Blue Jays Notes: Fielder, Beltran, Cash

The Blue Jays held their State of the Franchise event tonight and president Paul Beeston, general manager Alex Anthopoulos and manager John Farrell offered insights into the team’s past moves and future plans. The details:

  • Beeston expects the Blue Jays to make the postseason two or three times in the upcoming five seasons, Mike Wilner of Sportsnet Radio FAN 590 tweets.
  • Beeston said the Blue Jays did not view Prince Fielder as a fit because of his contract demands, Wilner tweets. Fielder signed for nine years, but the Blue Jays don’t offer players anything more than five.
  • Anthopoulos said two free agents turned down more years and more money from the Blue Jays to sign elsewhere this offseason, Wilner tweets.
  • Anthopoulos said the following about Carlos Beltran: "some guys don't want to play on turf, no matter how much you pay them. Some guys don't want to DH." (quote via Wilner on Twitter)
  • Farrell said former MLB catcher Kevin Cash will be an advance scout for the Blue Jays in 2012, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star tweets. The Blue Jays signed Cash as an amateur free agent in 1999 and he played in Toronto for three years. He last appeared in the Major Leagues in 2010.

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  1. sourbob 3 years ago

    If that’s true about Beltran refusing to play on turf, good for him. It’s depressing how many guys with lingering health issues will throw concern to the wind if a team that plays on turf writes a big enough check. It’s kind of refreshing that being healthy enough to play baseball is more important to some guys.

    • Very much so agreed, One thing I noted about Beltran as he was a Met, he wasn’t an idiot, he knew when to not listen to the Mets FO when he had an injury. He seemed like a guy who legitimately wanted to play as much as he could.

    • Or maybe he was thinking that if he plays on turf he might hurt himself which would prevent him from earning a bigger/another paycheck in the future. 

      • this was his last payday.  The guy is going to be 37 when his current deal expires.  He should be thankful for 26 million IMO

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      ” It’s depressing how many guys with lingering health issues”

      Everytime think of career and long term injury to a superstar player from turf, think of Andre Dawson having to play on the worst field in history.. Exhibition stadium in Montreal that wrecked his knees and took one of the best 5 tool players in the game and made him a cripple from the waist down.

      That field should have been torn down after the Olympics.

      • crashcameron 3 years ago

        I sat there through Black Monday. the Big Owe should have been torn down the moment it was built. 

    • guydavis 3 years ago

      Why do the Blue Jays still play on turf? Is it that expensive to replace with the real stuff? Or is it maintenance?

      • David Burnett 3 years ago

        Skydome holds a lot of other events such as the CHL’s Argos home games, concerts, and Monster Jam. Im all for the real stuff but unfortunately it won’t happen until they can sort these out. 

    • Train_wreck1232 3 years ago


    • Train_wreck1232 3 years ago

      I never understood the grass/turf argument. Why is this such a huge deal in the MLB and a non-issue in the NFL? It’s not like there playing on astro-turf anymore. Please enlighten me as I just don’t understand this

  2. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Watched it and was very disappointed.  I was hoping/expecting Angry3 to show up and get tossed from the event.

    • GSJays 3 years ago

      Angry 3 isnt a season ticket holder

      • johnsmith4 3 years ago

        Oh….I just assumed he was because he keeps claiming Blue Jays season ticket holders are really duuumb.

        • FunkyTime 3 years ago

          I don’t even know who this guy is, but I still find that comment funny enough to like.

    • renegadeisback 3 years ago

      I think he did show. Re: “You paid too much for Colby Rasmus”.

      • johnsmith4 3 years ago

        Ha Ha…yep…I thought of Angry when I heard it.  John Farrell sure “talked back” to that guy.

      • Steelslayer 3 years ago

        Loved that…are people really that dumb.  You would think that anyone who has season tickets and goes to that event, would have the brains to see that what he actually traded had no real long term value for the Jays

      • i nearly coughed up a lung when i heard that one. even if colby completely busts, the jays still arent likely to miss any of the pieces they gave up. 

        state of the franchise attracts all kinds of fans, they had the usual “we need more canadians” crowd too.

  3. Dylan 3 years ago

    Joey Votto 2014 Jays 1B.

    That’s my prediction…if anyone cares haha

    • CaseyBlakeDeWitt 3 years ago

      I’m hoping Dodgers. That guy is a beast. I want him on my team.

      • Dylan 3 years ago

        Makes sense as well, but Joey is Canadian born and will likely accept a lesser deal to be closer to his family.

        • i guess that’s why he lives in florida in the offseason. 

          • $17867741 3 years ago

            Athletes pay two state/provincial income taxes:
            1) state of work
            2) state of primary residence

            Votto’s primary residence is Florida because Florida doesn’t charge a state income tax. However, Votto still pays income tax to the state of Ohio. (Cincinnati is located in Ohio)

            For example:
            When Sosa played for the Cubs, he decided to also make Chicago his primary residence. Thus the state of Illinois charged him with two income tax slips.

            Many athletes choose to live in Florida to avoid being taxed a second time. Other states without a state income tax include: Texas, Delaware, New Hampshire, Texas, Nevada, etc.

        • Shikikazu 3 years ago

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Votto wants close to or more than what Fielder is getting, if the Blue Jays won’t go over 5 years to at least 8 at 24 per I don’t like their chances since he is the only hitter of that caliber for the presumable future and will have a lot of negotiating power.

        • Don’t count on a lesser deal!!!! Cards fans thought the same about Albert! Better plan on writing the Biggest Check…

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      Jon Jay 2013 Jays CF!

      I’m kidding, although I really wouldn’t mind it.

      • I like Jay.  He may not have the big bat that others do, but he at least doesn’t go through one week of good stats then three weeks of slumps like Rasmus does.  Oh, and he isn’t afraid of catching a damn ball either.  I’m looking at you Rasmus.

        • stl_cards16 3 years ago

          No ,Jay goes a month hitting the ball, then we trade a starter, then he goes into a 3 month slump.

  4. Steelslayer 3 years ago

    Watched it as well…

    To their credit they have been consistent with their approach and in what they have been saying all along.  They won’t make the knee-jerk reaction move at the risk of losing long term sustainability.  As much as I wish they made the big splash, they are probably doing the right thing by exercising patience.  They will have to re-evaluate at mid-season, as they have real question marks with some of the young players: Rasmus, Drabeck, Snider, Thames, etc once they see what happens they will plan their next course of action

    • skydome is also used for the argos football team, as well as for big ticket concerts like U2, Metallica, etc. That’s why the field turf is sectioned – it gets pulled up any time they have a different thing there.

      rogers should probably, imo, bite the bullet and get into step with the rest of the league and make it a baseball only facility

  5. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    How long before Rogers digs up the concrete and lays down natural grass? All it takes is some of their pocket change, time, and telling the Argos to take a hike (who really cares about the CFL anyway..)?

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      i’d rather them look in to an outdoor park..

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

        I would too. Something like Safeco–always outside, but with a retractable roof–would be welcome.

        I hate to admit it, but the SkyDome just looks like a deformed egg had been laid by a Pterodactyl. Not very attractive.

        • i’m sure rob ford would see to it that no ‘gravy’ liek that would flow from the city to the team.

          the best we might hope for is that they put grass in the skydome. anyone expecting a new stadium to be built when they can’t be bothered to sign players for their team is dreaming. anyone that thinks the taxbase of the city/province is going to fund a new stadium is likewise…dreaming.

        • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

          +10 for pterodatcyl

          also, funny how 25 years ago the skydome was a huge mark of modern architecture, boy does time fly

      • Tko11 3 years ago

        Doesnt it get really cold in like September? Toronto being by the lakes and all. Imagine a game there in September/early October if they make it to the world series. Unless of course it had a retractable roof then it would be a good idea. 

        • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

          It doesn’t get cold until late October in Toronto.

        • Morley C 3 years ago

          Actually it’s really warm in September. October this past year too.

        • owlssc 3 years ago

          How about just moving somewhere else? I’ll bet there’s a city somewhere in the states that will draw more than Toronto.

          • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

            Like Tampa Bay or Oakland, right? Please.

          • Tko11 3 years ago

            I think the Jays are fine in Toronto. I would much rather have the A’s move to Vegas or North Carolina. 

        • it was december before i had my winter jacket out.

          • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

            I’m still driving with my windows down, and it’s 30°F out.

          • i have no idea what that arcane system of measurement means…is that like more or less than the point at which water freezes?

          • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

            No clue. I only threw the “F” out there too cause I can’t even spell fairandheight.

          • Tko11 3 years ago

            Global warming? I live in Pennsylvania and here its still around 40-50 degrees most days. There has been no winter whatsoever, more like a cold fall. 

          • Rangersalchamps 3 years ago

            I hear ya man. Here In Texas it has around 70 degrees all winter long. It usually sits in the 40’s and ocassionally drops down into the 20’s and 30’s in Jan and Feb. Abnormal winter to say the least

  6. BrettLawrieBiggestFan 3 years ago

    The thing is that its cold as F in Toronto in April and September so unless you want to sit in games when its 46 Fahrenheit be my guest, and  it snows in may too so..

    • do you live in toronto? september is still summer. i was sweating at the last game i went to (against the angels, i think) and moved to the shady side of the stadium

    • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

      Woah dude, you’re totally right!

      If only they had a roof that could retract…

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      It also snows in may some times in new York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philly, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado and KC too what’s your point. Over half the league is in cold weather cities and guess what the other half has to travel to these cold weather cities. Also toronto is just north of Detroit meaning it’s never really cold has f in September

    • WestCoastJaysFan 3 years ago

      Cold in Toronto?  Haha.  Try watching the Stamps play at McMahon or the Winter Classic last year.  We’re talking -35 degree weather.

  7. bvw87 3 years ago

    Can you really blame beltran…geez

    • TheHotCorner 3 years ago

      That was my first thought.  It’s not like Beltran is in his early 20’s with no history of an injury.

  8. I don’t know a whole lot about the Blue Jays organization or a whole lot about their stadium and all that but you’d think that if they have constant problems with not being able to sign players because of the turf they’d consider going to real grass. maybe it’s a money issue, maybe it’s a weather issue, I don’t know perhaps someone can clear that up for me but if there isn’t any kind of issue like that then why do they continue to use turf?

    • johnsmith4 3 years ago

      They make money on other events…concerts (U2 Metalica etc) football (CFL & NFL) etc

    • s_t_w 3 years ago

      Toronto is pretty pretty much on the same latitude as San Francisco and Denver. It is 200mi east of Detroit and gets much the same weather as Boston, New York, Cleveland, Detroit etc. As I understand it, there are two problems with putting in grass: one is a johnsmith4 says, they use it for concerts, monster truck shows, football and the like. The other is that when it was built there were no provisions made for the drainage that would be needed for a natural grass stadium. It could probably be done, but guessing it would be pretty costly. A natural grass field with the retractable roof would be just perfect if they could do it. Not holding my breath, though.

      • What map are you looking at?Toronto is by no means on the same Latitude as San Francisco or Denver (cold because of it’s mile high status) It gets the same weather as Buffalo Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and rochester. NY and Boston are by the Ocean and thus get less extreme weather.

  9. s_t_w 3 years ago

    Artificial turf, an ownership group whose commitment to winning is questionable and the prospect of 24 trips through customs conspire to make it difficult to attract free agents to Toronto. Its a shame too, because Toronto is one of North America’s finer cities: safe and clean (as big cities go) with lots to see and do in a multicultural environment where there is as much racial diversity and tolerance as you’ll find anywhere in North America. For Americans, the fact that they are going to a different country with different laws, schools, money etc. factors into it as well. In the late 90’s when the Jays were one of the best teams in baseball, Toronto was a desirable destination. But that was a different era and its been a tough sell of late.

  10. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    Ok now I’m getting worried. The article is 50-minutes old and still no Angry3. Can someone confirm that he did in fact take his meds today?

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      He’s still at “Occupy State of the Franchise”

  11. for those confused americans, toronto basically has the same weather as detroit.

    minesota is farther north and colder than toronto, for example.

  12. MrBaseball29 3 years ago

    They’ll be lucky to be .500 better yet playoffs

  13. shockey12 3 years ago

    UFC 150

    Mandela vs Dalai Llama

    Followed by a U2 concert which will be jumped by a monster truck.

    I’d pay to see that too

    • Only if there’s an Elvis impersonator and fireworks added to the bill.

      • Morley C 3 years ago

        Oh yeah, and the CFL. They use it too. They can have a corner of the field.

  14. God I hope so.  Bautista’s eyes aren’t getting any younger!!  Bazing!!

    Seriously though, as an O’s fan I applaud the Jays “we totally aren’t cheating” initiative.  Someone’s gotta do it to those damn Yankees.

  15. you know they play in a stadium with a retractable roof, right?

    edit- heh. too slow.

  16. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Astrodome had grass the 1st season and clear glass panels in the roof.. problem was the grass wouldn’t grow and they tore it out and planted the plastic turf…

  17. When you think about it, installing grass might be the best thing possible to get some buzz going about baseball. If you can grow grass indoors (pun intended), you should be able to maintain the real thing.

  18. The two hits they initially got off of Oliver were bloopers. There’s not alot any player could do about them.

  19. Yeah, it starts snowing in Mid-August.

  20. Jaysfan724 3 years ago

    You’re right…they totally should not have replaced Rajai Davis, Juan Rivera, Jayson Nix, Jo-Jo Reyes, Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco with Colby Rasmus, Eric Thames, Brett Lawrie, Henderson Alvarez, Francisco Cordero and Sergio Santos.  Thank you MrBaseball for your brilliant analysis.

  21. Jaysfan724 3 years ago

    Really wasn’t crazy about Beltran coming here anyway so I guess it’s a win-win.

  22. bottomched 3 years ago

    i live right near T.O and was still golfing in mid October this year hahaha 

  23. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    oh ya, 1 game sample size, you win !

  24. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

     if the roof is closed that long the grass will die.

  25. Daniel Lee 3 years ago

    no, the fact that the blue jays wont go longer than 5 years ended any chance. doesnt matter if hes canadian, hes not gona take a 2-4 year discount at 20+ mil per year so he can play in canada. youre talking probably a 45-90 mil difference.

  26. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Maybe Paul Beeston thinks first Canada has to decriminalize pot before he can grow grass in Skydome (aka Rogers Centre).

  27. sports33 3 years ago

    Yes, i’m sure plenty of untapped markets in the states will outdraw the fifth largest metropolitan area in North America.

    Or are you just being ignorant?

  28. You do realize that training in Canada during the offseason (winter) is much harder for a professional athlete. Players commonly move to place like Denver (less oxygen in air because of altitude for weight loss) or Florida so they can play baseball in short sleeves and train.

    I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t rather be home.

  29. Lawrie looking like crap that one game he went hitless. I also found a few games where Babe Ruth was held out of the hit column. ARod sucks too (I remember this one game a while back)

    I think you should brainstorm ways to rid the league of mediocre players like that!

  30. crashcameron 3 years ago

    Just like Coleco was a huge vision of modern gaming technology

  31. tycobb 3 years ago

    Its time to move to a real ball park. Florida is about to do it, Tampa Bay is talking to the city about a new park or moving in general and Oakland will get a new stadium by moving to San Jose. I really think if they had a nice stadium on the lake that looked like Camden Yard, Ranger Ballpark, Citizen Bank or Comerica Park people would show up. Just like every east coast city have a outdoor park, open the season on a westcoat or midwest swing.

    • Runtime 3 years ago

      Changed my mind… lol

    • Runtime 3 years ago

      You know what, actually… if Rogers built an open air stadium in Mississauga, I’d support the idea in a heart beat
      (suburb to Toronto located directly west and adjacent the city… 780 000 population… easy to get to by train, a lot people take the train from Mississauga to Toronto to watch the Jays anyway)

  32. Lunchbox45 3 years ago


  33. I wonder what’s getting in their way for that, they technically can keep the roof open. Is there some special reason blue jays fans?

  34. they said they’re looking into it

  35. tycobb 3 years ago

    Its a multi-purpose stadium, they can`t have grass. One day its baseball, the next its monster trucks. They need a new stadium in general.

  36. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    Why not? Throw in a couple trees and it could pass as an arboretum.

  37. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    I think Houston tried to do that with the Astrodome when it first opened.  Didn’t work.

  38. Guest 3 years ago

    then why have a domed stadium?

  39. Dylan 3 years ago

    Could very well happen along with Cole and extending Kershaw.

  40. laketrout 3 years ago

    yup. The Fielder deal ended any chance of Votto ever playing for the Jays.

  41. $14878247 3 years ago

    Well the Rogers Centre is a multipurpose stadium. It’s not just used for baseball games. I’m not sure exactly what other events are held there though.

  42. I believe that drainage is the major issue.  They would have to break up the concrete pad upon which the stadium sits, dig down far enough to install weeping tile and a planting base, and then sod on top of those layers without raising the field relative to the stands.  It’s not impossible to install grass, but it would be pricey.  Beeston did mention that they’re looking into it, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  43. Donald Garrow 3 years ago

    It’s something they’re looking into, but with its high use of other events and teams playing there it makes it more difficult, since they take off their turf on a frequent basis. Sounded as if it’s going to happen soon though. 

  44. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Yep…I was just being a smart alec

  45. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Yep…plus…they also have a few Buffalo Bills games each year.

    Edit – Disqus fail. Placed my response to wrong comment.

  46. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Jon Jay for the Blue Jays probably just has a nice ring to it.

  47. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    eh, he’s okay but I’m not too crazy about him. 

  48. Morley C 3 years ago

    Concerts, monster truck rallies, UFC, the Dalai Lama…

  49. crashcameron 3 years ago

    Manchester United (real football), Toronto Argonauts (Canadian rugby-ball) and the Buffalo Bills (American war-ball)

  50. …to avoid postponing games?

  51. laketrout 3 years ago

    Hope it happens. Coming up with a system to bring in removable real grass is a lot less expensive than building an entire new stadium.

  52. except the people here were smart and generous enough to build a stadium for baseball that would prevent postponing baseball games.

    unfortunately, at least from the perspective of those that don’t hate the skydome, it has yet to benefit from a retro-chic recognition of its practicality, or it’s excellent sight lines in all parts of the stadium. seriously, toronto fans are annoying, you don’t see dodgers fans clamouring for a new stadium, and dodgers stadium is twice as sh1tty in almost every way…except it has grass on the field.

  53. No Boston and NY have less extreme temperatures due to proximity to ocean.

  54. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    so if it rains for like 3 days in a row what happens to the grass?

  55. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    not really simple at all… they would have to create a draining system, they can’t just starter watering and hope everything magically evaporates.

    then you have to think of things like, what if it rains for an extended period of time what happens then?
    Or what about it april when its still pretty cold, will the grass be ready?

  56. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    nelson mandela (that really happened)

  57. Tko11 3 years ago

    About what? It gets really cold in upstate New York in cities like Buffalo, Oswego, Rochester and Syracuse. Toronto is right on Lake Ontario too…

  58. Excellent sight lines, like from home plate to the CF bleachers!?!


  59. The name kind of fits.

  60. Morley C 3 years ago

    I’d pay to see all of those things at the same time in the same place.

  61. what? close the roof, maybe?

    you know guelph has an excellent “truf management” program if you are interested in pursuing this line of questioning further.

  62. HEYO!
    I heard it’s now the woman in flourescent green.

  63. it sucked when i went because we spent the first 1/3 of the game waiting in traffic to park. then we had seats 20 rows back of first base that felt like we were in the 500 level at the ‘dome.

  64. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    while i agree with all that
    he will also be a lot older 

  65. Did you ever read the fangraphs article on fat people? Fielder is like 3 years older in real people years. They peak earlier in their careers and 30 is like a brick wall. Remember, Prince’s dad retired at age like 32?

  66. guydavis 3 years ago

     This is the best response. I genuinely did wonder why they didn’t convert to grass. Thanks.

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