sound like there are any other moves coming in the immediate future. “I’ve spoken to some agents and some clubs,” said GM Walt Jocketty to John Fay of The Cincinnati Enquirer. “But everyone kind of shuts it down until after the first of the year.”

Here's the latest from Cincy, courtesy of Fay…

  • “We’ve made an offer,” said Jocketty, referring to Francisco Cordero. “He’s deciding what to do. He’s got a couple of other offers.” Jocketty said it's a one-year offer, and Fay guesses it's for $7MM or less.
  • The Reds have not talked to Ryan Madson's people, which would mean Scott Boras.
  • “We decided to table it 'til January,” said Jocketty, referring to talks with Brandon Phillips about a contract extension. Earlier this month we heard the two sides had made some progress.
  • The Reds have spoken to Ryan Theriot's representatives, but nothing is close. “We’re trying to get a hitter first,” Jocketty said, and that hitter would have to be an outfielder according to Fay.

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  1. TophersReds 4 years ago

    Oh-No….Not Uh-Oh Coco.

  2. They better have at least called Boras once to check in on the price on Madson.  It doesn’t take long and you make sure to cover all options.  Madson may be available at half of what the Phils were rumored to had offered him earlier in the offseason

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago

      “It doesn’t take long”

      Considering the way Boras handles things, I could imagine a phone call to inquire on Madson’s asking price would take days and end simply with him simply leaving the burden of offering a dollar figure in their court.

      • Just because a salesman has a pitch doesn’t mean you have to listen to the entire spiel.  Flat out tell Boras if you’re in “x” neighborhood we are interested.  If not then see you later. 

  3. How do they not contact Madson’s agent? You’ve got 2 FA options…establish a price comp and go from there.

    • Gunner65 4 years ago

      Because Boras doesn’t care about a market’s established price. He is going to get what he feels his client is truly worth no matter how many suitors there are … and he’ll get it because there is always at least one team willing to give in to his demands 

      • How’d that work out for Johnny Damon last year?

        • Gunner65 4 years ago

          No comparison … Damon is a player with hardly any value while Madson is young and carries a lot of value

  4. DirtyBrownBlanket 4 years ago

    I think it’s funny that Theriot isn’t considered a hitter.

    • bringbackericthered 4 years ago

      I dont think that is what they are saying. I think they are saying before they  sign a hitter like Theriot, they want to get an outfielder over a infielder.

    • Dan 4 years ago

      I thought that was hilarious!

  5. joeybw 4 years ago

    Madson -> Rays

    I will be called crazy until I am right.

    • IndianaBob 4 years ago

      Rays would never pay him what Boras would consider acceptable.

  6. Unless Walt pulls out some more trades I can see us signing Ludwick as our “bat” and maybe Theriot if he is okay with being a backup utility guy that plays 4-5 times per week but at different positions.

    • TophersReds 4 years ago

      Playing 4-5 times a week is not a utility player, that’s an everyday player that plays more than Scott Rolen.

    • NO THERIOT! GARBAGE… Why spend 4 M on this dude when Janish, Valaika, Frazier can back up Cozart for 3.5 M less… Get Madson or Lidge( if cheap) and stay away from Cordero if possible. We would have 3 picks in the top 50 next year, great way to re stock the farm system after the 2 trades Walt made. LET HEISEY PLAY LF, no retreads please!

      • Jay King 4 years ago

        I would not mind getting Coco Crisp.  Have Stubbs play LF with Heisey or Crisp share time with Heisey.  I also am not totally against letting Heisey have a shot at everyday. His past is scary for his splits but he is young and could improve those numbers if given opportunity.

  7. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    I’m surprised. Madson/Marshall at the back end of your bullpen with a pitching staff led by Latos and Cueto is at the very least a Wild Card Contender, albeit a little expensive.

    Doesn’t hurt to just ask.

    • TophersReds 4 years ago

      Walt plays the media very close to his chest. I assure you he checked in on Madson, but doesn’t want to say it. We didn’t hear anything about being interested in Latos until the trade was actually completed. And adding Madson would only up the chances of winning not only the Wild Card, but the division. I believe that the NL Central is a neck and neck race, and Madson would clearly make them the favorites (if they aren’t already).

      • BLIND HOMER if you really think the reds would be the favorite even with Madson

        there is baseball outside of Cincinnati when the reds are playing well. lord knows no one pays attention unless they are in first

        • TophersReds 4 years ago

          I’m very aware, and I’m not the only one. The Cards lost Pujols and added Beltran, along with having Wainright coming back. Wainright is coming back from TJ, so you can’t expect him to be his old self in the first year back. Beltran is going to fill some of the Pujols shoes, but definantly not all of it. The Brewers likely are losing Fielder and Braun for 50 games, making it diffuclt on them for at least the beginning of the year with Ramirez and Weeks being their best hitters. You seem to come off very cocky. I am not a blind homer, I am just saying that it is going to be a close race, and Madson could very well put them over the edge (though I understand and doubt we will sign him due to cash constraints). I do ask, though, why do you believe whatever team you are rooting for is so much better? Did I ever say there wasn’t baseball outside Cincy when they weren’t playing well? You know they did win the division just 2 years ago? Believe it or not, people do follow every team in baseball, in winning and losing times. If they were an east coast team like the Yankees or Red Sox, they would get “attention” from the media no matter their record. Believe it or not, there is baseball outside of the east coast, big payroll teams. Your post is very, very arrogant.

        • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

          I like the Reds to win that division. It’s very winnable for anybody, really.

          • IndianaBob 4 years ago

            I would like them more if Dusty was not the manager.

          • Jay King 4 years ago

            Honestly there are several managers in baseball that I feel are much worse than Dusty.  There are of course some much better too. but honestly the guy does make bonehead decisions but he also seems to make some smart decisions too. Everyone only looks at the negative with him.

        • Wash_Williams 4 years ago

          I’m a Cubs fan and I’d probably favor the Reds with Madson to win the division.  Perhaps even without.

          “Clear” favorites might be stretching it a bit, though.  The problem is, it’s a weak division so everything is up in the air.  The Reds having the best chance compared to rivals still doesn’t necessarily mean having a good chance overall. 

          They still have a ton of question marks. Which isn’t meant to be a harsh criticism.  That’s just the way it goes when you don’t have a payroll over $100 million.  You don’t have much margin for error while at the same time you have to roll the dice. 

          The Reds kind of screwed the pooch last year.  If they’d been a little more aggressive last off-season like they were this season and/or made some changes during the season once it was obvious some things weren’t working out, they really could be the clear favorites and WS contenders right now.

        • Jay King 4 years ago

          You at least have to admit that if they got Madson it would increase their playoff chances.  and agree with the post from TophersReds.  You came off really cocky.  But hey if that’s you we can all deal with it.

  8. OldStyle_NewCubs 4 years ago

    “The Reds have spoken to Ryan Theriot’s representatives, but nothing is close. “We’re trying to get a hitter first,” Jocketty said.”


  9. I still say get mark reynolds and drop rolen somehow. Dude would fit perfect in our lineup. So he might strike out, but when he hits the ball its gone in our ballpark. Plus hes a righty to split up votto and bruce.

    • Jason Martin 4 years ago

      With Reynolds, Stubbs, and Bruce, the team will have more strikeouts than hits… ok, exaggerating a little.

  10. Beavis De Beppo 4 years ago

    Not sure why all you Reds fans are so skeered to bring Coco back.  Yes, he’s aging, but hasn’t shown any significant decline in production.  Pretty sure he went the whole second half last season w/o blowing one.  The dude was SOLID last year and has been for most of his tenure in Cincy.  He wants to be a Red, to retire a Red.  I say give him his $7MM or so and trust he holds up.

    • Jay King 4 years ago

      I am actually not against bringing him back. Will he be as successful as this past season?  Probably not quite but I don’t think he will tank either.  Always liked his presence on the mound and he really does have the mindset of a closer for sure.  Marshall would be a hell of a set up guy.  I won’t be sad if he signs that deal.

  11. Franl Edwardo 4 years ago

    With Cozart being the assumed shortstop, i would think Omar Vizquel makes perfect sense for the reds.  he can absolutely still pick it, still get on base enough, and be a perfect veteran influence on a young team and especially a young SS.  Theriot should be miles away from the Reds.  I would also think that Johnny Damon would be an option to split time with Chris Heisey in LF.  

    This would also provide much needed veteran leadership and help Rolen with Stabalizing the clubhouse.  Between Rolen, Vizquel and Damon they would have a nice presence in the clubhouse that would help the continued development of Bruce, Votto, Phillips, mesoraco, Cozart…while also helping Votto become a leader. As is, the team sorely lacks any veteran leadership.  Rolen is pretty much it.  Damon and vizquel would really help this young team understand how important preparation is.  Rolen began this movement but all indications are that they need continued improvement in those areas.

    • Beavis De Beppo 4 years ago

      Couldn’t agree more, but they aren’t going to spend money on a bat, whether it be SS or LF, until they have the 9th inning figured out.  I’d like to think they could find an internal option or at least someone willing to do the job for $5MM or less, but Jocketty seems like he’s the kind of GM who (over)values the closer position and will spend more there than a small market club should.  In reality – Scott Rolen is the X factor in Cincy.  IF IF IF IF IF IF IF he can stay healthy and somewhat productive, the Reds will be fine with bats and gloves.  Cozart has like 5 years of pro ball under his belt.  It’s time to sink or swim with him.  And frankly, Janish, Valaika, and Frazier can all do the job too just as well as anyone has in quite a while.  But personally, I think Cozart is going to turn out to be a pretty good ballplayer.  Maybe not All-Star caliber, but good enough to play every day.

      • IndianaBob 4 years ago

        Marshall can close.  No need to spend a bunch of many on Cordero who is on the decline.  Use the money to sign another non-closer reliever (Wuertz/Cruz/Wheeler) if needed.

        • Jay King 4 years ago

          I am not against letting Marshall Close, It would just be really nice to have Marshall to set up and closer on top of that.

          Cordero was much improved last year over probably any of his previous years in Cincy.  If we can get him for 7 million or less I would not mind having him for another 1 year deal. Hell maybe throw in a club option that they could pick up if he performs well again this year for the same money.

      • Jay King 4 years ago

        With SS I agree why spend money when we have those guys who could be backups.  Fix LF and get a closer.  Even if it is Cordero.  Has pretty solid last year.

    • Jay King 4 years ago

      I would be ok with most of the deals the only part that would scare me is that Dusty might play those veterans a little too much.

      As for leadership your forgetting Arroyo.. He has been with the team longer than anyone else.

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