Minor Moves: Delcarmen, Tolbert, Gonzalez

The latest minor moves from around MLB…

  • The Yankees signed Manny Delcarmen to a minor league contract, Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweets. The right-hander, who last pitched in the Major Leagues in 2010, owns a 3.97 ERA with 7.7 K/9 and 4.2 BB/9 in 292 2/3 innings over the course of six MLB seasons. Delcarmen spent the 2011 season with the Triple-A clubs for the Rangers and Mariners.
  • The Cubs announced that they signed infielders Edgar Gonzalez and Matt Tolbert to minor league deals that include invitations to MLB Spring Training. Tolbert appeared at short, second and third for the 2011 Twins, posting a .518 OPS in 226 plate appearances. The Twins outrighted him off of their roster in October. Gonzalez, 33, picked up MLB experience with the Padres in 2008-09, but spent last year with San Francisco's top affiliate. He posted a .315/.378/.457 line in 564 Triple-A plate appearances last year.
  • The Cubs also confirmed their deals with Rodrigo Lopez, Manny Corpas, Trever Miller, Jason Jaramillo, Alfredo Amezaga, Bobby Scales and Joe Mather.

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  1. Tko11 3 years ago

    Well that would explain the mystery

    • philliesfan136 3 years ago

      Dang. If it weren’t for you meddling kids and your stupid dog, nobody would’ve found out this most obvious of mysteries. 

  2. 0vercast 3 years ago

    Over-utilized is right.  Hustle and grit earned this guy a lot of big league time, when other players with similar results would have been riding the bus in the minors.

  3. vtadave 3 years ago

    You know what, you’re right.  I was also thinking that Jered Weaver looked like Jeff Weaver.

    • Seanb1223 3 years ago

      I hear ya man. When I see two baseball players both named Gonzales, I instantly know they must be brothers.

  4. vtadave 3 years ago

    Agree with the last sentence, but you’ll need to tack on “for Iowa” at the end.

  5. philpbarnes 3 years ago

    First Oki, now Delcarmen? 

    Craig Hansen and Charlie Zink had better keep their phones on!

    • Oilcanoworms 3 years ago

      No kidding. Manny, say it ain’t so!! I guess you go where they pay you, but man, he’s a Boston kid. I always held out hope for him, but he never quite lived up to expectations.

    • Lastings 3 years ago

      Devern Hansack is next…

      • philpbarnes 3 years ago

        I’ll never forget his rain shortened 5 inning ‘no-hitter’ in the last game of the ’06 season

      • JacobyWanKenobi 3 years ago

        Curtis Leskanic.

    • MB923 3 years ago

      Don’t forgot the possibility of Bill Hall!!!

    • $3513744 3 years ago

      The guy couldn’t even make it into the Mariners’ bullpen, so…maybe the yankees can pull off a miracle?

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Not unless he all of a sudden finds his 95-97mph FB. His “hook” never was much good and as recall, his FB dropped to 91-92 after that car accident wasn’t it?

  6. John LeClair 3 years ago

    Maybe Dustin Richardson will be next after his suspension is up!!

  7. imachainsaw 3 years ago


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