Heyman On Cordero, Pena, Kotchman, Reds

More than 100 free agents remain unsigned, as MLBTR's Free Agent Tracker shows. Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com offers updates on a handful of them; here are the details:

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  1. Bottom line is, the Reds have 2 open spots on the bench. A OF who can complement Heisey in LF and a true back up SS behind Cozart. I think these 2 spots should be given to Frazier and Janish. If we sign Ludwick which would be fine if the price is right then Frazier starts in AAA and Janish is the back up SS. No FA’s would be worth overpaying at this point. NO THERIOT.. Just go the cheap route. Or sign Ludwick and let Frazier be the back up SS and start Janish in AAA. Also we have 1 open spot left on the 40 man roster and honestly I think its gonna be Ryan Ludwick who has ties with Jocketty

    • josh 4 years ago

      heisey won’t start

      • You are wrong, Heisey WILL start in LF

        • Agreed. When the Reds traded both Sappelt and Yonder to separate teams Walt and Dusty practically just gave the notion to Heisey that LF is his, and his to lose.

          • camisadelgolf 4 years ago

            Is that like when the Reds didn’t re-sign Alex Gonzalez, which gave the job to Paul Janish before signing Orlando Cabrera?  Or when they didn’t re-sign Orlando Cabrera, which meant the job was Paul Janish’s before signing Edgar Renteria?  Or when they felt guilty and gave the starting role to Janish before realizing he can’t hit a lick, so they called up Zack Cozart?

    • Jordan King 4 years ago

      I’ll take Ludwick, and Omar Vizquel. He would be perfect to mentor Cozart.

    • Janish should be given a 1 way bus ticket to single A….where he might be able to hit his weight……..what are you smoking?

      • Chronic.. And Janish is not a full time player, look at his numbers from 2010 when he was a bench/utility player.. He is an above average defensive SS who is cheap and is great in the clubhouse. Ummm you think Theriot is worth 4 M? Janish makes almost league minimum. Plus Janish would be a late game defensive switch. Plus he CANNOT hit worse than he did last year, he got worn down..

        • Agreed. I’d take Janish as a stop gap/filler guy on our bench any day. I mean honestly he can not be any worse than what Edgar Renteria was last year at all. I mean it’s impossible.

  2. diesel2410 4 years ago

    Pena back to Tampa! Fan favorite

    • rjc 4 years ago

      Agreed.  If Luke Scott returns to form of the last few years, he and Pena would be exactly the power we need to go over the top with our pitching.  I’ll take his low average for the power.  He is equal defensively and with OBP to Kotchman and I would be surprised to see Kotchman have another career type year like 2011.  I like the moves Friedman has made so far this offseason.

  3. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    My original comment got hit by the censors… not sure what that was about, but whatever. In case it doesn’t post:

    I’d rather the Phillies sign Lidge over Cordero. Kerry Wood seems to be headed back to the Cubs, where he belongs, and I prefer the strikeout potential Lidge still has.

  4. joeybw 4 years ago

    I want Pena back on the Rays. Tribe can have Kotchman.

  5. bust0ff 4 years ago

    You know, it would be nice if the Red Sox got at least one of those three. But I just looked at the calendar and remembered that I am guaranteed a full season of not watching Lackey pitch. This makes me so happy that I wouldn’t mind if their roster didn’t change between now and opening day.

    • I have a feeling if Saunders is the one of those three, you’ll be wishing we had Lackey back.

      Kuroda and Oswalt are more than welcome to come on over.

  6. MNTwins12 4 years ago

    I would really like to see the Twins go after Francisco Cordero. Anticipating Matt Capps pitching the ninth inning is very unsettling!

    6th Jason Bulger / Jared Burton
    7th Matt Capps
    8th Glen Perkins
    9th Francisco Cordero

    • TophersReds 4 years ago

      You may want to rethink that if you don’t want to have a heart attack every save opportunity. His ERA may be nice and shiny, but his FIP and xFIP are very rusty.

      • MNTwins12 4 years ago

        He’s the next best closer left on the market and he’s far better than Matt Capps. You don’t know what a heart attack is until you rely on Capps as your closer.

        • joeybw 4 years ago

          The best closer for the Twins is on the roster, it’s Glen Perkins.

          • MNTwins12 4 years ago

            Way too early to put Glen in that position. He’s had one really good year, but needs to show that he can continue that trend in 2012. Capps only has one year on his contract and if he is successful this season he will likely be our closer for many years since he’s relatively young. At this point Perkins is a good setup man, nothing more.

  7. A New Top Ten Reasons why the Orioles aren’t looking at Francisco Cordero, Hiroki Kuroda, and Roy Oswalt.
    1.)    Dan Duquette still has no idea who these three are. In fact, Duquette was overheard the other day, the next time “Lefty” asks about them just one more time, I am going to reply, they are three guys who have never been in my kitchen. That will fix his wagon.
    2.)    This one is a direct quote when asked about the newly acquired pitchers during the off-season: That’s how you build a quality major league staff.” Duquette has already taken a victory lap; you can’t turn back and change your mind once you’ve done that. It’s bad form.
    3.)    Duquette hasn’t asked Peter Angelos for the money to sign any of them.
    4.)    Has asked Peter Angelos for the money, it’s just that Peter needs to ponder on it some more.
    5.)    5th Place in the AL East has become a comfort zone for the Orioles.
    6.)    The Orioles feel they will be outbid by the Reds on one, two, or even all three of them.
    7.)    Jon Heyman hasn’t given his blessing
    8.)    Keith Law hasn’t given his either to sign them, but will pre-empt any announcement by stating he already doesn’t like the signings and still doesn’t like the Orioles, not even a little bit.
    9.)    Duquette and the rest of Oriole Management fear success and the fans wouldn’t know what do to with themselves if the Orioles actually fielded a competitive team night in and night out.
    10.) All three pitchers not only don’t like crab cake, plus they are allergic as well.
    They will starve.

    PS Maybe the Orioles should consider signing Chavez as added depth, heck who do the Orioles have that could challenge him at 3rd base, especially if heathy?

  8. DragonLord 4 years ago

    I think the Indians come in and grab Fielder.

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