Darvish Visiting Dallas; No Deal Close

Yu Darvish is currently in the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex with his father to see the area and get a first-hand look at the Rangers' operations, reports Jeff Wilson of The Star-Telegram. The two sides are not close to a deal, however. "He isn't [there] for a press conference," said one of Wilson's sources, who notes that Darvish will return to Japan this week to begin his offseason workouts. Here's the latest on the right-hander…

  • The two sides have until January 17th to reach a deal, reports Maury Brown of The Biz of Baseball (on Twitter). We're exactly two weeks away.
  • "There's no reason to think this won't get done," said a high-ranking baseball person to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com. "There's no reason to think this has to go to the deadline, either." Most contract negotiations through the posting process have gone right down to the wire.
  • Heyman's sources have suggested that Darvish would seek at least $65MM over five years.
  • The Yankees bid just $15MM for Darvish, reports Heyman (on Twitter). 

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  1. Theres alot of reasons why this deal won’t get done. 5yrs and 65mil won’t get it done. He wants at least 15per and thats what he can get on the open market next year. Him and his agent have already shown their dislike for the posting system. 

    • 王威評 4 years ago

      not next year though, he needs to wait another 2seasons to be a free agent.

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      So you’re saying the Rangers would walk away from Darvish over a mere $10 million (difference between the $65 million and a theoretical $15 million per)?

      Deal will get done.

    • Rob Easley 4 years ago

      There are zero reasons this deal won’t get done.  It will get done.  The Rangers will sign him, book it and at 5/75 he will be worth it.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      that is close to what danks is getting and this guy has not thrown 1 pitch in the bigs…..if i were him, i would take it…he could get hurt, etc…..that is not bad coin for an unproven commodity on his end

  2. What’s the point of even bidding that low? Seems pointless. I suppose if no one else had bid, they might of gotten lucky…

  3. Joey Doughnuts 4 years ago

    Yu Does Dallas.

  4. tdot32 4 years ago

    15 million is like bidding 1 dollar.

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      I’m hoping it was a language barrier issue and Cashman actually said fifty million..

      • The language barrier of ENGLISH from 15 million to 50 million is called sheer stupidity.  Bids are submitted to MLB, not to NPB.

    • stl_cards16 4 years ago

      People are only going to rip on it because its the Yankees. Fact is, there’s probably a lot of teams that bid in the $10MM-$20MM range. They bid a price they felt he was worth. No reason to not submit a bid at all because you think another team is going to beat it.

      • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

        Hey there’s truth to what you say, HOWEVER, those other teams’ rotation is probably not as big of a question mark as the Yankees. They needed this guy, and should have put in a proper bid. 

        • stl_cards16 4 years ago

          I would much rather a team make the wrong choice based on their evaluation of a player than what the public/media thinks is the right move.

          Everyone expected to throw all kinds of money at him, including myself. I can’t fault them for not bidding more than they feel he’s worth though. It could be a very good move for them in the end.

      • tdot32 4 years ago

        you look at the yankees and tell me that they couldn’t have drastically improved their rotation by going after darvish. even if he flops, they can still get a lot of value out of him and considering the winning bid was north of 50 million, it’s a pretty weak bid for any team, especially one with a meagre rotation like the yankees. they’re banking on nova, they’re expecting phil hughes to bounce back after an injury ridden season, and even with burnett blocking a spot in the rotation, they can still fill the spot garcia currently holds with an upgrade. but for the yankees, who realistically need to bolster their staff, to not even attempt to go for this guy, it’s a justifiable criticism of the yankees, notorious wasters of money.

        but even still, my comment wasn’t about the yankees, it was saying that 15 million dollars is basically a throw away for any team in this case.

        • Hubbs2 4 years ago

          This comment, don’t even know where to start with the abomination…

  5. Madman2TX 4 years ago

    The deal will get done–don’t believe otherwise. The Rangers didn’t bid like that just to bail if the money to sign Darvish got too high. Unless Darvish wants a deal longer than 5 years, he’ll sign with Texas. Who wouldnt want to sign with a premier team like Texas these days when they have a very good chance of going back to the World Series again?

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      But they keep losing the big one, so you get famous for the wrong reasons.

      Sorry, just poking a little fun at you guys. But yeah, I tend to figure a really high bid means they want him to be in a Rangers uniform. It’ll go down to the wire but Darvish will sign for at least close to what he wants.

      • Seanb1223 4 years ago

        As a long suffering Rangers fan, poke fun all you want. Back-to-back AL Champs never seemed realistic 5 years ago. It hurt to lose it again, but what a fun ride.

        • Marktown 4 years ago

          Well said sir. It’s still a good time to be a Rangers fan. Rangers are in the best position in baseball to be the team of the teens. Third time’s the charm. Go Rangers.

        • Marktown 4 years ago

          Well said sir. It’s still a good time to be a Rangers fan. Rangers are in the best position in baseball to be the team of the teens. Third time’s the charm. Go Rangers.

        • Never ever thought I’d see my Rangers in a world series – take losing it any day compared to the “past”

      • Even the Yankees lost their first two World Series back to back… perhaps you should think about that.

    • If it’s not Darvish in a Rangers uniform next season, it’ll be Fielder. Pick your poison.

  6. Patrick_Schaefer 4 years ago

    I don’t think the deal gets done for that price on top of the posting . I think the rangers will end up trading for Garza.

    • I would rather pay Yu Darvish than trade quality prospects for Garza, and I believe JD would too.

      • abbearden 4 years ago

        I agree since the Cubs have already set the bar on the asking price for Garza with the Yankees in which they asked for top catching prospect Jesus Montero, and either Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos. I could only imagine that means they want a package to include names like Profar, Olt, Perez and Ramirez…all of which the Rangers have been very strong on not parting with with maybe the exception of Olt.

        • Olt or Ramirez would be the only guys that would be considered for Garza. They wouldn’t get Perez, and definitely not Profar.

          • abbearden 4 years ago

            That would be my thoughts on it too

    • Rob Easley 4 years ago

      You must be kidding.  The Billionaire owners of the Rangers paid for the posting, it does not count towards the luxury tax, therefore it does not hurt the Rangers to get Darvish.  No way on Garza, Cubs want way more than what he is worth and Darvish will be better than him anyway. 

  7. nyr4life 4 years ago

    does he become an unrestricted free agent next year?

  8. Bighoot 4 years ago

    Heyman’s sources are junk.  I was watching the MLB network a few weeks abo and Heyman’s said that Pujos will not sign untill after the holidays maybe sometime in Jan.  I looked at my girl and said I bet you he signs this week.  Sure enough he signed two days later. Heyman’s sources LOL give me a break please.

  9. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    If Yu wants 5/65, and Rangers end up offering 5/55 as their final contract, would (could?) the Fighters/NBP pitch in to pay Darvish 10m so they can also get their money as well? If he doesn’t sign, they lose out on 50m. At least this way, they make 40m. 

    I’m using figures loosely. More so asking about the practice… is it possible?

    • Seanb1223 4 years ago

      Great question.

    • I think it’s possible, but not legal lol

      • 王威評 4 years ago

        not likely. If rangers can’t come to terms with Darvish, MLB has the right to give the 2nd highest bidder to negotiate with him. 

        • jwsox 4 years ago

          Not true. If they don’t come to an agreement on a contract the posting bid money is returned and he goes back to japan for a year there is no second place

          • 王威評 4 years ago

            Not true. In order to prevent teams to bid super high and offer super low contract like As did last year. The new rule is now MLB can decide to give the negotiate right to the 2nd highest bidder or not.

          • El_Bobo 4 years ago


          • abbearden 4 years ago

            Here is what I found:
            If the U.S. Major League Club, for any reason, fails to sign the Japanese Player within the 30-day period, the U.S. Major League Club’s negotiation rights shall lapse and the U.S. Major League Clubs shall have no obligation to pay the Japanese Player’s Japanese Club the amount of its successful bid (or any other obligation whatsoever). Further, another request for posting with respect to that Japanese Player shall be prohibited until the following November 1.

            Source:Japanese Professional Baseball Players Association. United States-Japanese Player Contract Agreement. Section 12 in the Agreement

          • I haven’t heard that at all.

          • snowmen10 4 years ago

            It will only go to 2nd highest bidder only and only if Ranger offer him something like 1M/year… otherwise no other bidder can talk to him

          • abbearden 4 years ago

            In regards to MLB having the outright ruling to offer the negotiating rights to the 2nd highest bidder would be if teams do abuse the process which I don’t think that is going to happen but it’s in the agreement just in case.

            Now to understand this in its full context I would advise you guys to download the United States-Japanese Player Contract Agreement PDF

            Below is Section 13 from the agreement:
            The U.S. Commissioner shall have the authority to oversee the bidding procedures set forth in paragraphs (8) through (12) above to ensure that they not been undermined in any manner. Among other actions that he may deem appropriate and in the best interests of baseball, the U.S. Commissioner shall have the authority to revoke a U.S. Major League Club’s exclusive negotiation rights with respect to a Japanese Player (and, subject to the Japanese Club’s approval pursuant to paragraph (11) above, to award such rights to the next highest bidder, if any) and to declare null and void any contract between a Japanese Player and a U.S major League Club that the U.S. Commissioner deems was the result of conduct that was inconsistent with this Agreement or otherwise not in the best interests of professional baseball.

            Source:Japanese Professional Baseball Players Association. United States-Japanese Player Contract Agreement.

  10. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

    “Heyman’s sources have suggested that Darvish would seek at least $65MM over five years.”
    eh, im not sure jon daniels. you could fork up just a tad bit more cash and have edwin jackson

    • Khabibulan 4 years ago

      Ha yeah, E Jax for $15-17 mil per for 5 years??? Still can’t believe Boras is seeking that. But, Boras does his job well, and someone will overpay.

    • Rob Easley 4 years ago

      Edwin Jackson?!  LOL! Anyone who pays him more than 10 million per year is burning cash in the fireplace.  Jackson is the poster boy of mediocre.

  11. FryOJ818 4 years ago

    Its obvious the yanks could  afford to bid much higher for  him. It looking like the yanks and most teams knew he wants to wait a year.

    • kimofromkauai 4 years ago

      It seems to me that the new CBA, with provisions that encourage teams staying below the luxury tax threshold, has gotten the Yankees attention.  They seem to be very (overly) careful with their money lately.

  12. jeremyhomer 4 years ago

    I’m not Darvish.

  13. Marktown 4 years ago

    Go away Heyman, you effin’ tool.

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      Not sure what brought this comment.

      • Marktown 4 years ago

        The last bullet-point in the article we are all posting on. Did you read it?

        • JacksTigers 4 years ago

          Yes but you are aware that the Yakees were not the second highest bid, right?

  14.  Darvish is going to see dallas, throw up, go back to Japan and say, “You better be Joking”

    • I hope he gets on a jet and punches you in the face before he goes back to Japan.

      • Marktown 4 years ago

        He’s Japanese. He’d give him a nice jump spin kick.

        • I’m not going to assume every Japanese person knows some form of martial arts lol.

  15. CircusFresh 4 years ago

    I cannot think of a worse place for Yu Darvish to begin his MLB career.  Guy dates Japanese starlets, lives in one of the biggest, most sophisticated cities on the planet, and is adored by everyone in Tokyo and he is going to sign and play in the biggest hick, redneck, uneducated part of the US?  A part of our country that is not to keen on anyone who is not white, Christian and Republican?  LOL Ok!  He does not need the money and has stated he would rather play in Japan.

    Yu wants Los Angeles, San Fran, Montreal or NYC, you know international cities with culture, universities, art, music, etc., etc.. Yu still has all the power and in two years Cuban will own the Dodgers (a Japanese friendly team in a town with a large Japanese population) and he can sign with them for 15+ a year and he will still be 27.

    IF the Rangers had exclusive rights I might see it differently, but as long as he can pitch in Japan, he goes where he wants. 

    Why take chump change now in a place he would probably not want to be when in 2
    years he makes more and can choose any team he wants or start a bidding

    I highly doubt this gets done, not unless they drastically over pay him.

    • Infield Fly 4 years ago

      “…Los Angeles, San Fran, Montreal or NYC…”

      Don’t forget Toronto – a great city that has all those things as well!

    • El_Bobo 4 years ago

      So who exactly is he going to play for in Montreal?

      • He was unaware that the Expos were moved to D.C.

        He’s been playing W.o.W. since then.

    • abbearden 4 years ago

      Wow. Makes it difficult for people to read your points when you smother all of it with blanket insults to all who currently live in Texas and more specifically the DFW area. If you have never been to the large DFW area then you undoubtedly will fail to understand the vast differences that make up each city from Fort Worth to Arlington to Dallas. You will see a wide range in cultures, classes, races and beliefs.

      Now to the point you might have been trying to make that more or less hinges on Yu Darvish’s ego and financial worth. Sure someone like Yu who dates high profile actresses and may enjoy being the center of attention by every media outlet may prefer to be in the larger markets but if he truly desires to play MLB ball now then he will take the final negotiated offer from the Rangers and start making his mark here in Texas. If not then sure more power to him to wait out true free agency and hope you get the offers you want from those “desired” large market teams.

      Starting your pitching career for winning team that includes two HOF pitchers to help guide you on that path is not bad option. Plus as much as the Ballpark in Arlington is a hitters park, its not impossible to successfully pitch here. Look at last years stats..Texas ranked 13th in team ERA and 5th in CG which is an impressive stat considering the HOT summers that players endure here. 

    • What an astute description of the DFW area! You might want to go back in time and tell Dirk Nowitzki not to sign in Dallas, because yee-haw do they hate that guy here. 

      Now, excuse me while I go ride my horse to the old school barn to go learn creationism and God and what not. 

      • Marktown 4 years ago

        Haha, when you said the old school barn I laughed and woke up my wife. Thanks for that.

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