Brewers Work Out Aoki

Japanese outfielder Norichika Aoki has completed a workout for the Brewers, according to Nikkan Sports via Patrick Newman's NPB Tracker.

The Brewers won the right to negotiate with Aoki after placing a high bid of $2.5MM through the posting system. The bid was accepted by the Yakult Swallows, Aoki's club in NPB, and the Brewers have till Jan. 17 to sign Aoki, according to Newman, or else he'll return to the Swallows.

Brewers GM Doug Melvin and manager Ron Roenicke were among eight representatives in attendance for the 75-minute workout, which reportedly included catch, long toss, batting practice and base running.

Aoki has been a star in Japan, posting a robust .336/.411/.472 line in seven seasons. The Brewers, however, may have a bench role in mind for the outfielder, as we learned last month that they began contract negotiations in the $1-1.5MM range.

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  1. I just would love to know how this scenerio played out in the Brewer War Room
    Of all teams to sign Aoki, the Brewers? Did they know about Braun before bidding for Aoki? Also, Aoki is a bench player? What’s his motivation to come to America then?

    Oleson, you’re right, Tim Tebow Rocks!
    That is How you get it Done!

  2. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    There have been a lot of talk about Japanese players in the mlb this year. Seems a lot of them are coming over. Not knocking it in any way, just an observation. 

  3. With Braun probably out, we need this guy.  The thought of Gomez and Morgan both playing everyday scares me

  4. kidsmoke96 4 years ago

    The issue with Aoki is that we have no idea how good/bad he is. Doesn’t sound like the Brewers even know since Melvin in December acknowledged that they don’t scout Japan. So….is it worth $2.5M posting plus an annual salary for a guy who may be another Morgan? If not, there’s gotta be another FA OF bat out there that can be had for cheaper.

    • Or a Japanese Gomez.

      • I think Aoki’s profile is much different than Gomez.  Aoki has zero power and has shown the ability to get on base at a nice rate.  Gomez has almost zero plate discipline.  Defensively they might be similar, I guess. 

  5. I realize that most Japanese players don’t have the same level of success in the MLB, but it just sounds weird saying a .336 hitter is gonna be a bench player.

  6. CyYoungSuppan 4 years ago

    What site am I on again?  Sometimes I might click the wrong button, but I could have sworn this talked about my Brewers in the article…

  7. thekoshow 4 years ago

    Why was my comment removed? lol

  8. That game was amazing.

  9. Really, because I do believe the final play of the game was an 80 yard td pass by TEBOW.

  10. I am not going to get into a big argument over this because it’s football, but that Bronco defense was tired! That was a heckuva play and call by the Bronco coaching staff.

  11. kidsmoke96 4 years ago

    Excellent conversation on the Aoki signing. Carry on.

  12. jwsox 4 years ago

    Watch the replay that was all the receiver. It was a short pass turned into a long run

  13. Ok, if you insist. What jwsox said, I’m not saying it was all Tebow, but I was just telling Aj that it wasn’t the defense that won the game, it was the team. That stiffarm was nice though.

  14. kidsmoke96 4 years ago

    I haven’t seen anything that says the Brewers knew until after the playoffs.

  15. kidsmoke96 4 years ago

    Very true. Seems like a low-risk investment. I guess i was hoping for a power LH for the bench. I wonder if Caleb Gindl is in the mix? He’s not a power bat, but he does have a little pop.

  16. Wow, so much wrong here.  Brewers didn’t know, the results were LEAKED out only Braun and his camp knew.  Also the Brewers put in the bid for Aoki at the deadline, after the Braun story had gone public. 

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